Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pay Per Post - you would love it !

I have been browsing through websites after websites for hours since this morning. My frantic search was on website that can pay me or the least teach me to make myself get paid. If not today, atleast tomorrow.

I came across the izea.com , then its two other websites or I would rather say, valued services: PayperPost and Socialspark.

Believe me, I've been hooked into this site for last 6 hours.
How good is PayPerPost ?
Excellent, as I would rate. Both for the Advertisers as well as the Bloggers.
So, if you're a keen blogger and want to earn through what you love, it is a healthy way to do that, I would rather say.
It has a PPP market place: over 50,000 bloggers registered with it. You can choose your own interest area to write upon and can easily earn $500 per month or more... Hey don't ask me If I did. I haven't earned any... Just to tell you how wonderful it is to write and earn.
What all you can write about ?
--you can write about websites you love, products and services.
Don't worry there's a catalogue from where you can choose.

Don't believe me : well there's a list of Posties with their videos to prove that. Click here.

One of the many other advantages of getting acquainted with this site are :
--- You get a Payperpost Direct Widget : So that next time an advertiser can directly link you through it. It adds to your credential as a prolific blogger. Helps you steer easily with marketing, negotiation and other transaction formalities, so that your work doesn't die !!

Now if you've problems dealing with the same... maybe you can use the help of Payperpost university.
It's a resource to learn about PPP sponsored content market place. So that next time, you're earning more than what you could have thought of !

So get PayperPOSTED today!



Rozella 7:42 PM  

Hey Rome, I got the comment you left on my blog about Social Spark. Here's what you do. You go to the marketplace and you browse the opportunities rite? Choose the one you like and request a slot. If it's full they will tell you and when an opportunity becomes available for you, SS will e-mail you a notification. After that you just go back to the marketplace and search for that same opp and click on the reserve button. It will tell you the requirements and you and start making money. :) Let me know if you need anymore help. Good luck!

Bader Jundi 2:50 AM  

cant wait until my blog is two month old to start doing this

gedet basumatary 6:36 PM  

Hi bader, to earn from PPP, your blog needs to 3 months old.

Rome Mele 7:34 PM  

Ya ... You're right Gedet

But, even after having written this posts didn't fetch me any gratitude from pay per post... I guess, I should try further.


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