Monday, November 24, 2008

Existence of God

Who's seen a God or the God or many of the Gods? Quite a difficult question to answer but on an equal scale - easier to put down. 

So Can you see the God?

I certainly do not. That's because to extent of what I think about God is that it can't be seen but definitely

 can be felt, shared and respected. 

I say, God can exist and it does exist. But not as a christ, muhammad, buddha, or other  forms of God.  I wake up every morning, but I forget to thank someone for having let me face it. Not for the troubles my routines could give me, but to experience the feeling of being alive. Being alive doesn't make

sense to many, and hence there are numerous suicides around daily. But what they forget to get the glimpse is of the other beautiful aspects of life because of which people toil hard every single day to make it to yet another day. Statistically, I might be correct here. People live, procreate and die... even today. Well, did we even ponder on why it does happen or can there be a significant another for the same ? 

There must be a reason that we live, not just because of the reason that we are unable to find its explanation - that we live are we are made to do so.

Science and God are correlated like the way God is related to other unbeknownst thing of the world. Without Science God's existence would have never been unfolded. And without God, Science would loose its sheen.  As I say, Science has helped us in finding a description about God, some might find it ambiguous to fit this statement here.  We talk about atoms and all the other particles and the aspects that makes us reason about things happening the way it ought to be not the other way round(Ya, it does seldom but even thats how it were meant to be). Next level of curiosity should draw us forth to what has led to this characterization of things being relative to one other. Consequences are interconnected. Some of them goes unseen, and doesn't draw our curiosity to make us further investigate upon it. However,there has to be a reason, why things exists ? 

My figments of imaginations and thoughts makes me believe that - God inside everything makes them exist. God isn't something that has to be holy, as sanctified descriptions our holy books would rather say.  God is about being yourself. 

God is about being kind enough to 

acknowledge the facts that God exists in others as well.  Its not our weakness that we try to seek for God, but rather its our step forward becoming more of a Godly entity.  God is in you, so its in

 others.  So does it realllly exist?


Lazy Google crawlers

It's been 5-6 months by now and Google search enginge crawlers still hasn't bothered enough to see the differences in the weblinks even with their much touted algorithms of listing only the relevant webpages. 

In one of my previous post, I'ad mentioned that I'ad changed my domain name from to, because of various reasons as cited there. However, to this day google crawler still is inefficient in its own terms to identify if the discarded domain name is relevant or not to the keywords searched. 
Below are some of the snapshots which will help you understand "why" 

This is the search engine page listing for the keyword
"ARUNACHAL BLOG", which otherwise will bring out the pages that are relevant or has better keyword density of "arunachalblog". 

But my discarded domain name blog, now used by someone else, blogging solely about "domain name selling business" is ranked 'SECOND'. 

And ya, that's my blog "arunachalblog" getting referred by another third party " skirbit " where I've registered my blog. 

Now Upon further refining my keywords to " ARUNACHAL PRADESH BLOG ",  this is what I get:

My discarded domain name ranks the first this time and ya, there's me in "Third".

Lesson: be careful before you discard your domain name. 


Learning it short - the tall way

Standing tall ( short ) at 5.3ft height I'ad always been apprehensive about people commenting on my short stature. I don't know on how many ocassions I'ad to hate people for pointing at me by my height or calling me names. Even If those names were called with a good will or neutral point of view, I'ad a different reasonings or assumptions to make. 

Plagued by unsurmountable thirst for playing with logics, reasonings and assumptions... I would hate those who would call me by name, say " chotu " or whatever that would connote or depict me as a short heighted fella. I've this problem to this day, and maybe I need to really work out on this, since a stray incidence of such nature would eat up significant part of my time, which I think could have been used for something better or least to say...enjoy what others has to say. After all, its their say...not mine. I can only change or control myself not them. 

In my recent college trip to Panchagani for the "Initiatives of Change ( Moral re-armament ) " camp, I met the coordinator 'Siddarth( he co-owns the company "Paradigm unlimited"), who was cool by all regards - at least the thoughts he would put in his words made me think so. Whether he practises it or not is a different thing all together, but for me his words were real soothing. I met him one on one, and told him about the besotted problem that I've with the name callings. 

My reasonings for 'why I hated people calling me names' were:
First, they know my name and why they intend to use something else, which I seriously hate about. Second, my assumption was that... If you make names for others, your very intention is to ridicule them and I serious temparament on that. Third, at this age of 20plus I expect matured responses from people. 

After listening to my part of the story he asked " Are you happy with your Height ? "
I couldn't say anything more...cause deep down in my heart I'ad always hated being a short heighted person, which infact meant...I hated myself...and this should simplify that I had no reason to hate others. 

What I learnt that day was - Love yourself for what you are. Be the change you want to see and don't expect others to change or bring about the change. I couldn't agree more. 


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Superficial talks


Call it an Irony of being thrashed with the facts and figures that approximates a potential of delivering something substantial or Call it the mockery of the rudiment intelligence we vaguely try to become proud of.

The last time I was home, August 2007 – Roing was reeling under the age of blackouts, with constant powercuts for weeks and months altogether. This was the time when Roing people were busy protesting against the Dam projects.

Well, to this day... Roing is still in the Dark age, where Candles have become a necessity and electric generator – a luxury.  

The only reason that you get when you talk to the officials are – insufficient funds and ofcourse the torrential rains. But, this wasn’t the case 8-10years ago... Roing was affluent with its own aspects. And powercuts was a phenomenon in Summer which wouldn’t last more than a week.

But 10 years down the line, when most of the Arunachal seems to be happy and optimistic about developments touching their vicinity ... condition in Roing has worsened. I wonder, which kind of developments that we are talking about.

It’s winter now but Roing is still engulfed under the dark cloud of power shortages, which would be an Irony to the fact that Dibang Valley has the potential of becoming one of the largest hydropower houses.

