Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Hero ! (VKV Jairampur days...NSCN)

Ok... this is just an encomium to my real life Hero,who's also a very close friend of mine.

How many times in our life do we come across a deathlike situation, grim for extra bravado's that we boast of, and certainly a time to subside by the ignominy of looking helpless ?
And how many times do we help being helpless though ?

I get nostalgic (whenever I see covers of TOI newspapers flashing down its own brigade of new age leaders), about this friend. And I can't find the mot-juste to define how this guy really influenced me.

Date:5dec 2001
It was way back during my class 12 days in VKV jairampur. Everyone busy with their own self styled preparation for the board exams in next few months. Some inside their room, some in the walled closet of bathrooms(independent room one could boast of) and some with temporary huts built by bamboos with their own fantasies of cast away for exams style.
It was just the usual evening,juniors in the playground, and most of the batchmates , nowhere to be seen.
Me and three of my friends planned for a Maggi n Samosa trip to Shatroh(17th)mile's canteen. Its a km walk from the hostel, and the favourite stop junction for all the Jairampurians(VKV) to pacify the Hunger or the distasteful elementary taste buds having sedated by VKV MESS FOODs. And the Munims , marwari styled talks certainly made it sure that we come back at the night too. Whatever anyone says, we Jairampurians devoured Eating Munimji's Maggi and half plate plain rice. Atleast it appeased more to our olfactory cells... and its hard arguing them(the cells offcos).

OK..its bit nostalgic....

The Story actually starts from here....
As soon as we were done with our Snacks, we came out of the canteen to find three Local guys in bikes parked outside the canteen, staring us... and one of them heavily drunk.
As soon as we passed through them, One of them started shouting and calling out words, and ya...few of those words for VKV Jairampurians. And offcourse this was hurled on us, we being the only VKVians there.
It sounds hilarious when I think of it now...the kind of VKV Patriotism we used to have for our alma mater and Seriously, none of VKV Jairampurains would have patience and let things go, if its about VKV jairampur, but most importantly , If and only if I or any other VKVians happens to be in Jairampur. Hmmmm sounds Doggy logic.

So we looked back, gave them a stare... and offcourse got nothing of the responses that we would have devoured. Hmmm... disappointed we returned back to our hostel.
And all of sudden, one of my companion, got impatient and regretted of having done nothing about the above Incident.
Well, I tried to pacify him , but he insisted on going alone...
Well... the rest is History... Jairampurian History.

It's now.... 10pm....
the Bigger part of the History was yet to arrive, :)
I was discussing with a friend of mine, if we should go and sleep in the classroom... Hmmm he rejected my offer and said there was nothing to worry about.

Some of my classmates , were discussing about the Historical event that we just did, and some in their own Bedshetted Cabins.

Ten minutes passed, I could hear some guys shouting outside.... Thought, it might be some juniors playing around.
Within minutes, the voices became more prominent with , THUDS and SCREEches... and off course, the UHH AHHs part(how can I miss that).
My fears were about to come true...
I could see two gun totted person(militants actually)inside our hostel, and shooving and kicking my other mates out of their room.
Hmmm... with all my fears and prays, I was inside my cabin, breathlessly... and how I wished I could turn invisible to them.
But, alas , it didnt work.
I was forced outside of my room, banged with the gun behind my head, kicked to the walls.... Opps.. Ya...none landed any punches on my face though.

Once I was out of the hostel... another mahabharatha was getting unfolded outside the dormitory. Well, we(VKVians) were offcourse forced to enact the evil sides of any Bolly flicks.... You get all....and take it all.... the punches and the kicks.

Hmmm.... I was terrified looking at my frens getting furled up three or four rounds , in response to just a single kick.
Well, My friends enacting this part of diving and defying newtons law of equal response certainly, didn't amuse the Gun totted militants, numbering 25 to 30, with their china imported guns(as one of them proclaimed this... hmmm.. well we had to buy that line though, all disciplined)....
Some even showed grenades right infront of us.... Well, I didn't know they were from some Suicide squad... :)
Jokes apart... All my friends were terrified, and so were the juniors, held captive at gun point.
They told they were from NSCN militant outfit, and were here looking for class XII guys involved in the fight with one of their informants.
Well, so much for just disciplining... Were they insane ?

We were asked to line up(both class 11 n 12 students)...
One of my closest friend was dragged out from the line and was brought at the front of the queue to sort out the class 12 students who were actually involved in the scuffle.
I was the first among my classmates in the mixed up line,in counting
.... I could see few of my juniors who were infront of me with their terrified mixed feelings about the whole happenings.
So the sorting began....

"Was he among them ?" NSCN cadre with the gun pointed at my friend asked.

"NO " came the reply from my friend ...

"Was he ? "
"NO".... He's kicked everytime toward the end of the row, after every counting...

"Was he ? " ...
"NO "....

Well...answer would obviously have been a "NO"... since all those were asked to identify were from Class XI....
My Number was nearing... I didn't know what they would do to me...

Ya... I remembered my Gods, my parents and my other fairy angels.
I prayed to them... I wanted to Live...

My long waited turn finally came up...

I could see my friend's bruised up face, but a bold glow in his face surprised me...
I showed my grim pale face, so that he could sympathize upon me and say a "NO" just like he did for the Class XI guys. He showed me no response that I would have expected to be kind on me.... save my life.... atleast save me from the beatings.

Well.... " Was he there ?"

"NO"...said he, again kicked ahead.

I was taken aback my his answer... how could he be so foolish to throw such kind of gauntlet to a Militant group, who doesn't spare Military personnels even.

Well... He kept saying NO... till the last guy.

I was amazed by his Courage or what we would say rationally..."his foolishness"...

But, he certainly has won a place in each of our batchmates' heart.
He is my HERO.

Sorry, can't disclose his name.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

AP - are we really Unified ?

Can Arunachal take some hints from BSP supremo Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh, to bring in the required developments much needed and desired by smorgasbordic congregation of diverse Tribes of AP.
Most of the Indian states were formed on linguistic basis and with a good figure of population to support it, and quite adhered to equivocated doctrined demands, of those specific regions.
UP , with one of the highest population and various regions fused together with all the Hindi speaking people but much in a design of packed up categories of people with different beliefs. Not quite different from what India has been vociferous about, a cliche- Unity and Diversity.

But how much unified are we to reap the benefits of proper governance which is generically claused owing to the virtue of having born there, which uncannily is axiomatic to the jingoistic regionalism and paves in more of dismays for the people outside this sphere of regional influence.

Abysmal state of governance owing to large population of UP, the call for carving it into Harit pradesh, Purvanchal , awadh and Bundelkhand, is much bigger reason for the people belonging to these regions , to welcome such initiatives.
And politicalisation of this celebration, wouldn't outweigh the feelings and expectations of better and easier governance of much smaller population, rhetorically speaking.

But, why this UP event in blog for AP ? Difference is certainly the U and A letters.
U = Compromised "UTOPIAN" dream for UP people.
A= would fit in perfect for " Anonymous ALL", maybe , its time we need to start thinking about ALL.

AP has the one of the lowest population and equivalent low population density, but the state of governance seems to defy the law of proportionality , which should have been proper governance over lesser number of people. But the abject truth is; Bogged down by Regionalism along with corruption and sense of indifference , best describes the governance of AP, and their ubiquitous lacklustre performance .

So , a question moots out, Why this favoured underdevelopment for a certain sectin of the state and a superflous abundancy of wealth and opportunities for the other sects ?

Arunachal , is unique with its composition. It has one of the highest nos of Tribes and majority of which still dwelves in somewhat modified version of Neo-commercialisation era, and the lesser part getting richer, with no one being able or willing to question up this disparity.
Poor and weak , certainly can't question up those Rich and strong; and certainly the benefits of mutual co existence would stop , a rich and strong questioning another of its breed.

So, where do we draw lines from ?
Does diversification of various tribes, with their own region of control, adds much of the virus that attacks , systematic governance. Or is this just a reciprocation of being in sync with what Diversification accounts for , much leading to the favoritism and apathy ?
Well, you guessed it right, one has to face the either of two and any linear theory would support that.

