Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Blogging is better than Orkuting

Hi Arunachal,
I just wanted to share few things here on why Blogging is much better than Orkuting !And also why you should give a serious thought for the same.

I had orkuted for months and there were many number of times where I was involved with so many discussions pertinent to Arunachal fronts, sometimes games(cool games as you can see one here) and many more. And there were many times as well when I had to toil in hours just for the sake of some serious discussions that I would land in. Ya, things to do with writing long posts after posts.

But, did you ever notice - If these pages of yours, which obviously came after your concerted efforts and some searches here and there(hours spent by now), ARE SEARCHABLE ?
Which means - can Google crawlers search these valuable posts of yours in Orkut?
No - and never ! But, blogging is a different platform. Your works becomes searchable for people across the world(those who don't use orkut even - mind it they form the large segment - non-orkutians). Your work gets seen - which in other words - you become visible. Blogging is just an another form of handling your own website. So experience the change - Start it from blogging --- and one day get your own web.Good thing is --- you get to earn while blogging as well. There are lakhs of bloggers who does the same - Ya , earn through blogging.
How to Earn?
Adsense is where you might begin earning from. Once you become a veteran, atleast get a good hands on blogging - you can start off for other sites that mediates selling of Ads.Adsense is a subsidiary of Google. You get relevant ads tht you can put it in your blog. If a person who happens to visit your blog - clicks those Ads - then for every clicks that your blog fetches for the Ad owner - You GET PAID.

Well, I just earned $0.22 with a single Click in my Blog yesterday. That was my first earning though. It however took me time, but I guess to earn anything through internet - It takes Time.
There are people who are raking in with more than 2000$ per week/month. Thats equivalent to near about Rs.40000 + in a week or a month. One of you could turn in to this - Ya a big time earner.
But, Blogging is also not just about earning. It enriches your Internet experiences. With millions and millions of bloggers around - I am pretty sure you will enjoy blogging. Well, the least is -- your internet nuances comes to a good standpoint. Go ahead and start blogging.
Orkuting is good, but certainly not enough to get through the Internet.
But - Blogging is --- at least a round about.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The agony of Reservation

Gujjars are taking down to the streets, resorting to violence and mass agitation, not just in Rajasthan but far across the valley of Kashmir too.
I was wondering:
*why are they so much frustrated about the reservation issue?
*Why they believe that they have not been properly represented?
*And why they thought they are the only people who are suffering?

Who isn't frustrated about Reservation? It's not just them, the whole of India infact. The idea of Reservation that would bring in line the noncoforming issues doesn't reach the iota of mass satisfaction. Its just the camouflaged idea that lesser dignified people have been satisfied- finally settles the deal: the deal of forcing ourselves to believe we exist as one.
"Unity in Diversity" is a cliche, which isn't supposed to work and will never- History is testimony to that. But, it has certainly prevailed in India over decades, for the fact that- Indian compromises a lot.
Maybe- same rhetoric could be at work for Gujjars. They certainly don't want to subside by the ignominy of being a mere spectator of Meenas(the affirmed neighbour of competition).
Meena- thats a name synonymous to the verticals of all the adminstrative powers. Be it the IAS, IFS, IPS or anything - you would certainly find one who would happen to be a Meena. Gujjars hates the fact that, Meena has compounded their existence by every means, unlike the Gujjars, most of whom still is languishing in abysmal state - ya, the state of being poor and indignified.
So- will gujjars indiction to ST Status uplift their socio economic position . "YES"- thats what they believe. Here lies the appalling solution to all the crux of millenium - the ST reservation.

Well, what about the other ST people, who are already there in the ST reservation umbrella and not much has become of them, in terms of developments.

I certainly don't believe Gujjars demand for ST tag is justified at this moment and this kind of demands would further give rise more such demands.
What if some section of General category now starts demanding a new kind of reservation just because its hard to compete within the General category?
This Idea of satiating all such demands would lead to reservation for every.

Probably a day might come -
Reservation for different tribes within the ST reservation.
Reservation for different castes within the SC reservation.
Reservation for different OBC within OBC reservation... and subsequent unfolding of more reservation dramas.

Certainly - the idea of Unity in Diversity would seldom work.

Now the Jats(who were included in OBC categ in 1999), have openly come up to the defence of Gujjar's ST demand.
Probable reason - Gujjars as of now belongs to OBC, and Gujjars moving to ST bag would further relax the competition for the trophies inside the OBC bag.

Even the provision of some denotified reservation tag wouldn't satisfy the Gujjars. All they want is ST.
Ya- they know, ST is the least competitive. Its only from Meena quarters that they can find some tough competition, while the rest of the STs of India - we know how most of them fare !

Well, what next - Arunachal STs or rather say North East STs too will come up with such agitations someday - probably - I guess so iff Gujjars gets included in ST.

Just like the Chambal's Gujjar bandits coming forward as a support for the gujjars ST recognition, I hope the North east's scores of militant outfits will come ahead.

"Dis-unity in diversity" is certainly conclusive, at least the paraphernalia of Indian Democracy says so.


Monday, May 26, 2008

ST/SC Reservation - the crux of existence ?

The other day, I had been to one of my friend's place in IIT delhi. Just like any usual discussions when a group meets, our discussion topics started ensnarling from one to the other. Finally it was the 'ST/SC - Reservation ' , does India need it now?
Well, I would rather start it with, If poor and neglected section of India needs now?
Some of the views that came in flying were such as:

1.Having born to a Tribal parents - shouldn't merit the the sole criterion.

I couldn't agree more.

2.Reservation should be based on socio-economic ground.

The essence of this point was that the better-off ST/SC people shouldn't be given any reservation.
Only the person who's hails from economically weak family background should be conferred with right to reservation.
This point had a mixed responses. Now how do we define who's rich and who's not ?
If there had been a clear cut definition of who's supposedly rich and who's not, with a proper administrative taking care of the same, diligently and professionally. I guess, then we could take serious consideration of this point.
So has the Creamy layer definition of classes has now become a bone of contention, with flawed responses. Social and personal Prejudices effaces, no matter how hard we try to bottle it.

With a certificate to prove that My Father earns less than Rs30,000 in a year, just costing lesser than few hundred bucks, I can well avail myself ST/SC rightful to get reserved tag - if I go through point number 2.
So solving reservation problem is beyond merely looking into the economical condition, I guess.

3.There should be no reservation at all !

This was a tough nut to crack. With anti reservation agitations and forums increasing day after day I guess all over India, people - atleast most of them would resonate the same. But will this really work? I mean - giving no reservation at all !
India is more or the same where it was 50 years ago. Just knowing the know-hows of the technologies, using a mobile phone to roam and call around anytime-anywhere, or getting computerised in every angle of our existence with Internet - these all points just doesn't suffice for Advancement or the development in its real terms.
How do I say - we are still way back?
Look at the things around and try getting answers from each and every aspects - answer lies there within.

How ?

I would just like to highlight few of the points to forbid myself from getting this post look boring one ( ya, I agree - it is, no matter what !!) :)

Vehicles - this is certainly one of the most basic factor(or possession) that we start rating ourselves/or them to be an advanced or developed species. But, where is the space to use it( am talking about Delhi and other metros at this moment)

Smaller cities --- > you're the next.

