Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Freelance Writing?

The very idea of converting my thoughts into words, finally paying me back fascinates me. A Dollar for every 10words in the online world is something that I set my sight for. Intriguing, captivating money paying thoughts isn’t the complete essence that transpires within me or the least inspires me to self motivate myself to keep writing and crawl the every inches I can to help myself earn – at least a decent amount of money for having thought, which I do it incessantly, even to the extent of keeping myself busy, all alone.
Yes, I keep thinking, the whole day. Not an unusual thing for any human being to process through their grey matter. But there certainly lies a clear demarcation of making things objective rather than a mere subjective. Why Objective – because keeping this cravings (read writing) within the subjective paraphernalia wipes up completely the beautiful essence we derive of thinking something, which subconsciously relates or reflects us.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, my desire to stand out of the crowd, get myself identified – at least as a mere reckoning of being able to sustain myself is something that pushes me forth to find avenues where I can earn for myself. Yes, at the age of 23, if you’re unable to earn something decent – you could be termed as a social outcast. Very true with the money obligatory, that the world and its social radar, has turned into.

What better could be than the Internet? The Web world – owned by no one and accessible to everyone, best fits the world where I would like to be. A passion of writing and a source of Income – all at your disposal is certainly the best option.

Why Online Freelancing? I get to choose my work place – My room is certainly the cosiest and I bet you would find it true for yours as well. Working full time as a Content writer or as a matter of fact, most of the profession in India is a rudimentary fact that you get paid low. “Underpaid” - that suffices the description of writing for an Indian company.
Yes, I worked for one, for a brief duration of 6 months. No matter how earnestly you write the whole day long – 9 hours straight in fact. What you get paid is 7 to 8 dollars in a day. That makes it a 1.25 dollar for every 500 words articles that you write.

Some of the prominent reasons that you get back are:•

  • Cost of living in India is less: Then I seriously do not understand the reason why an Indian company would charge 30-40$ to their Clients for every article that they make me to write. The company’s cost of living in India is devoid of the fact that it includes employees who by no choices left, are living in India.
  • Problem and Solution of Plenty: With a billion of population, the Idea of finding cheap labours goes in tandem with the idea of Indian companies going global.

It’s in the business – that’s how they put it!

The freedom to express and my desire to get valued for my works in the right manner and in the right value – are something that I see, the freelance world can offer. Boundaries that defines the vague Cost of living, ceases to exist in the Online world.And it’s only the quality of the work that speaks forth.

Yes, I live in the Online world and I want to earn a living here!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sophisticated Simplicity

Can we put down Simplicity as a description of things that are simple enough to be called simple or does Simplicity goes beyond what we can conjure upon?
There are good amount of ambiguous definitions finding their own popular responses across the world - some popular for a day, some for months, and then years and finally the one that gets over these milestones becomes a general truth, which from time to time can be challenged in the later course of its existence.

I was curious, about how I could define Simplicity in simple words, to which till date, I could find none. It was in fact much more tougher than it would have been in describing complexity. Yes, Complexity- it involves lot many stages, states, variables, and whatever. So, defining Simplicity through this blog post won't even do justice to find an apt definition for the Simplicity, but let me have one. At least for the sake of making you ask and ponder, so as to why?

I would call, defining Simplicity or finding the definite description of Simplicity an ambiguous statement in itself. Why ambiguous? Ambiguity is something that deviates from the factual description of things that are supposedly to act the way we had thought or the other people might have presumed to be, till the moment we redefine it and accept it, so that it forms the part of a subtle reckoning truth. Well, the idea of being ambiguous can be ambiguous in itself. Now, that I made the above statements, I find the oxymoronic existence of the word we have been so curious about - yes, the Simplicity and its oxymoronic counterpart being the Complexity.
Given an option to define Simplicity, any person ( at least most of us) would state that it is the opposite of things that are complex, taking in cue the antagonistic attributes only. But, would it suffice in a simple way. Yes, the answer here seems to be simple, as it should be for any things which are supposed to be simple - and defining Simplicity should had been the same.
But, contrary to what I see Simplicity as, is - It is a non achievable state. Nothing can be a completely simple, at least to a point which would take in account everything that we expect from a Simple thing.
A simple thing has to be straight away simple as it can be. But, what we need to actualize is, that, even for a thing to be simple, or at least near the perfection of simplicity, it should be void of the complexity involved in defining the same - Which unfortunately , I can't find one.
And hence as of now, I would just rather put it in: "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication".


Monday, June 16, 2008

Importance of Brand Building

Brands, today are the strongest representators of your company, be it a company providing services, products or anything within the purview of its applicability to the customers.

Branding has an Ubiquitous presence all over, right from the Watch that we wear to the cellphone network provider that we choose, to everything that we can think of.
Hence it has become a critical key to success in this enormously competitive market today. The Global market place has its byzantine forms, with every niche of it, ie the merchandise categories imposing their own levels of prioritizations. Based on these prioritizations people choose which brand to go for. Hence it becomes a thing of utmost importance to relate the customers with the brands that we want to create.