So, does Arunachal exemplifies the Unity in diversity ? ( remember, we've been silent on this for long).
Or does Arunachal exemplifies, a compromised state supporting this cliche, paradoxically ?

Clearly a different paradigm is at work- a paradigm in which a stronger regional tribe with higher population and a capital to control , dictates the terms, atleast most of the times.
Hence the redundant state of this unification.

If this had to be contradictory, then a person involved in some fights with a guy of different region, (in the former's region of control) wouldn't sum up the reason fro the bashings of his fellow tribe people , in the later guy's region of control.
Few months back, Rajiv Gandhi polytechnic students from a specific region had to face this regionalism.
Ok, the point isn't that, the one who has faced such bashings for his no wrong doings, would also favor such, atleast in his region of control, (majority does, few can be exception).

And, this diversification wouldn't have made Roing people to suffer the agony of Darkness(no electricity) for more than 5 months, just because of torrential rainfall, which inundated the Hydel and does it repeatedly even after its repair. And When I talked to an Assistant Engineer, regarding this, he said , to solve this problem permenantly , a modest amount of some 18 + crores, is required , and Arunachal govt is sufficiently poor to sanction that, and all crorepati ministers would be indifferent to that, except for the local MLA , who by virtue has to face the people's lamentations.
Please, 5 months is a long time , that too without power in an age where electricity has become a necessity.
This would be the perfect example of regional favoritism , formulated by ministers who are indifferent to the woes of other region. Maybe , we need to get divided, for the better cause , imaginatively.
To blend in some more points, Roing has been suffering , despite having gained a big name in Big Hydel projects coming up , and Roing people's reluctancy to support the cause , which these politicians think, is for the greater cause of Humanity.
To think about 18+ crores for a district to solve its power problem wouldnt have coughed up the coffers of Govt, but , all I can draw picture is, it was just a power play to teach these people a lesson. Different perceptions.

So, will carving out different states from AP , be a boon for people, who feels they have been out classed ?
I feel, for the better of the mass, and to let most(people)of them feel their role in governance can certainly be attained by dividing the state.
The cultural adjustements atleast would have to take backstage this time.
The Idea, is upon the role played by all the people and letting have them a say, in atleast most of the issues which concerns them, atleast for the sake of accountability , which infact will slowly give rise to a better and conscious thoughts much needed for state or social building.

This thought of having different state doesn't necessarily suffice for being anti national. One can always rejoice of being a proud Indian.

Regional politics certainly bolsters the favoritism toward the natives of their region. Such actions by a group, like individuals tend to act in their own self interest , rather than out of nobility or altruism. And its for better cause of their respective community. But, does such actions accomodate the benefits, the other region people can harvest ?
Yes, legitimacy by legal and constitutional constraints , would certainly cause them to , but can we believe the accomodation has been thorough ?
No wonder, such secessionists ideas wouldn't die so soon . Maybe countries like United States, would inspire us, which prudently boasts of more states ( 50 ) , lesser population to control for each, and better governance , much unlike the populist ideas of Plurality and Diversity , caged in.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Arunachal politico syndrome !

Recent upheavals and upsurges in karnataka politics has really caught my mind and am forced upon to ask myself, if Arunachal govt or political scenario is far from being different or just reels around to mock ourselves that ; we've been this way,eversince AP people started voting or little bit of education system added more as an dossier to chronically corrupted mindset of policy makers of AP. Or would the bigger question tantamount to , Arunachal people are doesn't mind who cheats them or is it the other way round, Arunachal politicians doesn't mind cheating people.... anyway, the conclusion would sum up to the same.
Expectations and promises seldom intersects, when Political graph would be drawn.
But, I guess its time..... People start asking upon smallest of the small expectations, atleast for the better halves of our life that we could rejoice on.

Karnataka's recent drama over handing over CM's post to BJP from JD(S) just highlights, how few Indians have been anarchic about the power greedy and highly lobbied political system, which in other word exemplifies the worst part of our constitution already in the World Genius Record for being the lengthiest.
Are we making Fuss over the lengthy course of this biblical constitution which certainly paves in for Topsy-Turvy climaxes , very much at the distaste for the common public ?
A question seldom unanswered by the stalwarts of our constitution, or else there would be none to answer that if it takes place.
The Ironical part of this Lengthy democratic setup has seldom paid heed to the efficiency of this machinery and any Sensible Indian would certainly bogged by the compromises one gets to make all the way....maybe so as to pay homage to the truly lengthy constitution.
K'taka CM Kumaraswamy , inexplicably shows how power hungry is our whole political system( and all this way...we thought it happened only in AP, amusing ) , hence he decides not to resign and handover the post to equally power malnourished yediyurappa of JD(S), even though after having made a deal of 20-20months power share basis before the coalition govt was formed. Kumaraswamy certainly portrays, the good lad gone bad by not standing upon his words, and hence he takes this chance over betrayal avatar he would impress upon people's thought.

I was pondering.... Arunachal certainly can boast of more Kumaraswamys than K'taka.

One would get frustrated .... and certainly people all over are getting fed up with the politicians and their lackadaisical performances and also their instability factor . And this factor, which acts upon them as an external force to the CM wannabes (of AP) , provides certain amount of acceleration to the already (a)Massed body (loaded with haram ka paisas) ....
and EUREKA !!! what we've is an scientific expression to explain over the quagmires we've been amassed with ; F=M*A .
Maybe we atleast start working over this basics of physics, before the variables starts getting over.
Not a new truth revealed for any Arunachali , Throw in some crores to each MLAs and u're the new CM .
CM wannabes in Arunachal would certainly put one of our woes to shambles.
Who told ... Arunachal isn't a good field for Investments ? Ok, its not the FIIs that am talking about , but the Domestic investors , atleast.
NHPC certainly tops the lead , with NTPC and Reliance and other following the suit.

So, my question would be..... Is Arunachal , worth only for investing on Worth(ful or less?) CM wannabes, or could there be far better sectors or resources , that might attract money inflows ?

One of the question that should certainly answer ... why we lag most of the times.... and its not the vice versa of getting Time-lagged .

This is nothing short of , but to qualify as the most brazen truth , much for the distastes of AP people, that , we've always been surrounded and hounded by Greedy class of political breeds , to whom only power and money appetizes and hardly a room for people's woes and lamentations.

No wonder, Shopping plazas and bigger commercial complexes and apartments are popping up in and around the vicinity of our Capital 'Itanagar' only.
Ever since having attained the statehoodship , Development hasn't stopped around itanagar. Well, thats a good thing to reckon with , atleast we(non capital populace) can take pride of burgeoning infrastructures cropping up in our capital.
But, the Parody or else the ironical part of this would be, A systematic comparision of our Rich Capital with numerous tinsel towns , all across Arunachal Pradesh, which should make it a picture clear description of the apathy cornered , by our political classes settled with their kins in Capital and overdosed with the self indulgence , adding much to the peoples grievances .

Now a logical question .... Why Itanagar only ?
Does it has anything to do with the basic laws of economics, more spending power ....more business hence. Maybe to start with, this laws hold true .
But, why has this phenomenon of growing purchasing power or surging income , confined only to the dormitories of Itanagar ? Or is it just an unexplainable part to be assumed that all peoples in Itanagar are born Rich.
But, that would be contradict my experiences of having seen few poorest and still in their era of hunting and farming Nyishi people , around the Capital.

Well, that would set forth me to prop up another question , why this much difference in Earnings or say the living standard index, much to the dismay of majority of the population , becoming just a mere spectators of watching few people becoming crorepatis , be it the MLAs or the PDS contractors or the Engineers.

Its time we realize and accept this downtrodden fact , which is nothing but an irrevocable reality, that , we've one of the worst pathetic policy makers which certainly would impede the sanguine sights , that we set for Future Arunachal.
Political class, can seldom be trusted..... and it starts within our family.
Our politicians certainly enjoys the choice of amassing crores of ruppees over remaining loyal to their people , for which they can mortgage the later too.
Not too different from breeds of politicians quite ubiquitous all over India, but certainly the one and only of the breed that takes pride shamelessly each and every time they get elected.
With a pride that never counters its prejudices or conscience(they seem void of) or sensibilities any leaders by nature should have had.

