Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Congress should Live Long ?

The other day, while going through the , and there I saw this photograph, that had a banner with full of Slogans such as " LONG LIVE CONGRESS ". It reminisced me my childhood days of Arunachal and the party campaigns that I had seen. Such a nostalgic experience. People still clinging to that, but what about its relevance ?

I never gave a thought about the essence of such Slogans " LONG LIVE (______) " this blank to be filled up by Congress, BJP or some anonymous name(most of the times Politicians).

Well, now I certainly do ponder about its rhetoric significance it should have today. And if you haven't till today, I guess its time you do so now. Atleast for the diminutive or the collosal frustrations you might have about the ill governance that we see today.

MY Question to all my readers here and the people back in AP would be Why " LONG LIVE CONGRESS ? " .

To get you a perspective about how India stands today, let me give you an insight on a peculiar thing that had caught my eyes once.
India was supposedly shining, when the market index had breached the 19000 points for the first time, and on the same day India had also clocked in 94th position in the Global Hunger index(GHI)-lagging behind Ethiopia. With 27.5% of the population living below poverty line, India is definitely shining with the Sun's rays getting reflected back from sweat drenched poor people backs.
Oh... how I wished India was Cooling or Rocking, atleast the climatical achievements could have served a lot better than the other promised developmental headlines that simply personifies nuances of exaggerating our vague imaginations.
Rampant corruptions all over the state with least botheration of an CBI inquiry, Well, what a good haven for the people who wish to accumulate wealth more than they would actually need.
People, who are poor enough, subside by the ignominy of being the same till the dawn of the day. Ya, with a rejuvenated hope that he might land with some contracts next day, and he certainly won't be forced to queue up along the line of the Fair Price shops and many other vagaries of the "you-re-still-poor" syndrome. I have nothing but my total support for these people but certainly not the support to stem along their ideology or their belief.

Hum Hoonge Kaamyab : is certainly an inspiring quote , but this would have some different literal meaning in Arunachal context, now here and then. Hum hoonge kaamyab to become a Congressman, worker per se. It is interesting to note people doesn't want to become a good citizen in a direct way, rather they prefer baptization of Congress-oo-mania would pave in the essentials of good citizenry. How enlightening, and hearth drenching, revelation !

Congress and Arunachal are akin to each other, rather say they have a symbiotic relationship with each other. Political parties are political, nothing humane about that, and then why is that we crave them to Live Long.
Ya, I know, a congress affiliate here would say, It's about the ideologies that we are talking about...not the life dumb.

OK.. accepted, the ideologies, but what's the congress ideology ? Can you elucidate the same ? I am pretty sure nobody here would, neither any congress politicians would.

With most of our people still languishing with extremely nauseating disparity in incomes compared to the urban riches confined to the dormitory of Itanagar, and a count of 4-5 in popular towns of AP, who happens to have a house in Itanagar as well. :) I am surprised the people still want Congress to Live long !
I am still surprised they want Corruption to Live long.

Now what surprises me even more, when a name of some politician, fills up the blank of " LONG LIVE ___ ".

What ? You want them to live more, so that you suffer more ?
So that they suck out more from you ?

Interesting !



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