Arunachal towns ---> hmmm ... will take time. But will definitely see more of those(more from politicians of course) once the Dams gets built all over the AP.
I guess, we wouldn't have to worry about Vehicles by then.

Why ? ----> We would need ferry/yachts/ boats/ torpedos/submarines etc sooner or later then. (a PJ)

Well, this is deviating... back to reservation. No space for free movements, even though people have the luxury of owning vehicles - well more to the addition of problems.
More traffic congestions-->more the wastage of usable time --> more pollution --> bad health --> sooner deaths.

Good -- that tries to solve the population problem a bit.

Mobile phones - I wouldn't call it an advancement. But sometimes people do misquote it for the same. You never got worried this before(like the way you feel worried now) - of people not trying to call you. Certainly a problem of many.

Computer - this is also a yet another means of make life simpler - but did it ? It has more obfuscated the simple Life as it should have been.

This is going haywire ... I mean the intention of the post.( lets not be) :)

So the Issue of Reservation goes beyond the statistical correlation of wealth factors etc with the have-nots and haves-haves of the people.

The whole epiphany of this Botched up Reservation issue, just makes me feel a person from some low wretched section of the society.
The reserved categories makes up more than the 50% of the population - hence the necessity of the reservations. But, there was a friend of mine(general category) who said - it's just the electoral votes count that could be true with my more than 50% claim.


The Elite class people seldom goes to vote, its only the lower strata of the society that takes part.

Well - i didn't have any answer to this. He could be true in this regard.
But, he made it more apparent why we need reservation by his definition for Elite class.

Ya... we(ST/SCs) aren't !


Friday, May 23, 2008

manageMe - to clear away your daily financial blues

How hard it is to find a perfect balance between what you earn in a month to what you drain it down, collectively, slowly but daily. There are numerous potential drainers of your pocket, which you could be hardly aware of. It could be the chewing gum you just bought, or a piece of cigarette you just puffed to soothe your air drenched lung, or the money you just gave to a roadside beggar, or 5 bucks extra the auto
rickshaw driver extolled you of. Possibilities or the nominees are many for the potential drainers.

But, how many of us do we care actually?

It is a fact, we hardly give a thought about such small expenses that we incur daily. But, yet another hard hitting fact that, we start pondering about our savings – Ya, where has it gone?

You needn't look for the answers. Your potential drainers just worked it for you!

So, what next? We start making amendments that we will keep a check on the unwanted spendings. Yes, I don't remember for myself, in fact I've lost the count, of making a new resolution every other day – to minimize my spending.

Minimizing your unwanted spending is important and essential – because a penny saved is penny earned. Am not saying just for the sake of the fact that above line is a popular adage, but having experienced the most usual situation umpteen number of times. It's usual because, I know you too did!

Why do we find short of money in basic situations? Is it because of the obvious reasons, that we're short of money, hence we face such situations. Well, if this had been the reason for all obvious shortcomings in money related matters then, world would have felt the crunch of financial success stories around the world, even around our community. But, that's not the fact.

So the question is to why ?
We are short of money, maybe because we are short of alternatives, and what better solution could be than to find someone who could manage and help us keep track of our spendings.

Well, “manageMe”, a Free web based application is here. It's a revolutionary concept for effective money management, developed by a team of a software company “Vinove”.
It can help you manage your multiple accounts(of any number of banks), keep track of your daily expenses, and give you reports and analysis for your finances – All if you mind to spare 10 minutes daily.

Benefits are plenty :

-Absolutely free
-Manage your finances be it your personal or business expenses, like never before
-Secured password protection
-Simple structure – Easy to use
-No downloading requirements
-Multi functional
-Generate report and get your analysis of your complete finances
-keep track of dates for upcoming insurance/mortgage/bill payments
-Reminders at your email or mobile phone

The other highlighted features of manageMe are :

-Multiple accounts :With it you can easily integrate your accounts in different banks and there's no limit for the account numbers. Using manageMe you can create Bank accounts(to track money transaction within your bank accounts) , Cash accounts(to keep track of your daily expenditures in groceries, bills etc) and Loan accounts(to track money on loan installments).

-Multiple Profiles : With manageMe Premium membership, you get to create and manage profiles for your entire family, friends, relatives and whosoever you want it to be.

-Reminders and Alerts: you can set reminders and alerts for bills and deposit payments for the same, well in advance.

-Set Periodic budget limits and overshoot alerts.

-Categorize budget management reports.

-Print preview.

-Multi-currency compatibility : Dollars, Euros, Rupees, Bahts – name whatever you want. ManageMe will support all of those.

-Anytime, anywhere accessibility: It's a webbased application.

My opinion – give it a try !
Experience it for yourself.
Find the application here : manageMe


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why And How Of A Good Web Design

It's only the effective Communication that has the ability to transpire through the lexicon of events around the world. Now since the world has shrunk through a click button option of a mouse, the problems of plenty in a competition to showcase yourself has effaced up. At one side we have complex things, that boasts itself to do multiples of things. And on the other side we have effective simpler things, to do all the things we need and none of the things we don't.

So it's important which one of it you would choose, so as to communicate effectively to the worldwide web based audiences. It's not just about the medium either, another important aspect to be covered is, 'What do you want to communicate' .

Some of the medium for communication can be categorized as, websites, Ebooks, Ezines, Email discussion list and etc. The most popular among them are the Websites, which can be static or dynamic, based on the tools used.An effective web design encompassing all the basic simple requirements of your target audience is the answer . It won't just serve you as the medium, it would fit in the contents and information you want to convey as well.

There are numerous fast, efficient, interacting application tools in todays' web world, such as flash, Javascript, Ajax etc, which can make your website a good interacting medium with your audience. But providing the latest tools, doesn't automatically mean users can use those tools to achieve their objectives. What more important besides just providing tools are the user friendliness of the websites as well as their satisfactory details.

So some of the key aspects for a Communicative Website and its design are :

1)User familiarity and satisfactory details: Websites should be designed for satisfactory details, so that it can assist the users to further refine the choices they just made. Familiarity of the language used in the contents, to the targeted audience is another important aspect. One should take care that the contents has lesser of jargon or technical terms, when the target audience are common people using the net. But, one the other hand if your target audience are some technical field experts, Jargon and Technical abbreviations can help you get the intended audience. So a Web design layout should take care of these essentials as well.

2)User friendly, easy recognition with appropriate feed back Providing users with advanced interaction features such as drag-and-drop, click-and-pull scrolling, or multiple selections, can enhance the users experience. But,if the users are not presented with any visual clues about their existences, they will hardly ever come to know it, unless they are very experimental by nature.The websites which have provision of visual clues, such as the pop up messages or the animated demonstration, makes the website more lively. These kind of features can be incorporated using advanced manipulated techniques. With features such as visual feedback, a user can recognize how they work and what they have done. These ensures that the user has just done something, or else it very unlikely that most of the users will discover it themselves.

3)Customization based on users need: If you're a florist and its flowers that you want to sell, update your website with pictures of different beautiful flowers. Visual appeal sometimes, sells more than its textual counterpart. So proper understanding of your target audience becomes a key factor. Your, audience will be interested in your flowers, but not in its scientific names and other descriptions. So communicate with your audience and customize your website accordingly.