My worst fear is, if this present generation of political breeds are just moulding the next generation of policy makers not much different from their compositions.
Answer to these , certainly lies within us and we seriously need to look for whats really worth living and standing up for.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where do we lack " Arunachal Perspective " ?

(This is just an summary of the discussion we'ad once in Arunachal community , themed "Strategies for development of AP". )

There's this fact that, infant industries have very less chance in the struggle for governmental encouragement than infant pigs have with the full grown swine , about a meal tub. But something has to be done and the consciously stated , though late... the time is now. It's an ironical situation prevailing right now. No denying , AP is figure-wise the largest among all other NE states but when comparative analysis of the industrial developments (or whtever) is taken into account , a plightful ratio of developmental aspects and natural resources can be witnessed. Most of the AP ppls who wish to reach the capital has to travel through Assam. We've become so much dependent on Assam . A day as bandh in Assam has the same calibre to cripple the businesses in AP. That's a parody , a state which has to boast so much about the natural resources it encompasses has to rely on a neighbouring state just to reach its capital.Maybe we can look out for the developments in AP at first stage by interlinking of every major towns in AP without touching any of the other states. Self-reliance is worth striving for. Ya, this would be a mammoth task when one considers the terrains of AP. But for the mammoth dreams we aspire for one has to start with something . If we start accounting over how much all Arunachali spends a day in Assam (travelling or staying) , i guess it would shamelessly equal the other counterpart . So , a revenue through a well connected roads within AP would surely help the mass.

But whom do we rely to provide us solutions to these kind of problems? Certainly not the present kind of govts we've or had , who are much interested in privatising all profits and nationalising all losses. But certainly its not we alone too. If we don't vote , we wont get a good govt to address our problems. And at the end of the day , when we do vote...we have always got a mediocre govt who makes so much noises for all wrong reasons and we on other hand accept injustice or denial of promises to the downtrodden as an irrevocable reality. And to be precise thats a CATCH-22 situation. Maybe the solution to these kind problems could be addressed by self-conscious peoples(like U'all) to be the witness to these problems and act more accordingly to bring out much alike minded peoples in power. And its never too late to understand that any need that gives momentary pleasure for price has to be subjugated to the longer collective needs of a society.

"Human resource ": Thats wht moulds the laws and dynamics of any place. Fight has to begin within the over convoluted conscious mind of eachone of us, which has become so much resilient to the ongoing events and is sure bound to harm the prospective aspirations we dream for. Complacency cant be a substitution for the compromises we make. A revolution at this stage is something hard to ask for and would substantially be called an crap. The attitudes of the peoples has to change first .And this isn't something that can be achieved overnite but if tried, this could eventually add up to encouragement and awareness of peoples around. So what could be done ? Am not a psychologist to give u few tips on wht could bring about changes. But , a suggestion which if you inculcate daily for a min atleast , could give you the answers. Do we ask daily I witnessing the right thing at the right moment wrt AP , and if I can bring about a change within the accountable circumference of my social network?Am pretty sure... one would surely find the answers if he really wishes to, no matter hw many years it takes. Maybe , a year after that we can see a sea of change in AP . That's being a prudent optimist.And maybe our perspections of viewing events and oblivious reactions in a typical tribal attitude has to change. What concerns me the most , is the hot-headed attitude of most of the AP peoples. When certain things goes awry , any theorem of probability seems to support , a tribal guy thinking about being physical to the reactions he's supposed to produce. That's an uncanny thing , but a hard to deny fact within our so called self-demarcated ego obsessed world. This at the end, it makes us reluctant to go with the mind. It becomes a simple objective he feels to attain in a day, paving a way for "DIG IN 4 URSELF" propaganda. So from my point of view , I feel this kind of hot-tempered attitude chained with the tribalism is bound to deprive us of many good things ahead much in a collossal approximation.

"Dignity of labour " : Seems fighting a febble war against the expectations we and our social arena expects from us. Docs and engineering seems to be the prized capitalization of any worthful son/daughter , which infact would pave a much smooth passage to the doctrines of pre-supposition of everything in world and then creativity would cease to exist. We need to make the peoples aware of wide horizons of opportunities and creativities one can take up beside engineering. No wonder, we havent seen any engineer or doc from AP , developed or achieved great feats. This statement should not picturise a discouragement from the two above. But the prevailing situation in AP needs to be addressed fast . If a student fails to get a good engg coll , he/she is viewed as a failure , which infact is not. This kind of attitude has and would always be detrimental to any states growth. We need to shed this kind of attitude first. World's beyond building houses or operating living beings.

“Human mind is selfish” as slammed by Dockins ;everybody of us wud like to see our family members in decent positions in society,that’s not bad I guess, bt in order to achieve that feat encouraging the present way of getting things done ,in particular, the govt. sector in Ar (unfortunately till date only entrepreneur)is certainly not approvable .….Bribe the minister ,heads…that’s much more easier than actually acquiring the best qualities for a positon and get the job…. Unfortunately even the deserving candidates apprehensive of being eliminated tends to abide by the prevalent way, not to tak abt undeserved ones and the vicious cycle continues with a consequent detrimental mental impact built up that has continued to engulf the educated youth generation grotesquely…We need to break this viscious cycle……Bt how??.napotism is an instinct that we possess? To cap it all we hv imbibed this trait of being lazy n won’t like to compete wid others elsewhere…Is the govt. service sector the only source of livelihood in this world (seems true in Ar) ? coz u don’t HV TO WORK, get payment, job security and damned retirement pensions also…Dignity of labour if exist in the state, wud certainly encourage lots of unemployed youths to take up professions in other fields irrespective of status consideration or else to be competitive enough to fight for a right job anywhere instead of forming those uncountable associations and nag each other bitterly and later mingle with the prevalent chaotic socio-political condition.. Professional counselling has been another need of the hour.Do u think u and me enjoy or will enjoy the future expected profession? Seems docs and engineers r the only ones considered as profession in Ar…its very unlikely for such professionals to carry out their jobs sincerely in future also coz u need to enjoy the thing u do to execute work effectively.

Health care: Ya, this certainly is the backbone of any economy much in a latent way . Everyone's well acquainted with the plightful scenarios that most of the AP govt hospitals has in store for us , which infact also has the potential of becoming the breeding ground for an epidemic to start. The hospitals which should actually be an example of how to keep hygeinic surrounding , deviates the most in a real situation in AP. Who could be blamed ? Thats something an un-invansion-able territory of human being , loading off the blames to someone else. And a sheer one of it too. ;)Shall we've to blame Authorities who fails to keep up with jobs assigned to them. Certainly yes . But is there anybody else ....(thinking , whom to blame now)...other than them .... Ya , we got Politicians and its cabal of money laundering white collared bosses ...who are one among the prime reason of delay in paying salaries to most of the govt. workers. If I continue... i know i'll end up blaming myself and few of you .... who are the reason to have brought such kind of politicians to take care of our state . Double jeopardy ???? hmmm is tht?As , Tamo had stated .... promotion of privatisements of hospitals , this could help a lot . So u sow , so shall u reap. And private party exactly knows wht they are dealing with. But , there should be a governing body within the govt to mandate upon the uncalled activities of private parties which knows nothng but the profit. Which infact tantamounts to extortion of money from poor . So double jeopardy again. ;) .. but being optimist sure does help . So hail the private hospitals !!!

