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Dams : The Damned !

I am writing back on this unnerving issue of Dams, though I had written something on the same, in this post : Dams: boon or curse ?. Its been long since I rechecked, and hence I thought it would be better if I update you guys again.

Dam is going to be built- and thats for sure, looking at the desperate actions of our big and wigged politicians. Ya, the saviour of our AP. No body doubts that.
Public hearing were supposed to be conducted long back, but repeated oppositions of people of Dibang Valley forced the authorities to postpone the same.
Finally 11 May was fixed for the public hearing which saw vehement protests from all quarters of Roing public, spearheaded by zealous AIMSU(All Idu Mishmi Student Union)members. The boycotting of the public hearing was just a 'Cosmetic' formality that Govt wanted to have, so that they can further envisage on their plans to give a go ahead signal for the Dams.
(If you wish to read the full story,
click here). This news piece was covered by Veracity(a local daily of Roing).
Dibang Multipurpose project, is a known fait accompli, since the foundation stone for the project was already laid prior to the Public hearing, none other than the least expected person, our PM Manmohan Singh. And what's more ? Foundation stone and the pomp inauguration rituals , all in Itanagar, a corner of Arunachal, I would least expect the support against our movement for No Dams. (lest to say, No Mega Dams).
Not to hurt anyone from Itanagar, but the abject truth is, for most part of the truth, that all the Arunachali people wants Dam to be built in Dibang.

I am quite confident enough, they would have had some different view if Dam were to be built at their place. Anyway, thats deviating.

Dam statistics : a prelude.

One paisa/unit of power the 3000MW Dibang Multipurpose Project(DMP) is by what people have been lured, making them believe that the same amount would be invested on various local developmental aspects. Vagaries of promises, I would rather say !
We have been promised umpteen number of times, this or that govt would certainly pave in the developments that has so much shyed from us.
Certainly for people like us, who have been merely by stranded to watch amass few people, all of the supposed to be public funds, a promise of yet another probable upliftment would be a soothing effect.
Hydroelectric Project which as of now has been considered a booming business, owing to the facts that world at this moment is facing the severest crunch of Energy resources. Petrols hitting more than 100$ per barrel, depleting oil reserves and many other reasons, would obviously make the Govt to fund for further advanced research to come up with alternatives for the Oils as energy source. As of now, Hydroelectricity seems to be the cheapest and most reliable option. Profitable "Hydro dollars", thats something what people investing on the same can achieve.

But, should it be at the cost of people. Sovereignty and the mandatory obligations for the Govt is an outdated concept. Sovereignty further brings in Democracy as well, and hence the rights of every section of the society to oppose or accept, what they have been meted with!
It is estimated that a surplus of Rs8000 crore, would be our state govt's earning through the sale of electricity generated from all the Dams in Arunachal.

But, pondering on "how many Dams ?" would infact delight our unrelenting apetite to churn out more wealth.
Our ambitious Govt, for having suffered people's lamentations over the years wants to settle it right away. And ask how ?
Our State Government has envisaged plans to come up with more than 104 hydropower projects, which would total an estimated generation of 56000MW power, equaling one third of India's potential. Ya, you heard it right 56000MW.
Happy to learn that, or rather say Happy to have discovered our latent potential, which If it had not been our Govt's initiatives would have been an unknown thing for rest of our life.
From april 2007 to Feb 2008, around 38 projects have been signed with private companies, making it a
3 and half projects in a month.

Healthy revelations, is that ?
This much for the moment. I shall update it later.


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