4)Flexibility of the website If you want to communicate with your audience, provide him the flexibility of choosing options. That is one of the prime requirement of an effective website. Designs need to be flexible. It's observed that users rarely hit the back button unless they have a reason to go to a previous point. A good website would have the solution for that too, by giving users control mechanisms on the current screen itself, just ensuring that what you intend communicate is still there at its place.

5)Simplicity:A design should be simple enough to cover the key areas of the users. This would provide minimalist approach for the users without overwhelming the interactions. There are numbers of users, who want it short and fast. In this case, dragging and dropping features might make them think about the time, energy and certain amount of coordination they would have to put into. Which would further dissuade them, making your communication abrupt. So provide them with simplified features, with good quality contents, or else you would find it hard to get back the same user again.

A website, with proper structured design and good contents, is all what it takes to get your own space of recognition in the world of Internet.


Why Team Building Is Important For Your Organization

As Thomas Edison once coined, " If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves". And it sounds so true in a world that has redefined the term singular existence. Maybe its better if we start with the questions or doubts, which can certainly lead us to a conclusion. So what defines a team and its heralding significance of leading us an inch ahead toward the success or the objectives that we set forth for as an individual or an organization ?

Individual objectives has some rhetoric relevance here though, since our Individual accomplishments are the one that leads down to cumulative resultant which we tag it as organization accomplishments. Team is certainly not a non-existential entity, it comprises individual factors and to succinctly phrase up, team is an aggregation of contributing members to achieve one single objective.

It isn't enough to have a team; a team must be built. It not just about choosing members, there is more of building it, laying foundation and structuring it, so that the end resultant can be achieved, efficiently.

Efficacy of any Organization has it's sole criteria, ie the workforce or the Team. They facilitate in streamlining the process and increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. Team building skills are critical for the effectiveness of a manager or an entrepreneur, running a firm. Some of the key areas in Team building can be identified as:

Efficient Leadership :It is the time we abandon the notion that the credit for any significant achievement is solely attributable to the person at the top of the hierarchy. The rustic corporate monotheism is finally giving way to a more realistic view that acknowledges leaders not as organizational god but as first among many other contributors. So it is pertinent that a good leadership can set the rat race for overall enhancement in the productivity, by treating his subordinates as co-workers. Some of the inherent qualities a good leader should have can be enlisted as:A good leader should set the direction and help in determining the goals, and after having done that should step back and become part of the team. He must know when to assume authority and when to begin spreading the authority among team members.

Diversity of skills and personalities: A team comprises different individuals with complimentary skills who work together towards a common goal. For a thought to come out of different box, people need different heads to do it. Multitudes of ideas, proves effective for a task. It's through these ideas one can blend attributes to work that are desirable. People with different personalities and skills can imparts those.

Good communication:Its quite understood that, human beings want to be listened to and they want to have a voice in matters that affect them. Same goes true with the team building. A good communication path paves in for proper transactions of ideas. Ideas propels the work, a healthy way to reckon the buoyancy of an effective communication bridge.

Shared goals and objectives :To work as one, its wiser to share goals rather distribute it. This instills involvement of the whole team in the decision making process. This would also serve as a better platform for plethora of ideas to surge up. On top of it, a sense of accountability is developed in each of the team members. What better way to motivate through this !!

Recognizing individual needs:This factor takes account of the basic truth that not everyone is the same. And an effective way to energize and motivate one's team is to strategize plans that can cover the basic requirements of each and every team members.

Having covered the requirements of building an effective team, we certainly can't miss the benefiting parts.

A good Team always has its benefits, some of them are namely:

Innovation : Creativity and innovation are not just confined to the dormitories of upper level management, rather the diversified standpoint view of each of the members matters. More the diverse a team is, higher is the probability of innovation to occur. We should be conscious of the fact that 'Strength lies in differences, not in similarities'.

"Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it."
-Steve Jobs.

Excellence: Excellence by virtue is the cornerstone of any organization since most of the volume of an organization's work is spoken by it. But one needs to distinguish excellence from a mere program to a rather subjective word 'process', which can be solely be attributed to the work of a team as a whole.

Retention: This is one of the most important benefit of an effective team building. Market at today's scenario has become a turf for the fiercest battle to retent talents. Attrition rates has skyrocketed for some but for some has dwarfed, and one of the deduction to explain this would be the management in building a good, friendly and efficient team.

Enjoyment in doing the work: A good team build up, encompasses all the key areas where each of the members are in healthy symbiotic relationship with one another. A friendly atmosphere brews up, which adds fun with the work they are assigned to.

There are more benefits of an effective team, all one needs is to experience it. But, certainly building a good team isn't an easy task, it demands dedication and clear cut strategies. It maybe possible that in short run it may appear to be more trouble than it's worth, but in the long run, people will be happier and so will the organization be.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

The easiest phone number in the world !

Do you have it in your cell phone ? Yes, the easiest phone number, which unknowingly needs to be 5 digits long. Well I do and I shall try to make the same for you.

This is one interesting moment that I recall from my class XII days of VKV jairampur. Our exams were ending and those were the last days we(classmates of course) were supposed to be together. As a ritual of any school it can be, we also started with our autograph, address huntings of our mates. I was confined to my table in the hostel, and one of my friend XYZ got started with request for all other mates for his own " memoirs of geisha" kind of autograph note.

XYZ asks ABC " Hey, whats your phone number ? I will write it down in my note".

ABC surprised, taken aback and then exclaims " what ??? You don't know my number ?".

XYZ bumfuzzled asks hesitatingly " Why ? "

ABC " Well, its such an easy number ! "

XYZ " How ? "

ABC " four 4s and one 7 =44447 ".

After hearing this conversation I wanted to stab myself, for having had some tough phone numbers all these years, unlike my ABC friend had '44447'.
I couldn't help smiling(well, I had a tough time holding my stomach in pain by laughing, that day).

How can a number be an easy number without ever having known or ever heard about that in the first place ?

It would be tough to guess your phone number even if it were of just 1 single digit. Even if I were told that the whole world just had 10 phones, all with single digits(0-9). I would have had tough time with my own permutations or rather say with the probability of 1/10 of being able to guess my friend's number correctly.

But, he somehow did it ...and to this day( its been a long 6 years now), I can still remember that number "4444 and 7".

Was that number really easy or is the event that makes me recollect that number so easily ?
Thats the beauty of Life, it can be easy if you recollect your responsibilities every now and then. And it can be tough like hell if we astray from the responsibilities.
An analogy of the complexity of the numbers can be drawn with the responsibilities of life.
And the enjoying part of those events can be further correlated with the enjoyment we or I would have had remembering my friend's easiest number.

Ya... four 4s and one 7: 44447 .


Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Patron saints & villians !

This is my post for the group writing project, created by Robert
Find his site here)He had asked me to come down with 7 friend's name as my hero, saint or anything.

" No man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till he is unhappy. --Thomas Fuller "

I am unhappy or I should rather say gets unhappy when I stay closed in room without anyone to speak to.
How much i wished I had one of my close buddies back at my hometown.
To give a closer idea about why I miss them, with the physical description at the moment is, I have been away from home for past 8 months, and I don't intent to go for an another year. I have some committments at the moment, mostly to do with my work experience I so much need before I can look forward to do my mba from some few selected business schools. And I am at this moment, more than 2000kms away from home. I am in new delhi, ya, certainly far away from the most north eastern part of India, Roing(where I belong).I get nostalgic about my schools days, which I mostly spent in boarding schools and infact its a list of schools(I had been to 6 schools) and still cherish the inaccomplished dream of being a days-scholar, even for a day. I was a hosteller during my college days as well.