Power Sector :
Uninterrupted supply of electricity to all should be motto for each and every Arunachali. But are we getting it? The various stated power generation potentials of our state varies from 25,000 mega watt to 50,000 mega watt, but the per capita consumption of power in the NE region is only 106 KW per hour against the national average of 368 KW per hour. Why?
AP , which has so much to boast of its wild rivers and a pretty atmospheric conditions to provide torrent rainfalls to boost its much talked hydels , at end seems pyrrhic. A hydel plant in most of the AP towns are so vulnerable to a single heavy rain slash, even though its for an hour, and what we get after that is the hours of blackout-hours. Climatic conditions in AP has always favoured heavy rainy seasons , and when a hydel plant breaks down owing to heavy rain , I can't understand why we resolve on repairing something which will break again , instead of starting up a much better stronger plant which could withstand for few years atleast .
Less funds....?? Ahhh... thats the only reason to lament out.Again Govt ??
According to 2001 census, there are 212,615 households in the state with 54.7% of electricity. We don’t know whether the electricity provided is for twenty four hours or for two hours daily in these households and the remaining half of brothers are still in mercy of primitive days of kitchen fire or of oil lamps and candles. So do we need mega, micro hydro power projects in lieu of unknown cost of wealth in terms of lost of rich biodiversity found no where else in the country and the world, which is still yielding her secrets in discovery of new mammal and plant species.

Political affairs:
With low population and with quite educated mass still there is rampant corruption and petty politics are hampering our growth. Whom to blame; politicians? Or ourselves?First of all we have to accept the truth that corruption is way of human life, take any civilizations and society or culture there is always a form of corruption one way or other. Corruption is like a HIV virus, the virus itself does not kill the patients (our case society), just it reduces the immune system of body to fight back (our case you and me) .The ways of corruptions begins to show his ugly head only when it is beyond a limit. So, what is limit of corruption? And who determines it? Many men have gone and will go while trying to determine extend and ways to prevent the forms of corruptions. So, how we can at least retard the growth of this cancerous tumor; we have to first identify the roots of this tumors. What are the roots of corruption in our Arunachal society? Politicians? Baring few politicians like Daying Ering and Dera Natung, our states have not produced another dynamic and clean politician. But the root of corruption lays in us –the public. During the election season we hear politicians throwing lakhs of money, where that money goes, obviously to our pockets. Check this flow of money in to your pocket, a sustainable amount of corruption is checked. Make this little knowledge acknowledge by the majority of the public, you have a clean politician. A politician thus elected will think twice to amass money once elected when he has not wasted any. Even then there may be corruption (since it’s our way of life) but surely it will be in much smaller magnitude. But, what if, two or more equally corrupt individuals are contesting as candidates?There is way in our constitution in 49’O of Article 44 ( says: "In a particular constituency, if a voter has dislike to all of thecandidates competing there, then he can show his dislike to all of them by registering for 49'O.Steps for doing this: 1. while registering the name by the time of voting, convey thebooth officials that "I want to go for 49'O".2. Register your signature in the 49'O form available there.Now, if the number of 49'O count is larger than that of the winningcandidates total vote count, then a re-election is called there.More than all, the shameful fact is, this 49'O is available ever since 1960, but it is in no way conveyed to the people. Neither the government communicates this, nor did the election commission. As long as the people are unaware of this one, the political parties are enjoying by winning the election and ditching our state/country. To stop this disaster to continue further, we don't need to take a sword and fight against the government.Just help every citizen to know that they have such a powerful weapon whichcan be used for ensuring their welfare.Communicate this information with all your family, friends, and neighbors and lets make sure that everyone speaks about this word "49'O" before next election.So that’s cover a major chunk of our tumor, so what about other smaller cancerous tumors-the Babus and Saabs. If, we have a somewhat clean politician these small fishes can be tackle a lot. But what about present situation when we have almost no clean politicians; I suggest form civil society groups like us (we orkutwallas), identify these crooks. Use Right to Information Act (its office lays opposite to Secretariat office) and file, if needed PIL against them. They will come in to line.

Developmental activities are rampant everywhere, but the Arunachal's pace toward it is just a laggard. Isn't our state govt bothered about that ? Or, is it just a lackadiasical apathy cornered by the Central Govt toward not so beneficial state in terms of revenues or contribution to national GDP ?
AP , which has been a sovereign state of India for the past 50+ years has not been bestowed , what the other counterparts of Indian states has had. Central government too busy , amusing the coalition parties and oppositions , has never had the time to address the grave issues of AP. On the other hand , the state govt of AP , caricaturises the bohemian way of self indulgence and always with an agenda of changing its party name so as to please the govt at the centre. And to lay out a brazen truth , the state govt in AP is always decided by the central govt ... which speaks much in the doldrums of AP ppls . There's no denying fact that if the state govt is much in coherence with the central , the state is always benefited interms of fund allocations. But , this leads to the complacent attitude that central govt has for us. I would say if central govt had the least of possible concern for AP peoples and the management of allocated funds , then we could have had a CBI and other organisations which could crackdown on the misuse of govt funds. But , despite the crystal clear fact that , corruption in AP has now become a pre-requisite to be in a tandem of self-procurement , there has never been any such organisations allowed to function independently. Why is that ? Till the state govt very well continues to please the dictums of central , who would like getting involved in making a fuss about the irrelevant issues which would cut-on their pockets.

And this wouldn't surprise us , we see the same compositioned party reclusively changing the State party name every time there's relative power shift in the centre. It's high time our government start addressing us for what exactly they have been elected for. The rest of the political spectrum is quite diverse, and I believe that its very plurality is a cause for corruption increasing. Anti-incumbent voting is rampant in both federal and state elections, causing many political parties to accelerate their collection of bribes rather than take a longer-term view. And for these reasons , we need to make our voices heard , and developmental aspects which could reach the masses ,as i feel doesnt come up without the role of government. It's our government and we certainly need to have the say. Maybe if we start using the Right to Information acts and scrutinize the corrupt officials , maybe we can see a sea of revolution much in its latent way. Then maybe we can hope to hear what our 2 MPs elected to parliament has done till date. Ya, i've never seen and not at all interested in listening to the brickbacks of Houses , but would be inspired to do so if i get to know that our MP's too are active there. It's no denying fact that , it's the people who start revolutions, be it in social domain or economic domain or IT domain. But , hard reality facts of life needs to be addressed first. Employment doesn't come cheap these days , self-employment professes the best option , but not everyone can self-employ itself and keep away from governments , which by very nature dictates a common man's life. And if a govt sensible towards these issues of self employment , come's up , then maybe we can see what swiss had seen in it's developing stage.

Objectives in brief :
1. Advocate "dignity of labour" amongs our ppl
2. Opening of border trades with China and Myanmar
3. Improve hydro power utilization in AP and bring the same to that stage where it wud be possible to provide electricity to all.
4. Finding ways to improve agricultural productions
5. Creating roads within AP that interlink all towns of AP directly instead of touching Assam.
6. Bringing positive thinking and self awareness amongs our ppl for improving the society and change our mentality that makes us believe bribery is the only way of becoming wealthy and that without bribery works cant be get done.
7. Encourage our ppl to take up small business, like clothing & fashion, also without fear of losing self respect.
8. Improve tourism infrastructure of AP to attract more tourists.
9. Devising ways to curb/stop corruption in the state.
10. Finding ways to improve Education department, like finding better teachers, building schools with modern infrastructure, etc.
11. Improve health care system in AP. Encourage private players to open health centres in AP.
12. Check illegal immigration into AP.
13. Teach ourselves of political affairs in the state. Encourage our ppl to utilize their "right to vote" judiciously to elect good, responsible and able leaders.
14. Finding ways to review and grade the performances of our political leaders.
15. Encourage use of RTI to curb corruption.
16. Take advantage of media power to fight against corruption.
17. Discourage and campaign against use of drugs amongs our ppl.
18. Forming a society that wud look after all the above.

God bless Arunachal !


Dams : Boon or a Curse ?