So...I keep asking myself, if Roing or Dibang valley is better or worse than ever under the current regime of Arunachal Pradesh? And should the generation of 1000’s of megawatts for big companies or few 10’s of megawatts for the rightful owner of the land – be the concern of Arunachal Government?

Answer seems quite obvious... and our protests too - even if the whole of Arunachal Pradesh has different view on it.

So... we Protest.




Friday, November 14, 2008

The Difference that matters

As a young school boy I was always fascinated by Mukut Mithi and adored him a lot. I felt or cheering him standing in the midst of the crowd emulating the scenes of documentary I used to see on popular leaders of the world. To know our leader better I always looked for opportunity to listen to his speeches. Finally I had the chance and it was during the year 2003 in Hunli when the election campaign for the newly amended panchayati raj was in full swing. I was then ignorant about politics and had mind-set of a typical VKVian. After the speech I was however disillusioned from what I could understand that development in Arunachal would come from 'ruling party'.

A year later Mithi lost power in the government and was back in the village for a strategic campaign meeting of the congress party. That was the time when some sections of educated youths from the community were actively campaigning for a political change. They
had the grievances on leaders for not doing enough for the youths. It was my second chance to listen to Mithi then. Having listened attentively I soon realized the difference in him. From what I could understand from the meeting, the other public leaders that accompanied him talked only on petty issues and sounded too bitchy. Since then, on numerous occasions I had the chance to listen to him but I vaguely remember any of his speeches since it didn't matter to me much.
The year 2007 saw rise of All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU) under the leadership of Tone Mickrow, a mechanical engineer graduate. The Dibang Multipurpose Project, India's highest dam of 288mtr was by then a controversial debate in the community. The student union disagreed with the local public leaders and the senior members of the community on Dibang dam as solution for the backwardness of the region. I was then involved in the issue reporting for the newspapers local and national. In the midst of the anti dam campaign, I accompanied the student union delegates in their meeting with Mithi who was then the Lt Governor of Puducherry. Perhaps the concerns expressed were too obvious so things didn't turn out satisfactory.

On 28th August 2008 I had another chance to be part of the meeting to discuss on Dibang Project. The Chief Minister had called all the organizations raising concerns for direct talks in Itanagar. I vividly remember when Mithi who was also part of the meeting said "Dibang Project is of national importance". However AIMSU in its earlier campaign had said, "National interest not at the cost of our community". The point of disagreement lies here which the neither side will easily undermine their own perception. The student union looks at the issue in terms of worst case scenario and is sensitive to any sort of misadventure with the community. Whereas Mithi being a political leader is committed for a larger cause. However, he acknowledged the difference in perception and approved the concerns raised.

There are matters on which nation’s interest cannot be compromised. However though dams can be literarily termed as in nation’s interest but the constitution guarantees enough space to a citizen to fight for protection of environment as well to protect the rights of the indigenous community. So a citizen that abides by the constitution cannot be working against the interest of the nation. AIMSU had strongly articulated its fear on indigeous rights being undermined by saying, “Don’t violate fundamental rights under the guise of development”.

What is needed right now is to bridge the difference in perception and to incorporate the
community interest first. The Dibang Project can be substituted by other 100 large dams planned in Arunachal Pradesh that can meet the power requirement of the country but there can never be a subtitute for the Idu Mishmi community. Here there would be no second chance. And as I write down I keep recalling my younger days.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Arunachal Dragon Force - is it still alive?

I woke up this morning to check the news and there you go, Times of India had the featured news of the No.of terrorist organization currently active in India and to my surprise Arunachal Pradesh had a part to share. 

The maximum number — 40 — operate in Manipur, followed by 36 in Assam, 32 in Jammu and Kashmir, and 30 in Tripura, figures compiled by the South Asia Terrorism Portal say. 
Punjab is home to 12 terror groups, Meghalaya houses four, Nagaland three, Mizoram two and Arunachal Pradesh one. 
- Times of India

Arunachal Dragon Force - I'ad heard about it's existence years ago, but could never ascertain it for sure, if it really existed. Now, the headline cover story of TOI saying so, made me ponder if it really existed, to this day. Did a few Google searches, wiki hardly had substantial thing to say about its existence, but SATP ( south asia terrorism portal ), did have a brief page mentioning about it. 

Another news piece from dating back to December 2003, also had a line on ADF and so did But, both of them referring to the same event when Indian army had carried a major counter-insurgency operation near the Indo-bhutan border, with the support of Royal Bhutan Army in 2003.

On December 20, the Indian Army ambushed and killed three terrorists, two from ULFA and one from the relatively unknown Arunachal Dragon Force (ADF), near Namsai in Arunachal Pradesh. The chief of the ADF, Chownomee Namchumoo, was captured along with AK-47 rifles, pistols, grenades and a large amount of explosives and cash.

He said that as per figures available with the Indian Army, 14 militants -- 10 from the ULFA, three from NDFB and one from the Arunachal Dragon Force -- have been killed while 14 hardcore, mainly from the ULFA, have been apprehended.

Call it a piece of perfect information or the adroitness of ADF that, death of only One ADF militant has been confirmed, till date. Which, further sets me to question the veracity of the news that is being covered in major news paper - if the terrorist organization that is being linked to Arunachal Pradesh has any significance to current insurgency problems in Arunachal Pradesh? Since, to my knowledge, most of the Insurgency problems that can be heard in Arunachal context is mostly about ULFA, NSCN ( IM & K ), but never been ADF. 

And am not surprised of not finding any worthwhile cover story from Arunachal Govt on the same. Concealing matters from public afterall are their fundamental discourse. 
I shall be glad, if someone could share with me more on Arunachal Dragon Force. 



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