So here's own list of My Saints, my jokers, my fighters, my heroes and my villians...

Suresh Gurung aka Papu : My patron saint of 'acclimatization'. My best friend since last 20 years. Ya, our friendship is 2 decade older by now and is still going strong. Just for the occassional bumps we had when both of us had some real "Heart bumps" for the same girl. I was worried literally, about how I would face him with his girlfriend, who was supposed to be mine, in my own crafted fantasy world. But, ya she is married now. Not to him but to someone else. I promise, I certainly didn't pray for this though. Papu, as we fondly call him, is a one big fat ass, but changes occassionaly with his constant weight fluctuation. He drinks but to turn tomato-red. OH, thats the reason he is my favourity potato gone tomato lad.

Janta Linggi aka Jade : My patron fighter for "Hey-dude, turn the world green" tag. He is obsessed about changing his name or the nicks, randomly and musically. "JADE" pronounce it as "ZED" not as the "Jaa-deeh ", atleast do it right when he is around. Or you certainly will be punched. "Ya, No one messes with this Guy, or else he turns them Green". He is my constant support when I am in dire need of some rational advices. Well, he is good in giving those, ya rational as one can be. But, he is our public figure. Ya, you heard me right. He likes going public, and won't shy taking you along. I still remember, in the middle of a cultural function, during some group dance performance by some gals, he whistled and with it shouted out my name, just to get me kicked out of the hall. OH, how I wish I could kick his ass.

Richi Linggi aka Casanova: My neighbour, my childhood friend. He is my patron joker of "amusement". He is my Love-Guru, and he inspires on "why I should fall in Love, every other day". I wished his wonderful thoughts were the truth, but my graph of rejections tells it the other way. He is my pillar of strength. Ya, he is my fountain of Love strategies, from which I draw my daily doses of inspiration to woo girls(but I fail all the times). One thing I like the most about this guy is his 'determination' and 'ambition'. He wants to be the richest someday, atleast within our hometown "Roing", by any means. Ya, hook or the crook. And I would certainly be his partner in crime. I remember the day, when he duped me to take bath in a water tank. He told me that swimming inside that is allowed, but only to be reprimanded by my teacher.

Winner Miuli aka Tingri : "Tingri", thats the name no one knows he has, except for me and few. My friend since my kindergarten. My companion in all sorts of crime. I still cherish all of the days we spent along. There is this one moment especially, when he inspired me to start a small shop on my own( I was 9 or 10, that time). He had opened a small shop(pan, sweets etc). I got inspired, and the very next day I wanted to kick of my entrepreneurship endeavours, ya, with a small loan of Rs.100(tht's equivalent to near 2.5US$). Just a table outside my house gate, I had a good business. My parents, my cousins, I mean all of the people in my house were my customers. What a noble business to loot your mom & dad, I thought!!!
Winner, thats a name synonymous to the girls of Roing. I eschew the fact that he becomes the centre of attraction, not just few times, but all the time. Ya, that makes me a side-hero. I will drink to that.

Dawa Norbu aka Budda: I had a post dedicated to this guy. He is my patron angel of "Leadership". I wish to see him become some politician someday, and I know, oneday he will! Well, Girl things has always been an enigma during my whole school days, but 'Dawa', my constant mentor or say the fountain of aphrodisiac, or say the veteran who just coached Al-pacino for the movie-'scent of a woman', was always beside me to inspire me. Ya...whole day long. I know he doesn't get tired, but he should mind that I do! :)
I admire his ability to become a leader in any given moment of time. And I still remember the day, he saved me from more beatings, or the bullets as I would rather say from real gun totted terrorists. (
this is the post about his heroic act).
I salute you Dawa, you inspire me still, till this day and will, till end of my way.

Jowon Sikhet aka Lambu : He's 6 feet tall, well built guy. But, talk about girls, he would pretend to be one of the nerdest. And I know Jowon, you aren't that innocent as you pretend. :)
He is my patron saint for "affirmation". I like pulling his legs everytime, and for that matter he gives his hairs as well. He likes getting pulled, and I still haven't figured out the reason so as to "WHY? ". Well, he is my prescribtion for you all, if you want to argue upon something, or lest talk nothing.

Arpit Mishra aka Patlu: You should see him talking. Even John lenon would have wanted Arpit to recite a poem on his behalf infront of a whole Nobel prize gathering- ya, you guessed it right, so that John would have easily bagged Nobel prize for explaining the Theory of Relativity, all within a poem.
Well, Mishra is my patron saint of "alternate-creationS". He creates while he babbles. I just get half of what he says, and rest again gets halved when he tries to explain that. I don't remember how many girls numbers he might have stolen from my cell during my college days. Well, he gets first there, everytime and everywhere, I know !


Dam : update2

Dam update 2:

The Uncanny Democracy at its best !

Democracy forever teases us with the contrast between its ideals and its realities, between its heroic possibilities and its sorry achievements- Agnes Repplier.

Dam construction in Arunachal Pradesh is at the best, a play well enacted by the self acclaimed social police or I should rather say the Social uplifter. And I simply wonder, is it us they want to uplift or is that they want to up-and-up lift us to uplift themselves. You know the procedure of uplifting someone else for the sake of uplifting yourself, means you Certainly do not uplift someone else. How uncanny of the way things are meant to be. Democracy at its best.

Someone said it right, "Democracy is not the best practice, But it appears to be at the moment because the others have failed the same."
How true. Policies are framed because they have to, and we are forced to, but do we have to ?

Coming back to the Dams, we know its a big issue. But, wouldn't a bigger issue require bigger experiences to back it.
Well, it reminds me of a maxim as I would rather say. A Catch-22 situation, which is so applicable to human beings, but when it comes to Dam builders and Arunachal Govt, it sounds elusive.
Now, let me explain it how.
Why Catch-22: Every body asks for experience these days. If you are looking for a job, you ought to have one(ya, the experience), but how will I get one(exp) if you don't give me at the first place. But, is it applicable for the AP govt and its policies or whatever rants they chew about and make us cud the same ?

Certainly not!

Sept 25, 2007: Months after Apang is ousted as the govt, and Khandu govt comes to the power, Invitations are tendered to all the companies willing to invest in the various hydropower projects around the Arunachal Pradesh. And to make this a rather lively gathering for Dam builders, the invitation was open to anyone.
Ya, you heard it right. Anyone with healthy cash cows but no relative experience in building dams could bump in. Except for few projects, where the requirements were a little bit improved this time and one needed to be "Strong financially and Technically".
No guidelines were laid down for determining the bidders technical credibility or the past experience in building dams. Some of the best examples are the : Hatung-II, Kalai - I and Bharali -II projects.
3 projects were allocated to Mountain fall India, India bull Real estate, Raajratna metal industries.
OK. MountainFall India - a company unheard, and which you might even find difficult in google searching the same.
Indiabull real estate company, which has relatively no experience in Dam sector. Its Power services were founded in september. Strange, thats the same year 2007, when Khandu govt came in.
Refer this > (indiabulls)
Raajratna metal industries: Zero experience in dam building.

