Monday, May 05, 2008

Tips for New Bloggers - Give it a Try !

Advent of Internet has changed the way we see life now. Everything has a click instead of a tag. A time was there if it was money tags or the social tags, but a new dawn of neo-renaissance has emerged, altering the dynamics of a human life.
We craved for social networks once, but now its all available in your fingertips, just waiting for your right CLICKS and the right approach.

I know everyone is interested in earning through what they like the most. And what could be much better if its earning through internet, all the way you browse. You could be earning even while you're at rest. But, that doesn't work all the time though! It takes time. Thats the whole reason, am trying to figure out why my Adsense account hasn't been approved yet. But, still I don't want to confine it just to the adsense. We all know adsense is the king, but how about looking for the alternatives too.
Well some tips I did like to share with other bloggers, who are new to this just like me.

Getting down to basics:

1)All about the blog and the Adsense:
Get a blog, with a good url. A good url since it would be beneficial for you. Google spiders(or say crawlers) find it easier to track those url which are relevant to the kind of contents that you would post in your blogs, as well for better ranking.
Get your Adsense account activated. Place the approval tags in your blog's html.
Use meta contents and fill it with GOOD KEYWORDS, which you think would make your blog searchable.
Once you done with the google approval code, try for the approval of other popular search engines as well namely : MSN, Yahoo! .

2)Blogs are all about the Contents!!!
Don't forget to keep updating your blog. Post frequently. This would help you in getting better ranks in google search engine pages. Post relevantly as well. Try to update your meta contents and meta tags as well. Metacontents and Metatags are about the keywords that are frequently and most importantly used in your posts.
Getting noticed by Google, is a little bit slow and steady process. So have patience. Keep updating your blog, don't expect an overnight success. Patience is infact the key in internet marketing... offcourse with effective strategy.

3)Link Building : exchange links.
How do you drive traffic to your blog? This is an important question to be answered and to be included in your strategy.
There are various ways to achieve the same.

--Submit your blog to various blog directories. Just google search free directories, and you would find lot many.
--Try using some of these, RSS directories, various free blog directories, general directories.
--Exchange links with other bloggers: Ask them if they would like to exchange links, and you probably would find most of them answering you back "YES". This is a good strategy to get unique visitors and off course to increase your traffic counts.
--Create link bait
--participate in blog carnivals
--Don't think about commenting... just comment. It's also a good way to get your blog noticed.

It's not just the blog for whom you comment would look at your blog but also other people who would comment in that blog(where you'd commented). So comments are just like signatures you live, but a good one, since it traces you back.

4) Join Communities and Catalogues
There are numerous blogjournals and catalogs where you would find millions of bloggers, just like you trying to get recognized. But don't worry, million sounds to much but you could better your rank there as well. Be patient.

some of the must-join blognetworking sites are :


Join the communities in those sites, and participate actively. You'll find lot many visitors wanting to have a look at your blog, for the comparision sake atleast. Thats what I do.
--Through these as well you can find lot many potential link exchangers.
So join in today!!

5) Signup with Social Media websites:
There are various social media websites(obviously free signups). You can get useful tips there, as well as try out new widgets they could come up with. More the social media tags you've, more credentials you add to your Blog searchability....and ultimately the ranking which comes through philosophy of google's reliability. :)
Some of them are:

6) Participate in various Blogger forums.
You would get to know more insights about the blogging and what it takes to be a good blogger. some of them are:

--Blogger Forum

7) Articles:

Sign up with some article submitting websites. These are the sites wherein you can submit your own articles. People looking for relevant articles would probably look for articles through these websites. So get into it. Write some good articles, get it published along with the resource tools that you would get, where you can put your Blog's link. You can get good traffic through here as well.
Some of the popular sites you could try are:
eZine Articles, Article Dashboard, Go Articles, ArticleHub, Jogena, Marketing Seek, Article Avenue, Alumbo, Article Pros, eBusiness Articles,Syndication from Idea Marketers.

These free article distributing sites receive enormous traffic. So the more articles you submit to these sites, the more targeted traffic your adsense sites will receive. And this is considered one of the most effective ways of making money consistently from Adsense clicks.

8) Participate in Group writing contests and there are various sites that gives you that. You could be a lucky winner someday, but the important part is, you get to know what other expert bloggers are thinking of , and how you can improvise upon yours. Just a healthy way of learning and experiencing all the way you enjoy. You get more traffic through here also, incase if you are good enough to use the platform of commenting on each others work.
Some of the links for such sites are:

and lots many.

Am bit out of time at the moment.
Please feel free to drop in some comments and suggestions so that I can use the same.


Anna 12:29 PM  

hello, thanks for leaving me a comment about the blogging father. i've yet to check today if he has reciprocated. I'm on blogcatalog and mybloglog. are you on socialspark? Yes, we could exchange reviews.

Robert A. Henru,  9:54 PM  

Hi Rome, really appreciate for linking to my blog. Really glad that you're able to learn from my blog.
Keep in touch, let me know if you need any help.
Do consider to join the friendship group writing project that I have right now.


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