Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Borrow and Grow :- Neighborrow

Borrow and Grow !

I recently came across one interesting site www.neighborrow.com. I liked the concept so wanted to share the same with you all.
I always had the idea of utopian styled neighbourhood around with the whole cashless concept of business. Ya, the one where you go back to some Neanderthal's age but certainly without the jealousy and ills that has plagued the world today.
Neighborrow has just come up with a new concept of going one step closer to it. Well, atleast thats a healthy initiative.

Well, what neighborrow does ?
It's basically a web based tool that you can use for free and what you benefit through it is :
---You save time
---you save money and
---contribute a little bit from your side in protecting the environment.
The greatest advantage is, you get to know who your neighbours are... atleast with a personal touch.

The fear of being tagged with cheeseparing or stingy traits is a different aspect. Looking at the benefits you get through this system is way beyond reckoning the power of using an online tool that really works in building neighbourhood.

Social networks around the world, only talks about Internet social networks that we keep. We might have hundreds of friends in a webportal. But, can we be serious about acknowledging the same to be true in real. But, neighborrow is a tool or I would rather say a growing concept, that can help us
with the conversion of virtual world networkings to real life networks, which works.

And all you need is a good internet connection and list of items that you wish to lend.

Visit it to get more insights about this concept... and pour in your thoughts.


Constance Chan 1:54 PM  

hi Rome, thanks for dropping by my blog.

to find out who has taken which opps on socialspark, you have to click on that opportunity and see the list below. It will list those who have done the same ops. I believe that was how you found mine?

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