Memorandum of Understanding(MOUs) were signed with these private companies, without the knowledge of people, and these MOUs had its own flaws, most notably it completely overlooked the safety concerns.

I am just amused by the concern shown by authorities dealing the project feasibility of such a vulnerable magnitude. Aren't we reminded several times that the best of the builders are only given the projects. Well, we can certainly see that!

I still remember, when I was in Roing mid of jan(2007), when the anti dam agitation had gained momentum and there many environmental experts visiting Roing, to give their expert views. One such was a gentleman, Mr.Neeraj Vagholikar. He visited my Home with some other Anti-dam activists, and told us about the various intricacies of building a Dam and that too some of the biggest dams of the world, and in this many numbers. (find his article here: ). I was glad to find someone coming down all the way from Maharashtra and showing keen on issues that was rather irrelevant to him.(that's how I'ad thought initially).
During one such meeting for Dams, I came to know 11 more tenders were floated for Dams in Dibang valley.
Firstly, The Dibang multipurpose project wasn't cleared by Dibang valley people, and the public hearing was slated, some months from now(now, as in jan2007) but now, Arunachal government was all set to tender more projects.
But, this didn't surprise me. I knew, we all knew, what was stored ahead and what least can we expect from politicians who are nothing but a bunch of businessman, and of unusual kind.

This much for now...
Shall update later.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My dear Vodafone

Parental advisory : Some of the words are bound to be offensive, probably due to the writer's wish to show his anguish.

Fuckrs1 : 9811219104
Fuckrs2 : 9811890359
Fuckrs3 : 9811892088
Fuckrs4 : 9811217186
Fuckrs5 : 9811226901
Fuckrs6 : 9811219918
Fuckrs7 : 9811252247

Don't get excited, those are not the numbers of some hotties or the hookers. Ya, maybe a marketing hooker Vodafone keeps a lot.
Just showcasing my collection of some of the numbers that has persistently tried over the last two months to harass me. I could have come up with some more numbers, but had deleted some of the first few numbers until I came across this noble idea of keeping my own collection of "most irritating phone nos".

F*$# You Vodafone, thats what I subconsciously dole out every time my phone rings and i see these numbers flickering at any odd hours of the time.

I know, most of us(vodafone subscribers obviously) are a victim of this sycophancy of Vodafone, to irritate their subscribers, with their offers of "Ya...latest ringtones".
Why the heck Ringtones ?

Well, Vodafone didn't ask me when I was required to fill the form for SIM card registration, that If I was interested in getting pestered with their anonymous robotic calls.
Well, Mr.Arun Sarin... You certainly didn't. neither your Pug asked, in those countless Ads that you show.

"Happy to Help ", I guess thats the latest Ad campaigns you have started to tell the people around how much your customer care are ready to Help. Why don't you change it to " Happy to Suck". Ya, You guys are great at sucking out.

I know I can get over this mess, simply by messaging " DND 123 "(Do-Not-Disturb), some number that I don't remember at this moment.
But my question is, why should I send you a message, that would cost me 3bucks, just not to get disturbed by you.

OK... You agree, that you disturb... thats why DND .

Come on.. play fair.... give us an option of "DDP 123 " as well. (Do-Disturb-Pleeeez).

F*#& You Vodafone !!!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Congress should Live Long ?

The other day, while going through the , and there I saw this photograph, that had a banner with full of Slogans such as " LONG LIVE CONGRESS ". It reminisced me my childhood days of Arunachal and the party campaigns that I had seen. Such a nostalgic experience. People still clinging to that, but what about its relevance ?

I never gave a thought about the essence of such Slogans " LONG LIVE (______) " this blank to be filled up by Congress, BJP or some anonymous name(most of the times Politicians).

Well, now I certainly do ponder about its rhetoric significance it should have today. And if you haven't till today, I guess its time you do so now. Atleast for the diminutive or the collosal frustrations you might have about the ill governance that we see today.

MY Question to all my readers here and the people back in AP would be Why " LONG LIVE CONGRESS ? " .

To get you a perspective about how India stands today, let me give you an insight on a peculiar thing that had caught my eyes once.
India was supposedly shining, when the market index had breached the 19000 points for the first time, and on the same day India had also clocked in 94th position in the Global Hunger index(GHI)-lagging behind Ethiopia. With 27.5% of the population living below poverty line, India is definitely shining with the Sun's rays getting reflected back from sweat drenched poor people backs.
Oh... how I wished India was Cooling or Rocking, atleast the climatical achievements could have served a lot better than the other promised developmental headlines that simply personifies nuances of exaggerating our vague imaginations.
Rampant corruptions all over the state with least botheration of an CBI inquiry, Well, what a good haven for the people who wish to accumulate wealth more than they would actually need.
People, who are poor enough, subside by the ignominy of being the same till the dawn of the day. Ya, with a rejuvenated hope that he might land with some contracts next day, and he certainly won't be forced to queue up along the line of the Fair Price shops and many other vagaries of the "you-re-still-poor" syndrome. I have nothing but my total support for these people but certainly not the support to stem along their ideology or their belief.

Hum Hoonge Kaamyab : is certainly an inspiring quote , but this would have some different literal meaning in Arunachal context, now here and then. Hum hoonge kaamyab to become a Congressman, worker per se. It is interesting to note people doesn't want to become a good citizen in a direct way, rather they prefer baptization of Congress-oo-mania would pave in the essentials of good citizenry. How enlightening, and hearth drenching, revelation !

Congress and Arunachal are akin to each other, rather say they have a symbiotic relationship with each other. Political parties are political, nothing humane about that, and then why is that we crave them to Live Long.
Ya, I know, a congress affiliate here would say, It's about the ideologies that we are talking about...not the life dumb.

OK.. accepted, the ideologies, but what's the congress ideology ? Can you elucidate the same ? I am pretty sure nobody here would, neither any congress politicians would.

With most of our people still languishing with extremely nauseating disparity in incomes compared to the urban riches confined to the dormitory of Itanagar, and a count of 4-5 in popular towns of AP, who happens to have a house in Itanagar as well. :) I am surprised the people still want Congress to Live long !
I am still surprised they want Corruption to Live long.

Now what surprises me even more, when a name of some politician, fills up the blank of " LONG LIVE ___ ".

What ? You want them to live more, so that you suffer more ?
So that they suck out more from you ?

Interesting !


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update 1: Dams:the Damned!

Now that we know our potential, 3 and a half hydro power projects per month. So does that imply we need to build Dams after another.

Getting back to the statistics, The economically exploitable hydropower potential in India through various schemes of Dam has been assessed to be at a staggering figure of 84,044MW at 60 percent load factor- which is about 148,000 MW installed capacity.
The North East part of India has the biggest share in it, with estimated 59,000MW capacity. And Arunachal Pradesh has its Lion share of more than 50,000MW. Thats a whopping figure and hard to digest fact, given the seismic vulnerability of this region.
Mind it, the whole North East region is categorized under seismic 5 zone of India.