The need for development at the cost of some Tribal communities doesn't suffice for the National development on the long run, and neither it safeguards the people's right as profoundly stated in any of the Consitutional Dictionaries. But our incumbent, Stubborn, and corrupted politicians, seeing only the personal gain, with the meek propounded reasons of National developmentary works,somehow creates the Distorted Figure of Relative Low power production in the country as whole and offcourse not to forget the ever increasing numbers of power hungry industries all over the country. Ya, none denies here the Economy standout of India at this period, booming economy, surplus white collared job opportunities(BUT provided you're outside Arunachal pradesh). But why this special provision? My question here would be why Industrialization that has been a phenomenon post independence, has failed to dig a mark in Arunachal ,even after the so called, cliched , exagerrately falsifying....Glorious 50 years of Independence. Sheer example of colonial treatment? Is that?Transportation ... ?? I guess, one can't have that for excuse, seeing the present interest of NHPC and other big corporations who are willing to build the biggest dam of the world , provide cheap electricity , build good bridges, and the blah blahs of promising developmental activities, but at the cost of some Tribal communities losing their land and not to forget the Demographic distortion that it would pave forth to the Tribal dominated places.My another question here would be.... When a company(GOI owned) can promise at the span of 10 years, why Indian govt has failed to do so in the last 50yrs? Now, if you say, give and take policy... and Govt means Business here, then the balanced fulcrum of the So much Blasted Indian Democracy would turn to just one.
Just a reminder here... 50 years ago, North East had witnessed one of the biggest Earthquake in the world's history, 8.7 richter, and more than 50% of the Idu Mishmi population were killed in that. (just pertaining to my community , IDU , as the Dams are being built there). 50+ years now, no such major Earthquake has been witnessed yet, so does that implicate we won't see another such major Earthquake, 50 or 100 or 200 years from now ? That would be utterly ridiculous, given the fact that NE lies in a Seimically active zone.NHPC , now shows us the prospects of creating Dam, whose benefit we could see through burgeoning Industries that would place its base here, and not to mention the Capital inflows that would be tandem with the Business developments. Contractors would be frenzied by the so much lauded statements in their(NHPC's ) Environmental Impace Assesment report(EIA) that most of the contractorial work would be alloted to the Native of this place, till the Dam construction gets over.The Irony of this special provisions would be that, We(the Native) would be Time Scaling the existence of our community for another 50 or 100 years(provided no major earthquake takes place within it) for the sake of developmental aspects that we could enjoy for another 20 or 30 years. Well, Basics of doing Business fails here !! So where's the justice ?Now coming to seimic proof megastructures.... Till date there's no such technology that can predict when and where and in what scale the Earthquake would occur, so the Question of creating any Megastructures which is earthquake proof would be out of Topic. If this had not been true, we wouldn't have lost so many lives, to just Tsunamis.
To peoples not residing in Dibang valley, the displacement of some 2000 or 3000 peoples from their ancestral place for the cause of India, which boasts of billion population might seem a very small sacrifice. But, I request you all the pro dam peoples... visit our dibang valley.... look into the the traditions and cultures that we subscribe to, and our love for our ancestral land.... Question us, if we want the Dam ? You'll have our answer. This would be our first instance of being anti development...but quite content with the modest life.... and booming indian economy , light years away from us. We're happy.Just much National developmental work would it have been.... a Dam on Yamuna (not far from TAJ MAHAL).
When we talk about the economic viability of the project taking care of the safety aspect, then Economics not affecting dam design and hence dam safety is,at best, Naive. To a certain degree, an increase in dam safety involves an increase in cost. For every dam project, a balance has to be found between dam safety and economy. And for this obvious reason, a slight compromise can cause havoc...not now but in future for sure. It is also not realistic to hold that all engineers in all cases follow engineering codes of ethics. Further there is no internationally accepted code of ethics for dam builders, rather a mish-mash of national and state engineering codes with ambiguous applicability to mega projects.Many of the methods to prolong dam lifespan are largely unproven, will in many cases not be economically viable, and will rarely be able to prolong dam life indefinitely. So, the question that moots out is...If there would be safe dam decomissioning after it expires ? To answer that, maybe the Grandchildren of Dam builders should be liable since it definitely wont happen in a serious way during their lives.Given the attitude of centre toward AP presently and offcourse to follow the suit in future, will for sure leave the dam as it is owing to the huge expenditure involved in Decommisioning it. So, apathy of the central govt toward Arunachal is bound to reflect in any domain of timescale, owing to the miniscule role AP has in formation of strong Central govt.
Few of the excerpts from the memoradum that we'ad submitted to the CM in protest of Dam projects in Dibang valley.Only the indigenous populations are victims of pre-dam and post dam construction disaster.More than 4,00,000 sqkm - have been inundated by reservoirs worldwide. This represents .3 percent of the world's land area, but the significance of the loss is greater than the figure suggests as river valley land provides the world's most fertile farmland, and most diverse forests and wetland ecosystems.More than 13,500 people have been swept to their deaths by the roughly 200 dams outside China which have collapsed or been overtopped during the 20th century. Two large Dams which burst when a massive typhoon hit the chinese province of Henan in Aug 1975 left an estimated 80000 to 230,000 dead. This disaster was kept secret by the chinese govt and was only revealed to the outside world in 1995. People have also died in Earthquakes caused by the great weight of water in large reservoirs. An earthquake of magnitude of 6.3 richter caused by Koyna Dam(INDIA) in 1967 killed around 180 peoples.Impact on demographic profile, health and culture of indigenous population"large Dams have had serious impact on lives,livelihood, cultural and spiritual existence of indigenous and tribal people due to neglect and lack of capacity to secure justice because of structural inequities,cultural dissonance,discrimination and economic and political marginalization,indigenous and tribal people have suffered disproportionately from the negative impacts of large dams while often being excluded from sharing in the benefits" as per the WORLD COMMISSION ON DAMS.
HEALTH: Dams can have significant adverse health outcomes for local population and downstream communities. In recent years the high incidents of HIV/AIDS in construction and settlement areas is a growing concern. Destruction of community productive bases in agrculture and fisheries can give rise to food shortages,leading to hunger and malnutrition. The Sikkim state has had experienced this serious threat.HIGH SEISMICITY: Dr.K.S.Valdiya,"It would be imprudent to go in for high dams in Arunachal's highly earthquake prone region of active faults." (keynote address in workshop on environmental planning and sustainable developments in AP in Dec 99).The Northeast is a geologically fragile area and is seimically active. Well known Dr.K.S.Valdiya, while referring to the geological set up of Arunachal says:"Owing to the extremely active geodynamic condition of the terrain, even the slightest tampering with teh ecological geological balance can initiate environmental changes,likely to assume alarming proportions eventually. There is an imperative need for extraordinary care when it comes to modifying topography by excavation,placing loads of water and sediments in river impoundments, changing groundwater circulation through road cutting,removing protective forest cover,etc".Usually, when seismicity is discussed in relation to dams, the factors discussed are reservoir induced seimicity and direct damage to the dam due to an earthquake. Civil Engineers are quick to point out that a dam will survive upto 9 or 10 on richter scale. However seismic activity may cause changes in the geophysical enviroment and the river system, which may have a serious impact on the viability of a project as several basic parameteres vis-a-vis the regime of rivers and the morphology and behavious of channels may change.The last two major earthquakes in the region (1897 and 1950)caused landslides on the hill slopes including the blockage of river courses, flash floods due to sudden bursting of landslide-induced temporary dams, raising water to a much dangerous level.
Is it FLOOD CONTROLLER ?While large dams could regulate regular annual floods if an adequate flood cushion is provided , they often fail to hold back exceptionally large floods. Dams can also worsen flooding by reducing the capacity of the riverbed downstream. They can also cause serious floods when reservoir operators make sudden releases of water, something which was experienced in more than one case by the ASSAM Valley in the monsoon of 2004( Kopili hydropower reservoir run by NEEPCO).The eastern himalyan rivers experience great variation in minimm and maximum flows and is prone to sudden increased water flows due to intense precipitation in a very short time, which increases risks of such releases from dams on the river. Unfortunately, the Environmental Risk Assessment done for projects such as Lower subansiri and Middle siang projects only looks at the "DAM BREAK ANALYSIS" scenario and completely ignore other environmental risks which can pose challenges to the viability of the project, both interms of its performance as well the impacts it causes downstream.In the USA and France, Dams have been decommissioning to restore key environmental values often related to migratory fishes, and often as a condition of project relicensing.Whereas Arunachal pradesh is covered with forests of exceptionally high biodiversity. There are 4000 to 5000 species of vascular plants per 10000 sqkm. The second richest biodiversity zone in the global context. And as per the EIA report submitted for the Proposed Dibang hydro project, NHPC mentioned that Dibang valley or the submerging area to be precise, has only 2 species of Butterflies. Seems amusing. Supporters of large dams point out that big dams do not have only negative impacts but also positive ones. Once again, however, the evidence is scanty in this respect. Whatever be the negative and positive impacts, one striking fact of india's river valley projects is the absence of comprehensive impact assessment, both pre and post construction.
ACTUAL PERFORMANCE OF LARGE DAMS IN INDIA .In a recent report for the world commission on dams(WCD), an exhaustive look at the facts and figures available establishes that until 1978, most dams were not assessed for their environmental and social impacts. Even when they began to be assessed, alternatives to the dam were never assessed and mostly not even considered. Also, that the current system of granting environmental clearances is subject to all sorts of political and admistrative pressures, resulting in clearances being granted to projects without assessing their impacts or even when they are non-viable.Dam failure and emergency releases of water pose a threat to downstream populations. Again though no comprehensive data are available, the havoc wreaked downstream by, the Bhakra Dam (1970s and in 1988) and the Rihand dam in 1997 is well known. Dr. Y.k.Murthy, a former chairman of Central water and power commission has concluded that, of the 131 dams studied by him, 36man;ifested distress , in 20 the spilways were inadequate and in 25 the freeboards were inadequate, all compromising the safety of dam. In 90 of the dams studied, there was no emergency reservoir operations plan.Perhaps the most heart rending aspect of large dams is the displacement of Human populations. Again no comprehensive data are available. A study by CWC, of 54 projects, showed a per dam submergence of 24555ha. The same study showed a per hectare displacement of 1.1person. If one were to extrapolate these figures to the 4291 large dams built in India, the total displacement figure would be 11.5 crore in the last 100 years or so. So clearly, the major costs of large dams are borne by the poor and the weak. But who are the major beneficiaries ? The irrigation benefits go to those downstream and , among them, disproportionaftely to the large farmers. Similarly, the peaking power that dam provide goes primarily to meet the peak demand of the urban rich and the industry. What does the Nation gain as a whole ?
According to the WCD study, large dams after 1990 show no economic benefits over costs and only have a distributional function, where " the benefits are reaped by farmers and others in the command areas and the costs are borne by the Society at large, tax payers and the project affected people. So we have a situation today where thousands of dams have been built, with little or no environmental assessments and safeguards, and huge adverse social impacts. Millions of hectares of forests have been destroyed, huge areas have become waterlogged , incidence of water borne diseases has increased, lakhs of peoples have been thrown out of their homes,mainly TRIBALS, the poor and the weak. And all this to create structures that, even without acknowledging most of the environmental and social costs, add not a rupee worth of value to the Indian economy. All they do is redistribute the existing resources so that the poor are further deprived and the relatively well off gets the benefits.

