Tuesday, October 02, 2007

contentment vs complacent

CONTENTMENT : how much are we to that? How many people have wanted to kill themselves, and have been contented with tearing up their photograph! Jules Renard (1864 - 1910) . Do we suffer from premature arrest of an unassuming question but an 'to be assumed' fact if we are really content with the Life we live now? How much of our Assumption can yield us and how much calculations does an action of ours demand to synchronize the entities ,namely the Effort and Output. These are the two most basic parameter which has always been enigmatic and elusive factors. Are we content? Is Contentment an overvalued virtue? Is it merely the precursor of stagnation of ambition and ultimately, its cessation? These few queries draws us legitimately to put forth ,what changes we have brought since we first started thinking about Life? The first one could translate into if we are really content with the career initiative we pursue at the moment? Implications could be many but with the basis that we have stood forth for it and even if we haven't achieved it yet ...Theres still another day. Well so one can say the first initaitive would be to Hope for better reasonable aspects of life. Well thats being an Prudentive Optimist Assumer. If we begin with certainties ,we could end up in doubts; hence we should be content to begin with doubts,so that we end in certainties. Contentment has been widely credited with the ability to free one from the demonic influences of envy and greed, and teach one to enjoy the present regardless of the difficulties circumfering now and most important to help one achieve a fastened posture of self-identity and a spiritual sanctuary for the soul. But this Philosophy could be a paradigm to the synchronized advance of Life as it antithetical to it with the very first reason that it promotes the stagnation of one embodied thinking thrust to scale up high things of life and eventually calls up for the need of compromising act when better things could be done. Is trying to achieve spiritualistic contentment and reckless act of ours to suppress the antagonistic entities of Life? should we try facing it or should we confine to the limited bounds we know and Stop? But could that act be a tether to crop out the equanimity we are much concerned of? Or Should we sideline the contentment for a time being and adapt with the chauvinistic approach to work ahead to sort out the malfunctions of the system that defines our approach? or Should we start making distiction between the Contentment and Complacency ,though the words gives the same dictioned meaning? So many question , yet one answer we seek. Contentment as conceptualised by philosophers,is a profound state of mind and unlike Complacency ,it cannot result from cognitive assessment or external recognition of a tangible accomplishment. Neither does it emanate from the acceptance and rationalisation of an actual unsatisfactory state of affairs . Contentment and Complacency could be set apart with an example of an troubled retreat within the soul to seek for Happiness and satisfaction which is nothing but superimposed and self illusioned within the circumvent border we create. Genuine Contentment is an existential Philosophy that can be reched only when one has a deep-seated sense of the meaning and purpose of Life,While Complacency can be juxtaposed with the set of behavioral responses, like one bringing out compromising initiatives for the unachieved non-responsive episode of Life. Will it be reasonable to confine with the act of compromising with the laid down facts and limit the domain to experiment our Zeal? We Human beings have different needs at different stages and as soon as one of these level is accomplished another higher level sets in and so comes the other higher needs and these dominates our action . We could call this as an subsidised act of contentment untill an unless it doesn't motivate one to move ahead with altruistic approach and disagrees the basic law of formulated disciplined life with attitudes superseeded with the imbibing traits of any so called Social being. Could we call these level advancement an act of Greed? For me its not, Untill and unless one doesnt hamper the progress or hurt the inmates of its social arena his work can't be credited with the tag of a Greed. Its other thing that the some entities could feel jealous and might feel we are being greedy even when he is under no circumstance subjugated to any harm from our craving for next Level. Well this line could itself reciprocate and well defines one who is jealous is himself being greedy and he could be never content since he finds being content or complacent ,either with himself nor with the others. So contentment seekers , you needn't worry of the brackbits till you can reason out why your acts won't harm others . Life is a just a semaphore ,where every signal we relay is cached and outcome is something that has to be latched and multiplexed with the wide engimatic options ,some seen and some unseen. So the idea of being Content and complacent in a state of time ,and within the momentary flick of an Event is to common channelise the moral values we consider imperative and the basic formulated laws of Humanism with certain % of altruism prefixed upon it to diversify with the unconditional ,unassumed phenomenon that could occur within a blink and demand us back the moral aspects we consider utmost.


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Same case with my region... we have to go thru himachal to reach ladakh.. Shall we will build a flyway connecting AP directly with ladakh?? Together we can..11


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