Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Patron saints & villians !

This is my post for the group writing project, created by Robert
Find his site here)He had asked me to come down with 7 friend's name as my hero, saint or anything.

" No man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till he is unhappy. --Thomas Fuller "

I am unhappy or I should rather say gets unhappy when I stay closed in room without anyone to speak to.
How much i wished I had one of my close buddies back at my hometown.
To give a closer idea about why I miss them, with the physical description at the moment is, I have been away from home for past 8 months, and I don't intent to go for an another year. I have some committments at the moment, mostly to do with my work experience I so much need before I can look forward to do my mba from some few selected business schools. And I am at this moment, more than 2000kms away from home. I am in new delhi, ya, certainly far away from the most north eastern part of India, Roing(where I belong).I get nostalgic about my schools days, which I mostly spent in boarding schools and infact its a list of schools(I had been to 6 schools) and still cherish the inaccomplished dream of being a days-scholar, even for a day. I was a hosteller during my college days as well.

So here's own list of My Saints, my jokers, my fighters, my heroes and my villians...

Suresh Gurung aka Papu : My patron saint of 'acclimatization'. My best friend since last 20 years. Ya, our friendship is 2 decade older by now and is still going strong. Just for the occassional bumps we had when both of us had some real "Heart bumps" for the same girl. I was worried literally, about how I would face him with his girlfriend, who was supposed to be mine, in my own crafted fantasy world. But, ya she is married now. Not to him but to someone else. I promise, I certainly didn't pray for this though. Papu, as we fondly call him, is a one big fat ass, but changes occassionaly with his constant weight fluctuation. He drinks but to turn tomato-red. OH, thats the reason he is my favourity potato gone tomato lad.

Janta Linggi aka Jade : My patron fighter for "Hey-dude, turn the world green" tag. He is obsessed about changing his name or the nicks, randomly and musically. "JADE" pronounce it as "ZED" not as the "Jaa-deeh ", atleast do it right when he is around. Or you certainly will be punched. "Ya, No one messes with this Guy, or else he turns them Green". He is my constant support when I am in dire need of some rational advices. Well, he is good in giving those, ya rational as one can be. But, he is our public figure. Ya, you heard me right. He likes going public, and won't shy taking you along. I still remember, in the middle of a cultural function, during some group dance performance by some gals, he whistled and with it shouted out my name, just to get me kicked out of the hall. OH, how I wish I could kick his ass.

Richi Linggi aka Casanova: My neighbour, my childhood friend. He is my patron joker of "amusement". He is my Love-Guru, and he inspires on "why I should fall in Love, every other day". I wished his wonderful thoughts were the truth, but my graph of rejections tells it the other way. He is my pillar of strength. Ya, he is my fountain of Love strategies, from which I draw my daily doses of inspiration to woo girls(but I fail all the times). One thing I like the most about this guy is his 'determination' and 'ambition'. He wants to be the richest someday, atleast within our hometown "Roing", by any means. Ya, hook or the crook. And I would certainly be his partner in crime. I remember the day, when he duped me to take bath in a water tank. He told me that swimming inside that is allowed, but only to be reprimanded by my teacher.

Winner Miuli aka Tingri : "Tingri", thats the name no one knows he has, except for me and few. My friend since my kindergarten. My companion in all sorts of crime. I still cherish all of the days we spent along. There is this one moment especially, when he inspired me to start a small shop on my own( I was 9 or 10, that time). He had opened a small shop(pan, sweets etc). I got inspired, and the very next day I wanted to kick of my entrepreneurship endeavours, ya, with a small loan of Rs.100(tht's equivalent to near 2.5US$). Just a table outside my house gate, I had a good business. My parents, my cousins, I mean all of the people in my house were my customers. What a noble business to loot your mom & dad, I thought!!!
Winner, thats a name synonymous to the girls of Roing. I eschew the fact that he becomes the centre of attraction, not just few times, but all the time. Ya, that makes me a side-hero. I will drink to that.

Dawa Norbu aka Budda: I had a post dedicated to this guy. He is my patron angel of "Leadership". I wish to see him become some politician someday, and I know, oneday he will! Well, Girl things has always been an enigma during my whole school days, but 'Dawa', my constant mentor or say the fountain of aphrodisiac, or say the veteran who just coached Al-pacino for the movie-'scent of a woman', was always beside me to inspire me. Ya...whole day long. I know he doesn't get tired, but he should mind that I do! :)
I admire his ability to become a leader in any given moment of time. And I still remember the day, he saved me from more beatings, or the bullets as I would rather say from real gun totted terrorists. (
this is the post about his heroic act).
I salute you Dawa, you inspire me still, till this day and will, till end of my way.

Jowon Sikhet aka Lambu : He's 6 feet tall, well built guy. But, talk about girls, he would pretend to be one of the nerdest. And I know Jowon, you aren't that innocent as you pretend. :)
He is my patron saint for "affirmation". I like pulling his legs everytime, and for that matter he gives his hairs as well. He likes getting pulled, and I still haven't figured out the reason so as to "WHY? ". Well, he is my prescribtion for you all, if you want to argue upon something, or lest talk nothing.

Arpit Mishra aka Patlu: You should see him talking. Even John lenon would have wanted Arpit to recite a poem on his behalf infront of a whole Nobel prize gathering- ya, you guessed it right, so that John would have easily bagged Nobel prize for explaining the Theory of Relativity, all within a poem.
Well, Mishra is my patron saint of "alternate-creationS". He creates while he babbles. I just get half of what he says, and rest again gets halved when he tries to explain that. I don't remember how many girls numbers he might have stolen from my cell during my college days. Well, he gets first there, everytime and everywhere, I know !


Robert A. Henru,  7:36 AM  

Hi Rome, thanks for participating!
you've got great friends! Btw I don't see you mention any of your villains =)

And btw, what do you mean by pulling the legs, is it literally?
Hope you enjoy writing about your friends!


Robert A. Henru,  12:39 PM  

Hi Rome,
did u get my email? u won the project! appreciate if you can pass me 125x125 ads and do check out, one of the gift is 300 EC, the money used in
do let me know if you have registered...



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