List to watch out for !
No. Name of Project District Capacity Developer Status (in MW)
1 SIYOM west siang 1000 Reliance MOA signed
2 TATO-II west siang 700 Reliance MOA signed
3 NAYING west siang 1000 D S Construction MOA signed
4 HIRONG west siang 500 Jai Prakash MOA signed
5 SIANG LOWER east siang 1600 Jai Prakash MOA signed
6 NYAMJUNGCHHU-I (tawang) 98 Bhilwara Energy MOA signed
7 NYAMJUNGCHHU-II (tawang) 97 Bhilwara Energy MOA signed
8 NYAMJUNGCHHU-III (tawang) 95 Bhilwara Energy MOA signed
9 TAWANG-I (tawang) 750 NHPC MOA signed
10 TAWANG-II (tawang) 750 NHPC MOA signed
11 KALAI-I (anjaw) 1400 Mountain Fall India MOA signed
12 KALAI-II (anjaw) 1200 - tender called
13 HUTONG-I (anjaw) 588 - tender called
14 HUTONG-II(anjaw) 1250 Mountain Fall India MOA signed
15 BADAO (east kameng) 60 - CEA clearance awaited
16 KAMENG DAM(east kameng) 600 KSK Electricity MOA signed
17 KAPAK LEYAK(east kameng) 160 - S&I Stage-II
18 KAMENG-I (east kameng) 1120 NEEPCO MOA signed
19 TALONG (east kameng) 160 GMR Energy MOA signed
20 DIBBIN (west kameng) 125 KSK Electricity MOA signed
21 KAMENG-II (west kameng) 600 Mountain Fall India MOA signed
22 KAMENG (west kameng) 600 NEEPCO under construction
23 RANGANADI-I lower subansiri 405 NEEPCO COMPLETED
24 RANGANADI-II lower subansiri 130 NEEPCO CEA clearance awaited
25 SUBANSIRI LOWER(lower subansiri) 2000 NHPC Case in Supreme Court
26 SUBANSIRI MIDDLE(lower subansiri) 1600 NHPC Restricted by Supreme Court
27 SUBANSIRI UPPER(upper subansiri) 2000 NHPC Restricted by Supreme Court
28 OJU-I (upper subansiri) 700 -- Restricted by Supreme Court
29 OJU-II (upper subansiri) 1000 -- Restricted by Supreme Court
30 PARE (papumpare) 110 NEEPCO MOA signed
31 LOHIT (lohit) 3000 -- S&I Stage-II
32 DEMWE(lohit) 3000 -- tender called
33 DIBANG(lower dibang valley) 3000 NHPC MOA signed
34 SISSIRI(lower dibang valley) 222 -- tender called
35 AMULIN(dibang valley) 420 -- tender called
36 EMINI (dibang valley) 500 -- tender called
37 ANGOLINE(dibang valley) 375 -- tender called
38 MITHUNDON(dibang valley) 400 -- tender called
39 ETABU (dibang valley) 165 -- tender called
40 MALINYE(dibang valley) 335 -- tender called
41 EMRA-I(dibang valley) 275 -- tender called
42 EMRA-II(dibang valley) 390 -- tender called
43 ELANGO(dibang valley) 150 -- tender called
44 ETALIN(dibang valley) 4000 NTPC MOA signed
45 ATTUNLI(dibang valley) 500 NTPC MOA signed
46 NIARE -- 800 - S&I Stage-II
47 NABA -- 1000 - S&I Stage-II



SEZ's --- quick glance!

They worked in China. But will India's zones boost investment, or just divert it?

IT RESEMBLES the rows that have dogged every step taken by the two-year-old government led by Manmohan Singh, India's prime minister. The government's economic reformists, of whom he himself is the most distinguished, promote a liberalising measure that will help boost investment, fix India's lousy infrastructure and create jobs. They find themselves howled down by a coalition of their Communist allies, leftists in Mr Singh's own Congress party and other activists, who accuse them of being anti-poor. The latest confrontation, however, over the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), is different. This time the criticism comes not just from the usual suspects but also from some of the reformists, many economists and even some leading industrialists.

The idea is simple enough: SEZs are enclaves with streamlined procedures, tax breaks and good infrastructure that will lure investors in export-oriented industries. Many developing countries, including China, have used them successfully. They are not even new in India. In 2000 eight existing “export processing zones”, the first of which dated from 1965, were converted into SEZs. But in February India's Parliament finalised a new SEZ law, offering even more enticements. There has since been the bureaucratic equivalent of a gold rush. Companies, including most of India's most famous firms, have filed more than 400 applications to set up SEZs, and 212 have been approved.

Banging the drum for India as an investment destination in London this week, Mr Singh and his commerce minister, Kamal Nath, were able to point to the SEZs as evidence of India's new openness. Mr Nath's ministry hopes they will attract more than $5 billion in foreign direct investment by the end of 2007—a huge amount for India by historic standards (see chart). They are also intended to fix India's “infrastructure deficit” of pot-holed roads, clogged ports and intermittent power. The government hopes that with the incentives available in SEZs, the private sector will make a big contribution towards the $320 billion-worth of investment in infrastructure that India is looking for in the next five years.

