Sunday, August 16, 2009

The topic read - Talibanisation of Roing!

Hadn't checked other Arunachal Pradesh related blogs for a while, but woke up this morning to find the news on one of the most harrowing act, in a place thats closest to my heart - Roing.

The post read...
A 2:18 minute video taken through a mobile handset has shocked the tribal community living here in Roing. The video reveals two minor tribal boys studying in Govt Middle School of Roing blindfolded and tied in their hands and being forcefully made to confess for stealing. After having shot the video and making them confess the crime, these boys were reportedly handed over to police. It is alleged that they were caught while stealing domesticated pigs and a written complaint was lodged in the Roing police station. The boys are in their VIIIth and VIIth grade respectively.
Read more? Find the post here... Talibanisation of Roing(Roingnews)
I wondered, how inhuman can we turn into just to salvage the vagabond tribalistic pride we effuse inherently and nonchalantly. There are ways to solve things but certainly this wasn't the one - blindfolding, torturing with all the dastard premises of their know-hows of taking things to their, whatever intentional design they forsake.
Roing, has changed not on the developmental sides that it's people would have loved it, but on a sheer agonizing and frustrating detrimental peripheries one can imagine of.

Roing and its people have learnt and still prefers the uncanny way of solving disputes when it comes to communal ground. The unique feature is..."It's never personal, if you land on trouble with someone from another tribe - It's always communal". If one were to describe it more elaborately, it would be " Idu and Adi(padam) are two different sets, and clash between any single entity of these two sets is entitled to be chastised as a sufficient condition to flare up a communal clash".

I've been witness to such innumerous communal clashes whenever I'ad been to Roing. None of my vacations has escaped being marked by these communal tensions. I'ad a different notion about the communal clashes where the primal criterion always had been the 'religions'. But, the whole things takes a different shape when it's about an Idu-Adi communal clash in Roing.

I wonder, when would we learn to coexist!
The pigs did! Where are we?



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