Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is Death a choice or a fate ?

Is Death a Choice or fate ?

People die, but is that something they had made as a choice ? Or is it the other way round of having fate choose us the death. The only single perennial truth of our existence is, that we perish. Our choices falters. Choosing to die or fated to die, doesn't epitomise our existence though!
But, it has a literal subjugation we earthling might want or think to ponder upon. So is it possible to denote death with either a choice or the fate, since we die at the end. Death is just an end of the journey we didn't choose for ourselves.

We took birth, but was it our choice ? Certainly not, maybe our parents choice !
So how can one call the death which is the other essential dichotomed end of Birth, to be a choice.
Did you really choose your death or is it possible to choose that you can choose your death.

Maybe you can time your actions that can lead to your Death. That is solely your choice. But at what point of time from then, will you die is totally a Fate's work. It's all written.

You attempt suicide, and you fail and get crippled or something of that measure happens. Which simply means you just prolonged your existence, which in other word signifies our inability to control over death or Choose upon the Death.

So coming down and living as a Human being isn't about making choices, neither is the death a substance that can be choosen upon.

One might quote here... what about the choices we make daily ?

That's where we are bestowed by our fate to make choices. That's the irony of Life, you get to choose some and there are others which you really can't choose upon. And that's the fate. Now the other important thing to ponder upon is, what is fate ?
Fate is certainly not an option that can be made. Just like the way, we think a stone is stone and it can't be water. They are fated to become one of those. Now, a stone certainly doesn't have the luxury to choose upon getting thrown or crushed. Well, that's our presumption. They can resist. And that's their fate. Fate is something which bestows and sets some guidelines for the way things are supposed to be, upon which we have no knowledge about.

Life is filled with more mysteries than we have found answers for till today. And this Life encompasses the whole universe and the universe that consitutes the other universe, which we are never fated to know. So do we make choices here or is it already there in our fate.

Fate has a collective symposium, wherein we are interlinked with each and every other person around our vicinity. But do we make choices of who we are to meet today or tommorow ? Certainly not. Its there in our fate. Fate is the bigger part.

But, this shouldn't discourage people to make some bold or good choices they think would do them good or good for the others. Choices certainly exist. And its our fate of being a human being that gives us multitude of choices to make for ourselves, unlike the stone as I had mentioned. We have an advantage over the stones in most of the matters, and thats what we are fated to.

We make choices daily, but do we know what these choices would lead us to ? Never !
All we can have is some approximations about the consequences of the choices we can make, but certainly not about the end that it would lead to. So approximation and fate are two different context. One is a probable fate or a unprobable fate and other is the final verdice.

So, my conclusion to it is, Death which is imminent is certainly not a choice, its all written in our fate. We make choices and its necessary for us to make some, and thats our fate. So fate in larger context is bigger than the choice, and hence Death our ultimate fate.



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