Friday, May 23, 2008

manageMe - to clear away your daily financial blues

How hard it is to find a perfect balance between what you earn in a month to what you drain it down, collectively, slowly but daily. There are numerous potential drainers of your pocket, which you could be hardly aware of. It could be the chewing gum you just bought, or a piece of cigarette you just puffed to soothe your air drenched lung, or the money you just gave to a roadside beggar, or 5 bucks extra the auto
rickshaw driver extolled you of. Possibilities or the nominees are many for the potential drainers.

But, how many of us do we care actually?

It is a fact, we hardly give a thought about such small expenses that we incur daily. But, yet another hard hitting fact that, we start pondering about our savings – Ya, where has it gone?

You needn't look for the answers. Your potential drainers just worked it for you!

So, what next? We start making amendments that we will keep a check on the unwanted spendings. Yes, I don't remember for myself, in fact I've lost the count, of making a new resolution every other day – to minimize my spending.

Minimizing your unwanted spending is important and essential – because a penny saved is penny earned. Am not saying just for the sake of the fact that above line is a popular adage, but having experienced the most usual situation umpteen number of times. It's usual because, I know you too did!

Why do we find short of money in basic situations? Is it because of the obvious reasons, that we're short of money, hence we face such situations. Well, if this had been the reason for all obvious shortcomings in money related matters then, world would have felt the crunch of financial success stories around the world, even around our community. But, that's not the fact.

So the question is to why ?
We are short of money, maybe because we are short of alternatives, and what better solution could be than to find someone who could manage and help us keep track of our spendings.

Well, “manageMe”, a Free web based application is here. It's a revolutionary concept for effective money management, developed by a team of a software company “Vinove”.
It can help you manage your multiple accounts(of any number of banks), keep track of your daily expenses, and give you reports and analysis for your finances – All if you mind to spare 10 minutes daily.

Benefits are plenty :

-Absolutely free
-Manage your finances be it your personal or business expenses, like never before
-Secured password protection
-Simple structure – Easy to use
-No downloading requirements
-Multi functional
-Generate report and get your analysis of your complete finances
-keep track of dates for upcoming insurance/mortgage/bill payments
-Reminders at your email or mobile phone

The other highlighted features of manageMe are :

-Multiple accounts :With it you can easily integrate your accounts in different banks and there's no limit for the account numbers. Using manageMe you can create Bank accounts(to track money transaction within your bank accounts) , Cash accounts(to keep track of your daily expenditures in groceries, bills etc) and Loan accounts(to track money on loan installments).

-Multiple Profiles : With manageMe Premium membership, you get to create and manage profiles for your entire family, friends, relatives and whosoever you want it to be.

-Reminders and Alerts: you can set reminders and alerts for bills and deposit payments for the same, well in advance.

-Set Periodic budget limits and overshoot alerts.

-Categorize budget management reports.

-Print preview.

-Multi-currency compatibility : Dollars, Euros, Rupees, Bahts – name whatever you want. ManageMe will support all of those.

-Anytime, anywhere accessibility: It's a webbased application.

My opinion – give it a try !
Experience it for yourself.
Find the application here : manageMe


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Hi RM,
R u using this software. What is your take on it.
If your in Delhi, why dont we meet up sometimes. My e-mail id is :-


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