Monday, May 05, 2008

Truth : Does it exist ?

The Truth is : Truth never exists.
Sounds obfuscating but irony of living in a real world makes it true.
So how does one go defining Truth ?
A truth for you doesn't necessitate that it is a truth for a person who wants to view it as false.
Truth is subjective as well as relative! It has a start and hence has the ability to have an end as well. The dichotomy of Truth can bring out the pervasive anomalies of how things can appear different for the same context. Take for an instance, I intent to tell people that am honest person, but how do you make it a truthful description of yours ? Well, your actions plays a major role here. The way you respond, the way you want to communicate can eventually lead to what people can perceive it as a global truth, at least for the life span each truth has.

Yet another dissection of properties of the truth. Since it is subject and is relative, as I would rather view it as. It has to have Time period as well. The idea of bringing about the truth in one's life is way beyond generalizing the concept of Truth.
We seek truth, a parameter or rather a factor which can get us the redemption of the feeling and the intensity to seek for a Truth.
Ambiguous statement it seems! We seek for truth, for the truth that can solace us.
Truth never really existed, it just a way of reckoning that certain things has changed or got displaced and we need to change or stay the same accordingly.
Its a part of acknowledging our actions. Not just our actions, but people we are connected to as a whole.
That speaks about relativity property of the Truth. A truth moment ago can become an appalling lie. How does that happen ?
Even if you know that its a certain thing is actual description of certain thing, aka the Truth behind that. But you need to get an acknowledgment from another person to make it a subjective truth that can be apparent for the other people who would then scrutinize if it fits for the truth.
So, its about who believes its a Truth, not the other way round of self declaring it to be a true. Truth, is all about how we make other people believe, doesn't matter if it changes it definition later. At least, it was a truth for some period of time.
The bigger question to surmise upon is, how the definition of 'the Truth thing' changes in later course ? People, didn't discover it was something else, and hence all these day they believed it to be truth. But now it is not.
And thats where the existence of truth gets questioned. It never existed. Now, if a truth can exist for one thing, then why doesn't it for others ?

Truth is a relative entity to the other Truths. We can call it a Truth, since it appears the way it is at least for some point of time, and it makes few people to believe that it really does. It's relative meaning to our existence can only help you to get it deemed as a truth. So, doesn't it solve the quagmire of what is a Truth ?
Confused ? Ya, exactly... thats the Truth.


yasiyalow 5:58 PM  

Truth is not independent, but is a dependent on factors.

yasiyalow 6:04 PM  

Hi RM, when you say
The Truth is : Truth never exists, you are contradicting yourself, for if your assertion is right then, then there is truth which proves your assertion is wrong, and if your assertion is wrong then, then truth does exist, which once again is self defeating.
In real sense, truth does exist, but in a contextual and incremental basis. It is not an independent factor but a dependent factor. Depending on infinty number of factors.

Rome Mele 6:29 PM  

Hi Yasiyalow...

Thanks for taking a peep around my blog. :)

Ya, you pointed it right. My assertion could be wrong here, hence the whole implication of truth being subjective and relative becomes apparent.
It is more of an apparent entity that tries to relate other related things, which is something i believe the essential property of an Independent entity. Which makes the truth a rather independent synopsis of the unfolding, dependent things.

I completely agree with you - to make it an apparent truth, a whole lot things has to be considered and taken into account. This for that and that for those, etc. But, do we ponder, on how these infinite number of things goes on to make the Truth to finally exist(which I believe doesn't) ?
Ya- exactly - we don't or seldom.

This brings forth the questions that could be put forward for the "Truthful and Incidental existence of these factors".

My view: Truth is something that relates the other dependent things. Reverse of this makes the later the truth and former the dependent factor.
Total reversal of " which one among them is supposed to be the truth" !


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