How the whole thing started ?
In may 2003, the Prime Minister of India launched the "50,000MW Hydroelectric Intiative.(courtesy :
Indiahydro). Through this initiative, pre-feasibility reports for 162 new hydroelectric projects across 16 states with proposed capacity of over 50,000MW are to be implemented by the end of 12th five year plan(2017).
Some more comparative statistics:
1. 162 projects in 16 states for 50,000MW initiative, thats the envisaged plans.
2. 72 out of this 162 in North east itself, with total capacity of 31,885MW.
3. 42 schemes within Arunachal Pradesh, with 27,293 MW capacity.

No wonder, Arunachal certainly epitomizes the mini power house for the entire nation, and an obvious ruling, the centre of attraction for the Big hydro power players.

How can politics be left behind, isn't it ?

April 2005 : PM announces the North East Water Resource Authority on the line of the US tennessee valley authority (
know them ?)as an Independent corporation. TVA had the world bank's support.
All the 6 other states of NE accepted the draft, except for the Arunachal Pradesh. AP govt, feared that this would ultimately place the rights to river systems under TVA.
November 2005: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister , Gegong Apang comes up with the state's Hydro power policy to counter that.

Apang government invites Private players to the states with their proposals for Dams. On the other hand there was NHPC(National Hydroelectric Power Corporation) one of the biggest public sector in India, which was losing its projects, supposed to be alloted by Central govt.

Within short span of time, many projects were surfacing. The year 2005-06, saw 5 mega projects with Detail Project Reports being placed, and all of them Private companies.
They were namely : Tato-II(700MW) & Siyom(1000mw) --Reliance Energy
Hirong(500mw) & Lower Siang(1600mw) -- Jaypee associates
Naying (1000mw) -- DS construction

What next, Within a year, 9 new agreements were also placed on the table, totalling a capacity of 4425mw. Companies sharing this were Bhilwara, Mountain fall, KSK electricity Financing & GMR Energy.

The public sector comapanies (NHPC, NEEPCO etc) were soon losing the battle to grab their pie.

Ousting Apang, as the CM was the only probable solution that they could see. With Congress in power at the Centre, a political turmoil in Arunachal Pradesh was expected.
Finally, Gegong Apang had to quit as CM in 2007. We were supposed to make guesses that maybe, misappropriation of wealth, not so new for Apang, could be the reason for this change in Chief ministership.
Well, we by now, should know who did this. And no prizes for guessing!!
Power minister during Apang's regime, Dorjee Khandu was appointed the new Chief minister. Things would go smooth for NHPC from now on, thats something expected nothwithstanding.

Thats the problem with our mindset - Arunachali mindset or Indian mindset. We give up easily.
But, I know NHPC won't have it that easily from Dibang valley people.

So much for the sake of NHPC, our votes doesn't count. Ya, where's our vote ? Hmmm... thats the uncanny part of being in a democracy plagued by corrupted people, who sell their own people just for the sake of some amount.
Or maybe our Oldies are so much worried about their political career. Ya, they inspire us, Career is everything even when its time to retire and rest. We should rest, and not let other rest.

Will update later.


Arunachalees - Please take time to read this.

Hi Arunachalees,

If you're reading this, I would probably be glad, you did !

I am Planning to Open up my blog Arunachal Forum( and Arunachal Tourism( other Arunachalee Bloggers as well.
Arunachal is certainly a Big State, and my small head won't suffice. Neither my 24Hours limitation of a day would allow me that.

Why not make it 48 or say 72 or maybe more no of hours for the same through each one of you.

Ya, you sensed it right. This forum will be available for Keen bloggers who would like to co-manage this blog, and get a good insight about the world wide web.

If you're interested, you can send me the link of your current blog.

Well, we can give this a try.

Merits of Co-management :
1. more blogger participation in this forum will lead to many more.
2. lot and lot more new ideas pertinent to AP can surface through this.
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4. you would feel good at the end of the day.
5. we can come with a new domain and a new site to cater the same, soon. ya definitely with more functionalities.

*** :) ***

Don't worry about the about the Adsense Earnings. It will be equally distributed. And you gotta trust this Arunachali. :)
I would like to keep the team to a minimum of 3 to 4.
So please let me know, if you're interested.

or you can mail me at .
Or find me here... 9953653646 .



Friday, May 09, 2008

Bloggers: Benefits of posting comments !

If you're a keen blogger, then I know you feel the sudden gush of delight when you see the comments on your post. Appreciation can be faltering but to be honest its always pleasing. But a true remark or the feed , whether its in good or bad light, serves much of the unforeseen ramifications that can be used in a much better constructive way in your future works.
But, do you Post comments and how often ? Sometimes we get carried away by the statistical fears inside our mind which inhibits us to place a comment. It did to me though!
Sometimes We think. posting comments would aid in making that blog(one where you just commented) popular rather than mine. Well, so be it, till it serves you good.
Wanna know how and why ?
Below are some of the key points you need to keep in your mind, when you think of commenting on someone else blog.

1.People complain about not having enough comments in their blog, but they forget to count how much they have returned or commented till date. We feel happy and encouraged whenever someone appreciates our work, but it is equally important to let the others feel the same as well.

2.When you comment, you leave behind a digital signature of your blog. And that would remain there as long as that blog is alive. Take care to post comments on good posts, since those are the one which will attract other people as well. They too might comment, and there you go... you've the chance of being sighted. People can try your blog if your comments are good. So Comments are as important as posts. It tells the quality of your work. So give good comments and infact many of those.

3.Giving a comment is proportional to coming up with a new Idea. Well, your comment could propel you with new Ideas or for topics for new posts ahead in your blog.

4.Join popular networking sites and make friends. Comment on their blogs as well. Healthy chances of getting more inbound traffics.

5.Take part in discussion forums of such networking sites. Come up with good discussion topics, such as asking people to review your blog in exchange of theirs. Now it is important that your feedback for such review works should be a good one. This is important, since if you are good with your comments, people will take your blogs to be good as well.

6.Another important strategy to further channelize traffic is to Look for the some of the most active members in the those networking sites such as Blogcatalog, mybloglog etc. You can easily find that by looking at some of the discussions. Comment on their blogs, keep it more for the most active blogger. There are healthy chances that, the active blogger will certainly draw in more commenter for their blog, and what you get is a decent chances of getting noticed by those inbound traffic.

7.Being active member of such discussions can also serve you good. But, keep in mind that your contributions to such discussions are of some standards. People will trust by your comments. So keep it good and honest.

8.Pour in your comments on blogs with different perspectives. If you limit yourself with the same group of blogs(friends), you will probably saturate yourself with same kind of comments and block the avenues of getting comments from other directions as well. One should make a target of commenting atleast in few of the new blogs everyday. You can get new ideas and fresh perspectives about what other bloggers have to say.

So having said all of these... well,its your time to comment.


Dams : The Damned !

I am writing back on this unnerving issue of Dams, though I had written something on the same, in this post : Dams: boon or curse ?. Its been long since I rechecked, and hence I thought it would be better if I update you guys again.

