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AP - are we really Unified ?

Can Arunachal take some hints from BSP supremo Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh, to bring in the required developments much needed and desired by smorgasbordic congregation of diverse Tribes of AP.
Most of the Indian states were formed on linguistic basis and with a good figure of population to support it, and quite adhered to equivocated doctrined demands, of those specific regions.
UP , with one of the highest population and various regions fused together with all the Hindi speaking people but much in a design of packed up categories of people with different beliefs. Not quite different from what India has been vociferous about, a cliche- Unity and Diversity.

But how much unified are we to reap the benefits of proper governance which is generically claused owing to the virtue of having born there, which uncannily is axiomatic to the jingoistic regionalism and paves in more of dismays for the people outside this sphere of regional influence.

Abysmal state of governance owing to large population of UP, the call for carving it into Harit pradesh, Purvanchal , awadh and Bundelkhand, is much bigger reason for the people belonging to these regions , to welcome such initiatives.
And politicalisation of this celebration, wouldn't outweigh the feelings and expectations of better and easier governance of much smaller population, rhetorically speaking.

But, why this UP event in blog for AP ? Difference is certainly the U and A letters.
U = Compromised "UTOPIAN" dream for UP people.
A= would fit in perfect for " Anonymous ALL", maybe , its time we need to start thinking about ALL.

AP has the one of the lowest population and equivalent low population density, but the state of governance seems to defy the law of proportionality , which should have been proper governance over lesser number of people. But the abject truth is; Bogged down by Regionalism along with corruption and sense of indifference , best describes the governance of AP, and their ubiquitous lacklustre performance .

So , a question moots out, Why this favoured underdevelopment for a certain sectin of the state and a superflous abundancy of wealth and opportunities for the other sects ?

Arunachal , is unique with its composition. It has one of the highest nos of Tribes and majority of which still dwelves in somewhat modified version of Neo-commercialisation era, and the lesser part getting richer, with no one being able or willing to question up this disparity.
Poor and weak , certainly can't question up those Rich and strong; and certainly the benefits of mutual co existence would stop , a rich and strong questioning another of its breed.

So, where do we draw lines from ?
Does diversification of various tribes, with their own region of control, adds much of the virus that attacks , systematic governance. Or is this just a reciprocation of being in sync with what Diversification accounts for , much leading to the favoritism and apathy ?
Well, you guessed it right, one has to face the either of two and any linear theory would support that.

So, does Arunachal exemplifies the Unity in diversity ? ( remember, we've been silent on this for long).
Or does Arunachal exemplifies, a compromised state supporting this cliche, paradoxically ?

Clearly a different paradigm is at work- a paradigm in which a stronger regional tribe with higher population and a capital to control , dictates the terms, atleast most of the times.
Hence the redundant state of this unification.

If this had to be contradictory, then a person involved in some fights with a guy of different region, (in the former's region of control) wouldn't sum up the reason fro the bashings of his fellow tribe people , in the later guy's region of control.
Few months back, Rajiv Gandhi polytechnic students from a specific region had to face this regionalism.
Ok, the point isn't that, the one who has faced such bashings for his no wrong doings, would also favor such, atleast in his region of control, (majority does, few can be exception).

And, this diversification wouldn't have made Roing people to suffer the agony of Darkness(no electricity) for more than 5 months, just because of torrential rainfall, which inundated the Hydel and does it repeatedly even after its repair. And When I talked to an Assistant Engineer, regarding this, he said , to solve this problem permenantly , a modest amount of some 18 + crores, is required , and Arunachal govt is sufficiently poor to sanction that, and all crorepati ministers would be indifferent to that, except for the local MLA , who by virtue has to face the people's lamentations.
Please, 5 months is a long time , that too without power in an age where electricity has become a necessity.
This would be the perfect example of regional favoritism , formulated by ministers who are indifferent to the woes of other region. Maybe , we need to get divided, for the better cause , imaginatively.
To blend in some more points, Roing has been suffering , despite having gained a big name in Big Hydel projects coming up , and Roing people's reluctancy to support the cause , which these politicians think, is for the greater cause of Humanity.
To think about 18+ crores for a district to solve its power problem wouldnt have coughed up the coffers of Govt, but , all I can draw picture is, it was just a power play to teach these people a lesson. Different perceptions.

So, will carving out different states from AP , be a boon for people, who feels they have been out classed ?
I feel, for the better of the mass, and to let most(people)of them feel their role in governance can certainly be attained by dividing the state.
The cultural adjustements atleast would have to take backstage this time.
The Idea, is upon the role played by all the people and letting have them a say, in atleast most of the issues which concerns them, atleast for the sake of accountability , which infact will slowly give rise to a better and conscious thoughts much needed for state or social building.

This thought of having different state doesn't necessarily suffice for being anti national. One can always rejoice of being a proud Indian.

Regional politics certainly bolsters the favoritism toward the natives of their region. Such actions by a group, like individuals tend to act in their own self interest , rather than out of nobility or altruism. And its for better cause of their respective community. But, does such actions accomodate the benefits, the other region people can harvest ?
Yes, legitimacy by legal and constitutional constraints , would certainly cause them to , but can we believe the accomodation has been thorough ?
No wonder, such secessionists ideas wouldn't die so soon . Maybe countries like United States, would inspire us, which prudently boasts of more states ( 50 ) , lesser population to control for each, and better governance , much unlike the populist ideas of Plurality and Diversity , caged in.


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