Branding is mostly about becoming the only viable choice on the customer's mental shopping list - and this subtle but important truth forms the epitome of everything that it takes to create your own brand. People ( customers) subconsciously starts building their own pyramids of brands, based on what they have heard, seen, experienced etc. These are the various aspects that go together in building up a brand.

So, if you are keen about creating your own brand - Design your Branding aspects for your customers - not the other way round of designing it for your Company. The whole idea behind building a brand is to build a long lasting impression over the section of people that you have targeted. The Branding, however takes time - but in the long run it pays, eventually and proportionately to what efforts you have put in.

Why Branding based on customers' thoughts is important?

Human beings have a natural tendency to relate or familiarize themselves with some sets of things they prefer to use - be it in their daily lives or occassionally. So while building a brand, keep this in mind that : " It is of least importance what your company's thoughts are about the branding strategy that you choose compared to branding based on customer's mentality of what they think of the same. "

Now - How do you go about building brands?

  • Know your Customers and relate yourself to them - after all they play the most significant role in branding your services/products.
  • Build a relationship with the customers - this aspect helps you in building an effective pool of profitable customer base.
  • Sustain the Quality - Your customers are certainly not bothered about your company's health, rather in your products/services. You lose in this part - then you will eventually lose with whatever you had done so far. Live up the Brand name everyday.
  • Provide a better value - People are always wary about where their hard earned money would be next spent. Provide them an exemplary reasons as to why they should spend upon your services/products rather than on others. Providing a cost effective pricings can do the magic here.
  • Differentiate your business from the competition - Become visible, play tough.
  • Choosing over the right associates/affiliates - Keeping this point right, would fetch you the right profitable customers , at least most of the times.
  • Developing an emotional position for yourself and your message through the brand - This lets people with similar sentimental thoughts as described through your brand, to identify themselves.

Having said these little talks - Lets walk the talk now.

Happy Branding to you All !



Its been a week I suppose, since I last posted anything worthwhile(my presumptions)in my blog. Here am back again, and its not that worthwhile this time either.

Had been very busy with my new college, SIIB (International Business). Pursuing my MBA course - based on my figments of imagination.

Have a class right in 5 mins - so better go now and update you guys later.

Take care.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Forums to start your online money ventures

One of the good strategy to improve you Google page ranking is to mark your backlinks to whichever popular sites, forums you visit. Backlinks are the links that are clickable - which can bring the visitor to your site if they click that link.

However, its important to keep in mind if the same(sites,forums)uses the "nofollow" attribute. Well if they do - then your backlinkings there, wouldn't add much to the Page rank of your site. More the backlinks, more PR weightage to your website. This takes time though! - Certainly not an overnight task. But in the long run - it pays.
These are some of the forums that I would prescribe you all - if you're looking out for some real hard cash - subtle reckoning of your existence in the Internet world.

They are:

  • Digitalpoint forums: I missed this all these long. I should have been here before. Well thats what I felt when I realised the potential and the knowledge this forum could provide me. Excellent members - tell them your queries and you get the best of the responses, which you would have never expected of - atleast from people who you never knew existed.

  • Scriplance forums: Good place to be in if you're looking to market yourself for a cheaper rate. Thats something every beginner, no matter how good at writing, has to start with. You can talk about anything from Web designing aspects to search engine optimization/marketing, copywriting, everything. You can ask people about their strategy and things that you think would help you.
  • Absolutewriters Forums: Even this one is similar to the one I had said before.

And there are lot many others ... For starting you can choose from here.

Well, the idea behind joining these many forums is about marking your presence. Customize your signature, and provide a link to your blog/site.

Now every comments of yours will carry this signature in all the forums and the threads started within. Every comments would minutely add to the Google page rank of yours. This is negligible for the start ( i mean the weightage of the links) , but however over a long time - it adds up to a good back links and little bit more weightage this time , finally getting added to your page rank.

Page rank is different thing here... the best part of providing such backlinks is that - you get traffic. More people will visit your site, more you give your links... thats quite obvious.

I know the beginners here might be curious, how much a person can earn in day through such. 30$ a day for the first two-three months atleast ( provided you market yourself effectively). Later, you will certainly find a lot many.

This is my second day since my first part time earning trial - and Story so far -

$25 + $15 worth small works that I landed with yesterday.

OK.. This question is obvious ... How do they Pay?

Create a paypal account ( paypal[.]com ), most of the buyers they pay through this. Create your account for free. You will be charged some % of each transaction that occurs. If you want - you can try escrow as well. You can get your paypal account connected with your bank account (SBI etc). And whenever you transfer some amount to your bank account, paypal again deducts some %. You can also easily connect your Credit card with the same.

So, whats holding you now?

Use your leisure time to earn - at least a 15-20 thousand rupees every month.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

My first online money

I waited long for this to happen - Ya, someone paying me for my writings.