That is a laudable enough aim. But the SEZs are under fire on many fronts. Politically, the most sensitive charge, and the one that will probably lead to some change in policy, is that farmers are being forced to sell their land and lose their occupations, and that state governments and developers are profiteering. Sonia Gandhi, Congress's leader, says that agricultural land normally should not be used for SEZs. But under India's constitution land is an issue for state governments, not the centre.

Many of the SEZs mooted may simply be property deals. Developers hope to acquire cheap land, put in a minimum of infrastructure and sell it. Only 35% of the land area of a SEZ must be used for production. Even the central bank, the Reserve Bank, seems to have suspicions, classifying loans to SEZs as “real-estate” lending, which makes them relatively expensive.

Even some investors planning to manufacture in a SEZ think the terms too generous. They include a five-year holiday on profits tax, and exemption from import and excise duties and from some licensing requirements. Rahul Bajaj, chairman of Bajaj Auto, a maker of two- and three-wheeled vehicles, argues that “any rational businessman would conclude he is better off being in a SEZ.” Since, to qualify for the benefits, a manufacturer in a SEZ need only be a net earner of foreign exchange over a five-year period, rather than exclusively an exporter, firms such as his can use a SEZ to supply some of their domestic market.

The fear of many economists—including some in the Ministry of Finance—is that rather than promoting new business, the SEZs will merely attract investment that would have been made anyway. Instead of finding fresh sources of money for its infrastructure, India would thereby have made things worse by depriving itself of tax revenue. Raghuram Rajan, chief economist at the IMF, expresses concern that India, with its big fiscal deficit, can ill afford this loss. Earlier this year the finance ministry put it at 1,750 billion rupees ($38.3 billion) by 2011. The commerce ministry counters with its own forecast that the SEZs will generate additional revenues of 440 billion rupees.

One of the big differences between India's SEZs and China's is in size. Although Reliance Industries, India's biggest private-sector company, is planning enormous, town-sized, SEZs near Mumbai and in Haryana, near Delhi, most of the others are tiny. The minimum area for a “multi-product” SEZ is 1,000 hectares (3.9 square miles), for a “product-specific” zone, it is 100 hectares, and for information technology, biotechnology and jewellery, just ten hectares. By comparison, Shenzhen, biggest and most famous of China's original SEZs, covers 126 square miles. That scale was a huge factor in its initial success— along with the presence, just over the border in Hong Kong, of labour-intensive manufacturers wanting to lower their costs. Enjoying neither of these advantages, India's smaller SEZs may do more for their promoters than for India.


Arunachali Menopause !

A menopause of systemic evils in Arunachal Pradesh and lack of will to bring about change, certainly moots us, the question , are we really responsible for our own dismayed conditions and what better thing it would be than to assess ourselves and live by the rules of game, we call it fair.

Ya there's this dire need that we start self assessing whats in our hand... Blame game needs to stop or else its rate has to reduce so that we realise that we're accountable for what we reap.
I seriously can't understand why people relate Arunachali's impoverishment with the central's policy.
NSCN and other factions shouldn't be an inspiring initiative. Our History as a peaceful state has always done us good...nevertheless provides us solace, when we visualize how grave the situation is in NE due to these unwanted anti social elements.

Does it sounds most of the time --- " A lack of political will and an anti-NE bias nature rather than constitutional/legal constraints that prevents ameliorative actions that can be paved down the line for NE ?

We seriously need to accept that we are responsible for our own development and not always the central's policy.

As of the quagmires in our vicinity of how and what needs to be brought in so as to address the allround development very much talked about, we need to make ourselves accountable for most of the state's policy... ok what changes could be brought rhetorically ?

The solution i would seek here for would be not about simply knowing what's happening around but to keep a will to strive for changes that are pertinent for our social upliftment.
We need to be in the grassroot level to know about it. We need more youths who are aware of their basic rights and always ready to scrutinize any of the State's policy which obviously concerns our social arena.

A problem that I have seen which is quite ubiquitous with our traditional chauvinism . I wouldn't be going against the Tribal culture but ya surely against Tribal attitude of taking out any differences.
Lack of Good leadership and any election in AP seems to be a helm of family affair. That's the perennial truth that gets packaged with the so called cloistered tribalism we are usually geared up with. Complacency among us seems to be quite a favourite invisible trait.

We all know a lot about the ongoing AP politics, and the rampant open corruption machinery in any govt.billings.
Come MARCH ... and thats when the State treasury seems to be active of most and generous to only few pockets of those who hasn't fialed to comply with the corrupted prism of AP.

How many of us have ever thought of doing anything regarding that ? OK... thats good... atleast we're discussing about it. But over virtued pragmatism with a zeal to sustain a seemingly happy life in AP seems to thrash away the virtual AP that most of us here dream for.
Are we ready to take radical steps and bring about changes atleast within our social arena even if it comes with questioning our elders ? Reluctancy here could tag well !!

At economical front, China seems to best describe the wonderful economy of the recent times. Hence most of the times we try aligning a vague dream...if this had been that... we would have been chinese and enjoyed the economical boom.

India's economy as presented by any media would show us healthy figures. currently 8.4%GDP and ambitious plan of achieving double digit gdp figure in its next 5 year plannings.

India's growth has been propelled principally by Services, which includes Banking, BPOs, media, software and so on , and all of these includes employment of skilled labour.

The standard ASIAN miracle economies of all the times...korea, taiwan and even china has always been all about deploying larger amound of labour and capital in Manufacturing and constructions which otherwise includes both the skilled and Unskilled labours.

But, Indian economy boom is mostly due to the service sectors which dominates the indian economy at 55% of gdp.

Now, how does it relates to AP ?
A truth that...we have large segment of unskilled labours in AP should be helpful enough for the state govt to take initiatives and bring about the needed reforms.

Vocational courses for these unskilled labours should be one of the prime agenda of the state govt .
If at all we AP, want to contribute anything remarkable to the country's growth it could be through the Manufacturing and construction or otherwise the UNorganised sectors.
A software company being established in AP would be a distant dream.

And if we want to have our peoples contributing more to the organised sectors, we need to better our EDUCATION system.
Govt plans should add value to the existing system in a cumulative fashion.
There is a lack of long term perspective in most of our plans. The over emphasis in meeting the short term project goals of spending and implementation has trapped the our govt policies and its functionaires into a system of low efficiency equilibrium status where things appears to be Happening- keeping people busy and the money flowing- but do not add up to anything significant.

So with the improvement in basic education being meted out to peoples can bring a lot change about in the skilled resourceful labour pool that we can have in our near future.

My Conclusion here would be with .. we realise we are responsible for our plight... blame games seldoms bring any changes.

With the ending words by Marian edelman : " We must not, in trying to think how we can make big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make, which over time, add up to a big difference we often cannot foresee. "


Paradoxes and Self-actualisation!

