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ST/SC Reservation - the crux of existence ?

The other day, I had been to one of my friend's place in IIT delhi. Just like any usual discussions when a group meets, our discussion topics started ensnarling from one to the other. Finally it was the 'ST/SC - Reservation ' , does India need it now?
Well, I would rather start it with, If poor and neglected section of India needs now?
Some of the views that came in flying were such as:

1.Having born to a Tribal parents - shouldn't merit the the sole criterion.

I couldn't agree more.

2.Reservation should be based on socio-economic ground.

The essence of this point was that the better-off ST/SC people shouldn't be given any reservation.
Only the person who's hails from economically weak family background should be conferred with right to reservation.
This point had a mixed responses. Now how do we define who's rich and who's not ?
If there had been a clear cut definition of who's supposedly rich and who's not, with a proper administrative taking care of the same, diligently and professionally. I guess, then we could take serious consideration of this point.
So has the Creamy layer definition of classes has now become a bone of contention, with flawed responses. Social and personal Prejudices effaces, no matter how hard we try to bottle it.

With a certificate to prove that My Father earns less than Rs30,000 in a year, just costing lesser than few hundred bucks, I can well avail myself ST/SC rightful to get reserved tag - if I go through point number 2.
So solving reservation problem is beyond merely looking into the economical condition, I guess.

3.There should be no reservation at all !

This was a tough nut to crack. With anti reservation agitations and forums increasing day after day I guess all over India, people - atleast most of them would resonate the same. But will this really work? I mean - giving no reservation at all !
India is more or the same where it was 50 years ago. Just knowing the know-hows of the technologies, using a mobile phone to roam and call around anytime-anywhere, or getting computerised in every angle of our existence with Internet - these all points just doesn't suffice for Advancement or the development in its real terms.
How do I say - we are still way back?
Look at the things around and try getting answers from each and every aspects - answer lies there within.

How ?

I would just like to highlight few of the points to forbid myself from getting this post look boring one ( ya, I agree - it is, no matter what !!) :)

Vehicles - this is certainly one of the most basic factor(or possession) that we start rating ourselves/or them to be an advanced or developed species. But, where is the space to use it( am talking about Delhi and other metros at this moment)

Smaller cities --- > you're the next.

Arunachal towns ---> hmmm ... will take time. But will definitely see more of those(more from politicians of course) once the Dams gets built all over the AP.
I guess, we wouldn't have to worry about Vehicles by then.

Why ? ----> We would need ferry/yachts/ boats/ torpedos/submarines etc sooner or later then. (a PJ)

Well, this is deviating... back to reservation. No space for free movements, even though people have the luxury of owning vehicles - well more to the addition of problems.
More traffic congestions-->more the wastage of usable time --> more pollution --> bad health --> sooner deaths.

Good -- that tries to solve the population problem a bit.

Mobile phones - I wouldn't call it an advancement. But sometimes people do misquote it for the same. You never got worried this before(like the way you feel worried now) - of people not trying to call you. Certainly a problem of many.

Computer - this is also a yet another means of make life simpler - but did it ? It has more obfuscated the simple Life as it should have been.

This is going haywire ... I mean the intention of the post.( lets not be) :)

So the Issue of Reservation goes beyond the statistical correlation of wealth factors etc with the have-nots and haves-haves of the people.

The whole epiphany of this Botched up Reservation issue, just makes me feel a person from some low wretched section of the society.
The reserved categories makes up more than the 50% of the population - hence the necessity of the reservations. But, there was a friend of mine(general category) who said - it's just the electoral votes count that could be true with my more than 50% claim.


The Elite class people seldom goes to vote, its only the lower strata of the society that takes part.

Well - i didn't have any answer to this. He could be true in this regard.
But, he made it more apparent why we need reservation by his definition for Elite class.

Ya... we(ST/SCs) aren't !


Anonymous,  10:55 AM  

what is happening to my country? if every caste, religion, region, linguistic group starts demanding quota for itself and separate state/area for itself, how will India be united? I am very scared about the future of our nation. Is this the country that Bhagat Singh, RajGuru, Sukhdev and Netaji hoped for and sacrificed their lives for? these ugly Political parties and greedy, power hungry politiians are instigating hatred between different communities. I am very concerned about India's unity as I see more chaos in Africa and other countries which have infighting/civil wars between different. our current Politicians have no values and only want to hang on to power by any means and they don't have any concern about the long term wellbeing and harmony of our Nation. it is time we get rid of these shameless and corrupt Politicans and abolish all reservations and declare our Great Nation as a country that values freedom, Liberty and equality to all peoples regardless of their caste, creed, color, religion, language, region, sex etc. change will come but only when people start recognizing the importance of this change and stand up against these crony Politicians. Jai Hind!-SB2008

Rome Mele 12:49 PM  

Hi Anonymous

Thanks for the comments! :)
Your apprehensions and assertions are at the right place, where it supposed to be.
But, India at this moment is different from what India was during- Pre independence time.
One probable reason: Indians, this time are fighting for their independence - an independence from the shackles of abject poverty.

when it comes about politicians - they are fighting for their Greed.

When it is about people who elect them - they are fighting for their traumatised self , that sees "self" and nothing beyond that.

Ya- we have turned into one. Fighters of Greed.

Way different from the cause we had once( as you wrote about sukhdev etc) - this time the causes are too many. And these causes further gets ramified to other causes- of which we know nothing,as to why we require them.

That's the India that has changed.
Well - lets keep a hope atleast !




They are'nt made aware of actual reality about various quotas.
Instead of the thing is BASIC PRICIPLE OF RESERVATION is objectionable. Youth seems to have believed that only CASTE BASED RESERVATION is objectionable. They are'nt made aware of various aspects of reservation and even different forms of reservation. Even if they are aware, they are blinded by some people and media to make them realize that they are upper castes which are'nt benefitted by reservations instead reservation is only against them.
They are presented misfacts about reservation especially SC/ST reservation packaged in the form of stories like grass hopper and ants.
Actually this way, castiest minds of the society are convincing the youth to follow their own caste lines and integrate them. While most youth anti reservationists raise their voices out of pure jealousy based on caste lines. While the modern youth still boasts about his higher caste pride, they can't take reservation for lower castes. May be because always their caste has been a matter a pride for them and now they are loosing something because of the same.


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