Yesterday, I got richer by 5$ ( haha ) - Ya its not that too much. But Its been my first and certainly won't be the last. I had lately thought of doing some Freelance works(article writings) besides my regular work. It required me to do some homeworks though. I had been regular with some of the freelance sites - there I bidded, but never won any. Ya - it was quite obvious, without any reviews its hard to get someone to pay you.
What Reviews? -- well, its a kind of feedback that you get(which anyone can see in your profile) from every Clients you deal with.

And yes - I have none. Reason: I have done nothing yet.

Days back I had landed with 4 articles writing project for 50$. I had some other work commitments. So couldn't take it, since that would have required a day leave from my work.

But however - now that I have one. Pay - not too high, but its great - atleast for the start that I needed.

Ya- I am blogging for someone else besides blogging for myself. It hardly takes me thirty minutes to write down an article of 200words - for which I get paid 3$.
That makes a value of 0.01+Dollar for every words.

Ya - two articles in day and many such projects in your bag - One can easily make anywhere from 15-20dollars. Which would make it an equivalent of slightly more than Rs800 in day.

If you are busy man(booked for one whole month)- 800x30 = Rs24000. Thats what you can fetch in month.

This is something that you could probably start off with. Once you learn the trade and get better projects you can possibly earn 50$ in a day or maybe more.

What would you need for that?

A little bit of research in the internet, a little bit of apt to write, and a little bit of patience.

My advice: Visit forums. There are lot many in fact. ( I shall talk about that in my next post).
Make contacts, market yourself. You can do this by participating in Forums and providing your links.

Links, what for?

You might have to show some of the samples of your work - Ya we know, none is interested in losing even a single penny, atleast in the Internet. It takes pennies to make dollars after all.

Satisfy your clients. Give them a little bit of more what you can give through your work. Your online reputation is something that you need to take care of, without which you certainly would find it tough marketing yourself.

Happy blogging and Earning.

My client's blog which I blog sometimes: BookmakerBandits


Monday, June 02, 2008

Demystifying - Conventional Wisdom

What makes conventional wisdom an conventional option for the people en masse? Is it the idea of getting in sync with scores of other people's views or is it just the Idea of making yourself reluctant about looking for a change?

An opinion or an idea that becomes the circumcentre for quite a good statistical figure of intelligible creatures with the repetitive times of its occurance, along with popularity makes that idea/opinion a Conventional wisdom.

I suppose I just made describing a simpler thing (conventional wisdom here)in such an unconventional long description, just a convention mode for me. Well - if you agree this could rule such a way of describing things - a conventional wisdom.

But is conventional wisdom necessarily true? This part of posting is just my tryst to get over this. A yet another approach to bring out conventional options that can help me redefine things in my own conventional sense.

But wouldn't that tantamount to going against the conventional beliefs which already has been laid down?

Well, its here where the conventional idea of making things conventional wisdom an applicable thing works. Conventional Wisdom is not a necessary truth. Yes, it has the flexibility to change along a gradual line. It is just the convenient way of expressing things so that you can get the picture across.

But, Why be so specific about conventional wisdom? Well, thats not the point. Some say - conventional wisdom makes it harder for the people who tries to bring in change to a certain belief. It paves in as hurdle for people bringing in new theories, postulates etc, for the fact that Conventional wisdom appeals to large number of people. This develops an inertia that opposes any other views pertinent to the conventional wisdom being subjugated to a challenge over its(read CW) existence.

Well - to what I believe its not true. Would it have been possible to come up with a new innovative idea if there weren't any conventional wisdom at the first place?

Certainly not!

Conventional wisdom forms the basis for any ideas. It provides the required ramification of ideas that can lead a new idea to emerge as a much better refined conventional wisdom. However - it takes time to finally get over ther.

This is an incident that happened to me yesterday. (ya...thats why am with this post).

Part1: The event -
I was at cousin's place for two days - and I didn't bring my Mobile phone's charger. What next - I wanted to cut short my stay and go back to my place and get my mobile recharged, so that I do not miss any of the calls once my battergy gets over.

My Cellphone is a Samsung-ABC model. My cousin's cellphone was samsung-XYZ model. I knew his cellphone charger's pin would hardly fit into mine. So I told him that I needed to go.

Part2: the conventional wisdom at work:

My cousin removes his cellphone's cover and finally the battery. He takes out mine. He shows me both of it(the batteries) are same. We crosscheck - yes it is. He finally shattered my conventional wisdom of thinking ABC model cell needs ABC model cell charger only.

What next- he charges my battery in his cell, and I use his till my battery gets recharged.

Part3: the irony of conventional wisdom

Ya- it is not a wisdom infact. It is just a slight variation of your personal thoughts/ideas to match it with populist's beliefs of the Crowd.

It's wiser to be with the crowd sometimes. And thats an uncanny attribute of conventional wisdom.

If you want to check your conventional wisdom IQ -
then you might want to check this: CW quiz


Sunday, June 01, 2008

TheTruck Art

I have never posted any images before - first thing: uploading jpeg is banned in my office.
It's Sunday - i can do the same now atleast. Just for a change- hope you would like it.
The Trucks with the Art

:) Have a nice weekend!



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