Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bing - check the next big thing!

A copy or an original, Bing - certainly has made an impact on me. It's a new search engine still in Beta stage launched on 3rd june by Microsoft to challenge the hegemony of Google in the search engine world. Simple and more or lesser, features like google ... 'bing' has gained a tremendous response all over the world, and not to wonder the massive campaigns that were live, all this while from microsofts end. And I hope this blog post will do a little bit into that.

So, try out the latest search engine "THE BING" .

Oh, honestly... I came to know about it today through a group mail from on of my mates. And yet another fascinating website he refered was the "SPEZIFY". A search engine but one of its kind.

Result upon keywords - 'rome mele' . :)

So bing and the spezify ... check it for urself!! :)


Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Driving license for an MBA!

The idea of fat pay-checks once you roll out of a good B-school, despite the sheer personal acknowledgement that you could have done much better with a job rather than spending 2 years on mugging and roting up something vestigial - is a firmly entrenched belief for many MBA grads. 

I'm currently undergoing my summer internship with a company xyz and the task in hand - "200 institutes to be surveyed in 20 days"... I wonder...if we need a driving license and equally maneuvering expertise of MotoGp bikers or I would need an MBA degree for that ? Cost cutting - the need of hour - They say !!! 


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pune Summers and the Pains!

Writing back after a long hiatus and I believe in this course - might have lost a many of the few visitors to my blog. A very bad example of how to maintain a blog and along with that to keep dreaming of bringing in new readers. 

This summer has been a nightmare - one for the climatic definition of what summers stands for and the other in lieu with the summers essential for aspiring managers. WoW...did I say 'aspiring managers?'. Well...I did, quite an obnoxious paraphrase for MBA grads who's been badly hit by the so called global economic recession, and quite a pain in ass when you've to work for the companies xyz as summer intern as necessitated by the mba curriculum - to give an insight into how the corporate life would be, once you start working. 
This has been a long sluggish summers for me - for many reasons that I've been sun-baked now and OH MY UV rays allergy ( which I'ad been diagnosed once during my engineering days ) and the investments on assets of natural liquidity - the petrol and the constant paranoia of getting hit by thousands of bikes and cars I come along while riding my *newly-purchased-old-kinetic*, which is so shameless of guzzling petrol with the loudest of roars ( Ya, I've to mend my silencer...I know that!! ) in the vicinity. And of course not to forget the 10mins of kicks drills to start my kinetic each time I give it a rest for 1 hour ( And Ya...my battery wouldn't work ) - and paradoxically - all for the summers that requires me to run around the whole PUNE. 
So, much for summers...and the mortgaged self esteem wouldn't take respite to give back the appreciations...with so called Indianised version of "slowdown economy" - all one gets back for the efforts and the pains are "depreciation" . 
Just....praying for 15 June...when I would be free from the agonies of my First Summer!



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