Dam is going to be built- and thats for sure, looking at the desperate actions of our big and wigged politicians. Ya, the saviour of our AP. No body doubts that.
Public hearing were supposed to be conducted long back, but repeated oppositions of people of Dibang Valley forced the authorities to postpone the same.
Finally 11 May was fixed for the public hearing which saw vehement protests from all quarters of Roing public, spearheaded by zealous AIMSU(All Idu Mishmi Student Union)members. The boycotting of the public hearing was just a 'Cosmetic' formality that Govt wanted to have, so that they can further envisage on their plans to give a go ahead signal for the Dams.
(If you wish to read the full story,
click here). This news piece was covered by Veracity(a local daily of Roing).
Dibang Multipurpose project, is a known fait accompli, since the foundation stone for the project was already laid prior to the Public hearing, none other than the least expected person, our PM Manmohan Singh. And what's more ? Foundation stone and the pomp inauguration rituals , all in Itanagar, a corner of Arunachal, I would least expect the support against our movement for No Dams. (lest to say, No Mega Dams).
Not to hurt anyone from Itanagar, but the abject truth is, for most part of the truth, that all the Arunachali people wants Dam to be built in Dibang.

I am quite confident enough, they would have had some different view if Dam were to be built at their place. Anyway, thats deviating.

Dam statistics : a prelude.

One paisa/unit of power the 3000MW Dibang Multipurpose Project(DMP) is by what people have been lured, making them believe that the same amount would be invested on various local developmental aspects. Vagaries of promises, I would rather say !
We have been promised umpteen number of times, this or that govt would certainly pave in the developments that has so much shyed from us.
Certainly for people like us, who have been merely by stranded to watch amass few people, all of the supposed to be public funds, a promise of yet another probable upliftment would be a soothing effect.
Hydroelectric Project which as of now has been considered a booming business, owing to the facts that world at this moment is facing the severest crunch of Energy resources. Petrols hitting more than 100$ per barrel, depleting oil reserves and many other reasons, would obviously make the Govt to fund for further advanced research to come up with alternatives for the Oils as energy source. As of now, Hydroelectricity seems to be the cheapest and most reliable option. Profitable "Hydro dollars", thats something what people investing on the same can achieve.

But, should it be at the cost of people. Sovereignty and the mandatory obligations for the Govt is an outdated concept. Sovereignty further brings in Democracy as well, and hence the rights of every section of the society to oppose or accept, what they have been meted with!
It is estimated that a surplus of Rs8000 crore, would be our state govt's earning through the sale of electricity generated from all the Dams in Arunachal.

But, pondering on "how many Dams ?" would infact delight our unrelenting apetite to churn out more wealth.
Our ambitious Govt, for having suffered people's lamentations over the years wants to settle it right away. And ask how ?
Our State Government has envisaged plans to come up with more than 104 hydropower projects, which would total an estimated generation of 56000MW power, equaling one third of India's potential. Ya, you heard it right 56000MW.
Happy to learn that, or rather say Happy to have discovered our latent potential, which If it had not been our Govt's initiatives would have been an unknown thing for rest of our life.
From april 2007 to Feb 2008, around 38 projects have been signed with private companies, making it a
3 and half projects in a month.

Healthy revelations, is that ?
This much for the moment. I shall update it later.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is Death a choice or a fate ?

Is Death a Choice or fate ?

People die, but is that something they had made as a choice ? Or is it the other way round of having fate choose us the death. The only single perennial truth of our existence is, that we perish. Our choices falters. Choosing to die or fated to die, doesn't epitomise our existence though!
But, it has a literal subjugation we earthling might want or think to ponder upon. So is it possible to denote death with either a choice or the fate, since we die at the end. Death is just an end of the journey we didn't choose for ourselves.

We took birth, but was it our choice ? Certainly not, maybe our parents choice !
So how can one call the death which is the other essential dichotomed end of Birth, to be a choice.
Did you really choose your death or is it possible to choose that you can choose your death.

Maybe you can time your actions that can lead to your Death. That is solely your choice. But at what point of time from then, will you die is totally a Fate's work. It's all written.

You attempt suicide, and you fail and get crippled or something of that measure happens. Which simply means you just prolonged your existence, which in other word signifies our inability to control over death or Choose upon the Death.

So coming down and living as a Human being isn't about making choices, neither is the death a substance that can be choosen upon.

One might quote here... what about the choices we make daily ?

That's where we are bestowed by our fate to make choices. That's the irony of Life, you get to choose some and there are others which you really can't choose upon. And that's the fate. Now the other important thing to ponder upon is, what is fate ?
Fate is certainly not an option that can be made. Just like the way, we think a stone is stone and it can't be water. They are fated to become one of those. Now, a stone certainly doesn't have the luxury to choose upon getting thrown or crushed. Well, that's our presumption. They can resist. And that's their fate. Fate is something which bestows and sets some guidelines for the way things are supposed to be, upon which we have no knowledge about.

Life is filled with more mysteries than we have found answers for till today. And this Life encompasses the whole universe and the universe that consitutes the other universe, which we are never fated to know. So do we make choices here or is it already there in our fate.

Fate has a collective symposium, wherein we are interlinked with each and every other person around our vicinity. But do we make choices of who we are to meet today or tommorow ? Certainly not. Its there in our fate. Fate is the bigger part.

But, this shouldn't discourage people to make some bold or good choices they think would do them good or good for the others. Choices certainly exist. And its our fate of being a human being that gives us multitude of choices to make for ourselves, unlike the stone as I had mentioned. We have an advantage over the stones in most of the matters, and thats what we are fated to.

We make choices daily, but do we know what these choices would lead us to ? Never !
All we can have is some approximations about the consequences of the choices we can make, but certainly not about the end that it would lead to. So approximation and fate are two different context. One is a probable fate or a unprobable fate and other is the final verdice.

So, my conclusion to it is, Death which is imminent is certainly not a choice, its all written in our fate. We make choices and its necessary for us to make some, and thats our fate. So fate in larger context is bigger than the choice, and hence Death our ultimate fate.


Pay Per Post - you would love it !

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Did you get Buzzed ?

As I had said before, I wanted to share my experiences on how to earn through internet. Which as of now, I haven't.
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Borrow and Grow :- Neighborrow

Borrow and Grow !

I recently came across one interesting site I liked the concept so wanted to share the same with you all.
I always had the idea of utopian styled neighbourhood around with the whole cashless concept of business. Ya, the one where you go back to some Neanderthal's age but certainly without the jealousy and ills that has plagued the world today.
Neighborrow has just come up with a new concept of going one step closer to it. Well, atleast thats a healthy initiative.

Well, what neighborrow does ?
It's basically a web based tool that you can use for free and what you benefit through it is :
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The fear of being tagged with cheeseparing or stingy traits is a different aspect. Looking at the benefits you get through this system is way beyond reckoning the power of using an online tool that really works in building neighbourhood.

Social networks around the world, only talks about Internet social networks that we keep. We might have hundreds of friends in a webportal. But, can we be serious about acknowledging the same to be true in real. But, neighborrow is a tool or I would rather say a growing concept, that can help us
with the conversion of virtual world networkings to real life networks, which works.

And all you need is a good internet connection and list of items that you wish to lend.

Visit it to get more insights about this concept... and pour in your thoughts.


Monday, May 05, 2008

Tips for New Bloggers - Give it a Try !

Advent of Internet has changed the way we see life now. Everything has a click instead of a tag. A time was there if it was money tags or the social tags, but a new dawn of neo-renaissance has emerged, altering the dynamics of a human life.
We craved for social networks once, but now its all available in your fingertips, just waiting for your right CLICKS and the right approach.