Idu ,the tribe with a strong sense of keeping the Tradition and culture ahead of all the things.Being an Idu binds a person with so many unknowns faces to the so called string of Relatives(ANA). This Ana tradition has been followed since the times Idu community was brought up. But mind it! Everything has an Starting point and thats
where the rules of how things should go ahead in a society ,emerges. With all the strong reasons and the supposition of the implications that a specific Law could have on the entity of the Society in the near future ,these rules were brought to light and after a general
consensus these laws were implemented and then passed on. Its great and proud to acknowledge that though We don't have any drafted documents which could be preserved for the generations ahead to remind that We are social beings and social laws should be proportional to activity of ours ,Still these has passed from generations to next ,and has been looked upon with all the earnest efforts compromising the outcomes ,be it creative or ugly. I won't say this is a kind of orthodox community instead its much flexible compared to those there in Rest part of India. But I need to remind the present generation ,are'nt we much reasonable than those
who lived long time ago and drafted out the unending ,controversial(not exactly) and incorrigble Laws of "ANA-Ship" . I guess the readers can get what I intend to say with the Anaship problem
that has all been here in our society and has survived like an unassumed sequential thesis in our society and is really alarming at the present stage ,where we are at the brink of Saturation.
We are Social beings and its no doubt without representating ourselves as an related relative vector of time runned Social arena ,to the other entities of Society we can never say we have been Socialistic and our approach to imbibing the traits of our community has been a successfull. Relation is just the synonym
of a Social link we make through the entire process of life. Hence relating ourselves to the other entities of the community is basis from where we can start defining a Well Established Community.So with the earnest belief I feel we should be respecting the Relations that we share . But the point I want to make is that these relations should'nt be made the scapegoat of others doings.
We have a so laid rule that if a guy marries a woman who's related to him (after a hefty calculations of the generation branches)then the interconnected entities of the generating branches that was once generated by the fore runners of the family has an resultant output that their known relation are in Jeopardy due the unknown relatives who wishes to unite. This implies Today's related Sister of mine ,Tomorrow could be someone who's an unrelated entity of my family relation ,and what more;I could even ask for her hand !. Can I do that ? Will someone stop me if I said now she is an Achimi(non-relative) now and I have the whole right of doing that because am Idu and Idu rules allows to marry an Achimi. Well ! I would be the first one to stop myself from doing that since my conscience would never allow me that. So should'nt a Law and it's results, be applicable to the general conscience of any Idu.And mind it I would never go against two souls being united ,if it's something that can be compromised.
As I had highlighted that the our community had a starting point when these laws were framed for the good of the peoples involved,but at that time Our population was quite less and there might had been lack of connection between the various sections within our community ,each having a well defined Surname to tag with his usual name.
Hence to bridge these sections it became an important part to single channelise the whole to a common ground of so called Relative. And our history tells us there were constant fights among these sections (Village wars) and perhaps there could be no better solution than implementing this ANASHIP to end up the conflicts and harmonise
the society. So some wise Martinets must have thought of framing the Anaship and to prevent its future confrontations they ammended the biblical stringent laws . But let me be frank ,they had no idea of how it would saturate the whole community and frustrate the future generation. Some might say am disrespecting them but I know for sure with all my feelings that we present generations are full of reasons and these reasons are just the outcome of the stages , events and rules that we have been subjugated to,and its very natural that our future generations would be much more reasoning than us.Thats how Time factor works with its entities.
So should we sacrifice our reasons for the reasons that are of less weightage. I won't . your's decision
are solely yours. Do we need to bring changes? I will try hard,cause I should be reasonable to my future generation.
I said Try because I alone can't represent a society and initiatives need to be taken together with equitable peoples who wish to be answerable to the next generation of ours. We are the faces of tomorrow and its not a revolution that we seek ,it's just a reasonable compromising solution that we ask for the currently most besotted problem with some segments of Anaship.
Well I can't say am someone with the solution but am sure to say am here to contribute and this might look to someone am an another frustrated Idu guy but to be frank I can say am frustrated just not because of this so called thing pegs limitations to my freedom but it does more to the reasons we have.
INITIATIVES REQUIRED? a question upon which you could add up things , that's your views. Well I would really appreciate if any of the correspondents replies me back with the view and reasons if we really do need to take up the initiatives and HOW?
Well being an ''to be engineer" I could say we develop a Software Programming whereby we can add the whole Idu population name which existed and which does now, with the corresponding progenitors subtitles and branches. Maybe this could just bring our compatible counterpart in just a fingertip. Write down your name and whom You seek and "ENTER" , you get back the whole list of reasons why you two could be compatible or why U two aren't? (COMPATIBILITY CALCULATOR) (Engineers Wanted!!!)Haha!! well Jokes apart ... I would really appreciate if you could take up some precious time of yours and reply me back,with your views and thoughts. This contribution of yours could be the next step for the Fulcrum around which the rat race with the time could start. Well it's just a initiation of complacent effort that we seek to be in Sync with the purpose would take.
Pass it to every idu youths you know and please, I know someone who knows me well could say am Novice in this Traditional Talks ,well! would appreciate if you could take me in your Discussions.


contentment vs complacent

CONTENTMENT : how much are we to that? How many people have wanted to kill themselves, and have been contented with tearing up their photograph! Jules Renard (1864 - 1910) . Do we suffer from premature arrest of an unassuming question but an 'to be assumed' fact if we are really content with the Life we live now? How much of our Assumption can yield us and how much calculations does an action of ours demand to synchronize the entities ,namely the Effort and Output. These are the two most basic parameter which has always been enigmatic and elusive factors. Are we content? Is Contentment an overvalued virtue? Is it merely the precursor of stagnation of ambition and ultimately, its cessation? These few queries draws us legitimately to put forth ,what changes we have brought since we first started thinking about Life? The first one could translate into if we are really content with the career initiative we pursue at the moment? Implications could be many but with the basis that we have stood forth for it and even if we haven't achieved it yet ...Theres still another day. Well so one can say the first initaitive would be to Hope for better reasonable aspects of life. Well thats being an Prudentive Optimist Assumer. If we begin with certainties ,we could end up in doubts; hence we should be content to begin with doubts,so that we end in certainties. Contentment has been widely credited with the ability to free one from the demonic influences of envy and greed, and teach one to enjoy the present regardless of the difficulties circumfering now and most important to help one achieve a fastened posture of self-identity and a spiritual sanctuary for the soul. But this Philosophy could be a paradigm to the synchronized advance of Life as it antithetical to it with the very first reason that it promotes the stagnation of one embodied thinking thrust to scale up high things of life and eventually calls up for the need of compromising act when better things could be done. Is trying to achieve spiritualistic contentment and reckless act of ours to suppress the antagonistic entities of Life? should we try facing it or should we confine to the limited bounds we know and Stop? But could that act be a tether to crop out the equanimity we are much concerned of? Or Should we sideline the contentment for a time being and adapt with the chauvinistic approach to work ahead to sort out the malfunctions of the system that defines our approach? or Should we start making distiction between the Contentment and Complacency ,though the words gives the same dictioned meaning? So many question , yet one answer we seek. Contentment as conceptualised by philosophers,is a profound state of mind and unlike Complacency ,it cannot result from cognitive assessment or external recognition of a tangible accomplishment. Neither does it emanate from the acceptance and rationalisation of an actual unsatisfactory state of affairs . Contentment and Complacency could be set apart with an example of an troubled retreat within the soul to seek for Happiness and satisfaction which is nothing but superimposed and self illusioned within the circumvent border we create. Genuine Contentment is an existential Philosophy that can be reched only when one has a deep-seated sense of the meaning and purpose of Life,While Complacency can be juxtaposed with the set of behavioral responses, like one bringing out compromising initiatives for the unachieved non-responsive episode of Life. Will it be reasonable to confine with the act of compromising with the laid down facts and limit the domain to experiment our Zeal? We Human beings have different needs at different stages and as soon as one of these level is accomplished another higher level sets in and so comes the other higher needs and these dominates our action . We could call this as an subsidised act of contentment untill an unless it doesn't motivate one to move ahead with altruistic approach and disagrees the basic law of formulated disciplined life with attitudes superseeded with the imbibing traits of any so called Social being. Could we call these level advancement an act of Greed? For me its not, Untill and unless one doesnt hamper the progress or hurt the inmates of its social arena his work can't be credited with the tag of a Greed. Its other thing that the some entities could feel jealous and might feel we are being greedy even when he is under no circumstance subjugated to any harm from our craving for next Level. Well this line could itself reciprocate and well defines one who is jealous is himself being greedy and he could be never content since he finds being content or complacent ,either with himself nor with the others. So contentment seekers , you needn't worry of the brackbits till you can reason out why your acts won't harm others . Life is a just a semaphore ,where every signal we relay is cached and outcome is something that has to be latched and multiplexed with the wide engimatic options ,some seen and some unseen. So the idea of being Content and complacent in a state of time ,and within the momentary flick of an Event is to common channelise the moral values we consider imperative and the basic formulated laws of Humanism with certain % of altruism prefixed upon it to diversify with the unconditional ,unassumed phenomenon that could occur within a blink and demand us back the moral aspects we consider utmost.



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