Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My dear Vodafone

Parental advisory : Some of the words are bound to be offensive, probably due to the writer's wish to show his anguish.

Fuckrs1 : 9811219104
Fuckrs2 : 9811890359
Fuckrs3 : 9811892088
Fuckrs4 : 9811217186
Fuckrs5 : 9811226901
Fuckrs6 : 9811219918
Fuckrs7 : 9811252247

Don't get excited, those are not the numbers of some hotties or the hookers. Ya, maybe a marketing hooker Vodafone keeps a lot.
Just showcasing my collection of some of the numbers that has persistently tried over the last two months to harass me. I could have come up with some more numbers, but had deleted some of the first few numbers until I came across this noble idea of keeping my own collection of "most irritating phone nos".

F*$# You Vodafone, thats what I subconsciously dole out every time my phone rings and i see these numbers flickering at any odd hours of the time.

I know, most of us(vodafone subscribers obviously) are a victim of this sycophancy of Vodafone, to irritate their subscribers, with their offers of "Ya...latest ringtones".
Why the heck Ringtones ?

Well, Vodafone didn't ask me when I was required to fill the form for SIM card registration, that If I was interested in getting pestered with their anonymous robotic calls.
Well, Mr.Arun Sarin... You certainly didn't. neither your Pug asked, in those countless Ads that you show.

"Happy to Help ", I guess thats the latest Ad campaigns you have started to tell the people around how much your customer care are ready to Help. Why don't you change it to " Happy to Suck". Ya, You guys are great at sucking out.

I know I can get over this mess, simply by messaging " DND 123 "(Do-Not-Disturb), some number that I don't remember at this moment.
But my question is, why should I send you a message, that would cost me 3bucks, just not to get disturbed by you.

OK... You agree, that you disturb... thats why DND .

Come on.. play fair.... give us an option of "DDP 123 " as well. (Do-Disturb-Pleeeez).

F*#& You Vodafone !!!


wiian 7:51 PM  

brothers in suffering.

My phone lets me store 5 numbers per contact. I already have two names, first hbastard (hutch legacy), other one vodads.

10 in the ignore list, I still have some nos. bothering me. I don't want to create a third name..

Vodafone indeed sucks. Someone stop this nuisance.

Rome Mele 9:35 AM  

Hey, thanks for commenting. :)
Well, you're lucky to have that facility in your cell phone(whr u can store 5nos/cont), unlike my simple samsung can't.

Someone should sue this company... ya, maybe I would, once I get the list over 50. Haha... 50 for 50 lakhs, how's that !!!



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