Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pride on talking weird things

Did you ever take pride on talking out weird things amidst a gossip you've with your pals? Well, gossips here refers to a kind of group conversation along with friends sort of reunion meet and off course the flash backs of the fool. In most of these talks what I found for myself was that I wouldn't miss out telling the weird stuffs that I'ad eaten way back in my Primary school days. 

What a weird thing that would be to write it in my blog, all loud ... that's what I thought since I haven't updated my blog for quite a while and with my Financial management exam the very next day. So, writing weird things during the time-crunch period when you are supposed to be actually studying is after all a yet another thing that deviates from normalcy aka ...the weird way. 

It all relates back to my boarding school days when I was in 7th standard at VKV Roing ( vivekananda kendra vidyalaya ) and during those days Food in our hostel mess were really abominable. I loathed it... and I hope many ex-vkvians would vouch for the same. I hope it has improved by now. Well, we had to face it because of the fact that fee charged for a whole academic year were substantially subsidized despite nill subsidization provision from state or central government. 

Now, as you can guess... Non-veg food were a luxury we could think of, giving us respite from Pongal ( south indian delicacy ) in the breakfast for most of the weekdays and the same old rice and daal for lunch and dinner. So, hunting for some animals within the large campus for inevitable desire to have some non-veg thing in our mouth was a viable option. Well, by saying animals in this case weren't the actual wild animals which some of you might have imagined of. Hmmm... we used to hunt grasshoppers. Come sunday, and all the great grasshopper hunters of our times would start off for the ordeal to bag the highest number of it before the noon. I had my own hunting pouch... which was infact the camera roll-cylindrical-shaped-white plastic container. By noon I used to fill it up and meet my other partners in this hunting expedition behind the bathroom side. We had our own decently styled fire place to cook our meal. Three slabs of bricks and a  candle beneath, and the tin lid from "Amul's powdered milk container " - these were the major items of our kitchen. 

What next ? The prime time culinary experts trying to work out all the secret recipes of the world, right from Amul's butter ( for oil and salt factors ), chillies ( if you can manage to steal it from kitchen garden ), some wild leaves ( oh... mom-back-at-hom- used-to-put-that...-I remember that - kinda leaves ). 
And finally... a pumped chest to tell your hostel mates about the "Meatly thing" you just relished. 

Oh... I still reminisce those days and it fills me about the certainly wonderful times I'ad. No wonder... weird things doesn't turn out that weird at all. 


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Company's Logo for the Economic Recession



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