Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The agony of Reservation

Gujjars are taking down to the streets, resorting to violence and mass agitation, not just in Rajasthan but far across the valley of Kashmir too.
I was wondering:
*why are they so much frustrated about the reservation issue?
*Why they believe that they have not been properly represented?
*And why they thought they are the only people who are suffering?

Who isn't frustrated about Reservation? It's not just them, the whole of India infact. The idea of Reservation that would bring in line the noncoforming issues doesn't reach the iota of mass satisfaction. Its just the camouflaged idea that lesser dignified people have been satisfied- finally settles the deal: the deal of forcing ourselves to believe we exist as one.
"Unity in Diversity" is a cliche, which isn't supposed to work and will never- History is testimony to that. But, it has certainly prevailed in India over decades, for the fact that- Indian compromises a lot.
Maybe- same rhetoric could be at work for Gujjars. They certainly don't want to subside by the ignominy of being a mere spectator of Meenas(the affirmed neighbour of competition).
Meena- thats a name synonymous to the verticals of all the adminstrative powers. Be it the IAS, IFS, IPS or anything - you would certainly find one who would happen to be a Meena. Gujjars hates the fact that, Meena has compounded their existence by every means, unlike the Gujjars, most of whom still is languishing in abysmal state - ya, the state of being poor and indignified.
So- will gujjars indiction to ST Status uplift their socio economic position . "YES"- thats what they believe. Here lies the appalling solution to all the crux of millenium - the ST reservation.

Well, what about the other ST people, who are already there in the ST reservation umbrella and not much has become of them, in terms of developments.

I certainly don't believe Gujjars demand for ST tag is justified at this moment and this kind of demands would further give rise more such demands.
What if some section of General category now starts demanding a new kind of reservation just because its hard to compete within the General category?
This Idea of satiating all such demands would lead to reservation for every.

Probably a day might come -
Reservation for different tribes within the ST reservation.
Reservation for different castes within the SC reservation.
Reservation for different OBC within OBC reservation... and subsequent unfolding of more reservation dramas.

Certainly - the idea of Unity in Diversity would seldom work.

Now the Jats(who were included in OBC categ in 1999), have openly come up to the defence of Gujjar's ST demand.
Probable reason - Gujjars as of now belongs to OBC, and Gujjars moving to ST bag would further relax the competition for the trophies inside the OBC bag.

Even the provision of some denotified reservation tag wouldn't satisfy the Gujjars. All they want is ST.
Ya- they know, ST is the least competitive. Its only from Meena quarters that they can find some tough competition, while the rest of the STs of India - we know how most of them fare !

Well, what next - Arunachal STs or rather say North East STs too will come up with such agitations someday - probably - I guess so iff Gujjars gets included in ST.

Just like the Chambal's Gujjar bandits coming forward as a support for the gujjars ST recognition, I hope the North east's scores of militant outfits will come ahead.

"Dis-unity in diversity" is certainly conclusive, at least the paraphernalia of Indian Democracy says so.



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