I know everyone is interested in earning through what they like the most. And what could be much better if its earning through internet, all the way you browse. You could be earning even while you're at rest. But, that doesn't work all the time though! It takes time. Thats the whole reason, am trying to figure out why my Adsense account hasn't been approved yet. But, still I don't want to confine it just to the adsense. We all know adsense is the king, but how about looking for the alternatives too.
Well some tips I did like to share with other bloggers, who are new to this just like me.

Getting down to basics:

1)All about the blog and the Adsense:
Get a blog, with a good url. A good url since it would be beneficial for you. Google spiders(or say crawlers) find it easier to track those url which are relevant to the kind of contents that you would post in your blogs, as well for better ranking.
Get your Adsense account activated. Place the approval tags in your blog's html.
Use meta contents and fill it with GOOD KEYWORDS, which you think would make your blog searchable.
Once you done with the google approval code, try for the approval of other popular search engines as well namely : MSN, Yahoo! .

2)Blogs are all about the Contents!!!
Don't forget to keep updating your blog. Post frequently. This would help you in getting better ranks in google search engine pages. Post relevantly as well. Try to update your meta contents and meta tags as well. Metacontents and Metatags are about the keywords that are frequently and most importantly used in your posts.
Getting noticed by Google, is a little bit slow and steady process. So have patience. Keep updating your blog, don't expect an overnight success. Patience is infact the key in internet marketing... offcourse with effective strategy.

3)Link Building : exchange links.
How do you drive traffic to your blog? This is an important question to be answered and to be included in your strategy.
There are various ways to achieve the same.

--Submit your blog to various blog directories. Just google search free directories, and you would find lot many.
--Try using some of these, RSS directories, various free blog directories, general directories.
--Exchange links with other bloggers: Ask them if they would like to exchange links, and you probably would find most of them answering you back "YES". This is a good strategy to get unique visitors and off course to increase your traffic counts.
--Create link bait
--participate in blog carnivals
--Don't think about commenting... just comment. It's also a good way to get your blog noticed.

It's not just the blog for whom you comment would look at your blog but also other people who would comment in that blog(where you'd commented). So comments are just like signatures you live, but a good one, since it traces you back.

4) Join Communities and Catalogues
There are numerous blogjournals and catalogs where you would find millions of bloggers, just like you trying to get recognized. But don't worry, million sounds to much but you could better your rank there as well. Be patient.

some of the must-join blognetworking sites are :


Join the communities in those sites, and participate actively. You'll find lot many visitors wanting to have a look at your blog, for the comparision sake atleast. Thats what I do.
--Through these as well you can find lot many potential link exchangers.
So join in today!!

5) Signup with Social Media websites:
There are various social media websites(obviously free signups). You can get useful tips there, as well as try out new widgets they could come up with. More the social media tags you've, more credentials you add to your Blog searchability....and ultimately the ranking which comes through philosophy of google's reliability. :)
Some of them are:

6) Participate in various Blogger forums.
You would get to know more insights about the blogging and what it takes to be a good blogger. some of them are:

--Blogger Forum

7) Articles:

Sign up with some article submitting websites. These are the sites wherein you can submit your own articles. People looking for relevant articles would probably look for articles through these websites. So get into it. Write some good articles, get it published along with the resource tools that you would get, where you can put your Blog's link. You can get good traffic through here as well.
Some of the popular sites you could try are:
eZine Articles, Article Dashboard, Go Articles, ArticleHub, Jogena, Marketing Seek, Article Avenue, Alumbo, Article Pros, eBusiness Articles,Syndication from Idea Marketers.

These free article distributing sites receive enormous traffic. So the more articles you submit to these sites, the more targeted traffic your adsense sites will receive. And this is considered one of the most effective ways of making money consistently from Adsense clicks.

8) Participate in Group writing contests and there are various sites that gives you that. You could be a lucky winner someday, but the important part is, you get to know what other expert bloggers are thinking of , and how you can improvise upon yours. Just a healthy way of learning and experiencing all the way you enjoy. You get more traffic through here also, incase if you are good enough to use the platform of commenting on each others work.
Some of the links for such sites are:

and lots many.

Am bit out of time at the moment.
Please feel free to drop in some comments and suggestions so that I can use the same.


Truth : Does it exist ?

The Truth is : Truth never exists.
Sounds obfuscating but irony of living in a real world makes it true.
So how does one go defining Truth ?
A truth for you doesn't necessitate that it is a truth for a person who wants to view it as false.
Truth is subjective as well as relative! It has a start and hence has the ability to have an end as well. The dichotomy of Truth can bring out the pervasive anomalies of how things can appear different for the same context. Take for an instance, I intent to tell people that am honest person, but how do you make it a truthful description of yours ? Well, your actions plays a major role here. The way you respond, the way you want to communicate can eventually lead to what people can perceive it as a global truth, at least for the life span each truth has.

Yet another dissection of properties of the truth. Since it is subject and is relative, as I would rather view it as. It has to have Time period as well. The idea of bringing about the truth in one's life is way beyond generalizing the concept of Truth.
We seek truth, a parameter or rather a factor which can get us the redemption of the feeling and the intensity to seek for a Truth.
Ambiguous statement it seems! We seek for truth, for the truth that can solace us.
Truth never really existed, it just a way of reckoning that certain things has changed or got displaced and we need to change or stay the same accordingly.
Its a part of acknowledging our actions. Not just our actions, but people we are connected to as a whole.
That speaks about relativity property of the Truth. A truth moment ago can become an appalling lie. How does that happen ?
Even if you know that its a certain thing is actual description of certain thing, aka the Truth behind that. But you need to get an acknowledgment from another person to make it a subjective truth that can be apparent for the other people who would then scrutinize if it fits for the truth.
So, its about who believes its a Truth, not the other way round of self declaring it to be a true. Truth, is all about how we make other people believe, doesn't matter if it changes it definition later. At least, it was a truth for some period of time.
The bigger question to surmise upon is, how the definition of 'the Truth thing' changes in later course ? People, didn't discover it was something else, and hence all these day they believed it to be truth. But now it is not.
And thats where the existence of truth gets questioned. It never existed. Now, if a truth can exist for one thing, then why doesn't it for others ?

Truth is a relative entity to the other Truths. We can call it a Truth, since it appears the way it is at least for some point of time, and it makes few people to believe that it really does. It's relative meaning to our existence can only help you to get it deemed as a truth. So, doesn't it solve the quagmire of what is a Truth ?
Confused ? Ya, exactly... thats the Truth.


Whats up now ?

I've been lately trying a lot to customize my blog, but failed umpteen number of times. Maybe I should concentrate on the content more. Hence no more of more customization, which would just add up more to the confusions.
So shall try to come up with post after posts.
Today, am bit free. Nothing has been assigned for the work.
I was pondering on what topics I should come up with for an article.

Well, how about topics on the ways you can earn money Online?
Internet is a good medium, and if you've a good connectivity at home, with a tangible amount of appetite to write on something good, creative... it can return you bucks.
Though I haven't earned a penny. Just a quest to find out how one does that.

Good thing is, you get updated with the latest developments, be it management, life or technological front. One can give a little try atleast.



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