Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Arunachali Menopause !

A menopause of systemic evils in Arunachal Pradesh and lack of will to bring about change, certainly moots us, the question , are we really responsible for our own dismayed conditions and what better thing it would be than to assess ourselves and live by the rules of game, we call it fair.

Ya there's this dire need that we start self assessing whats in our hand... Blame game needs to stop or else its rate has to reduce so that we realise that we're accountable for what we reap.
I seriously can't understand why people relate Arunachali's impoverishment with the central's policy.
NSCN and other factions shouldn't be an inspiring initiative. Our History as a peaceful state has always done us good...nevertheless provides us solace, when we visualize how grave the situation is in NE due to these unwanted anti social elements.

Does it sounds most of the time --- " A lack of political will and an anti-NE bias nature rather than constitutional/legal constraints that prevents ameliorative actions that can be paved down the line for NE ?

We seriously need to accept that we are responsible for our own development and not always the central's policy.

As of the quagmires in our vicinity of how and what needs to be brought in so as to address the allround development very much talked about, we need to make ourselves accountable for most of the state's policy... ok what changes could be brought rhetorically ?

The solution i would seek here for would be not about simply knowing what's happening around but to keep a will to strive for changes that are pertinent for our social upliftment.
We need to be in the grassroot level to know about it. We need more youths who are aware of their basic rights and always ready to scrutinize any of the State's policy which obviously concerns our social arena.

A problem that I have seen which is quite ubiquitous with our traditional chauvinism . I wouldn't be going against the Tribal culture but ya surely against Tribal attitude of taking out any differences.
Lack of Good leadership and any election in AP seems to be a helm of family affair. That's the perennial truth that gets packaged with the so called cloistered tribalism we are usually geared up with. Complacency among us seems to be quite a favourite invisible trait.

We all know a lot about the ongoing AP politics, and the rampant open corruption machinery in any govt.billings.
Come MARCH ... and thats when the State treasury seems to be active of most and generous to only few pockets of those who hasn't fialed to comply with the corrupted prism of AP.

How many of us have ever thought of doing anything regarding that ? OK... thats good... atleast we're discussing about it. But over virtued pragmatism with a zeal to sustain a seemingly happy life in AP seems to thrash away the virtual AP that most of us here dream for.
Are we ready to take radical steps and bring about changes atleast within our social arena even if it comes with questioning our elders ? Reluctancy here could tag well !!

At economical front, China seems to best describe the wonderful economy of the recent times. Hence most of the times we try aligning a vague dream...if this had been that... we would have been chinese and enjoyed the economical boom.

India's economy as presented by any media would show us healthy figures. currently 8.4%GDP and ambitious plan of achieving double digit gdp figure in its next 5 year plannings.

India's growth has been propelled principally by Services, which includes Banking, BPOs, media, software and so on , and all of these includes employment of skilled labour.

The standard ASIAN miracle economies of all the times...korea, taiwan and even china has always been all about deploying larger amound of labour and capital in Manufacturing and constructions which otherwise includes both the skilled and Unskilled labours.

But, Indian economy boom is mostly due to the service sectors which dominates the indian economy at 55% of gdp.

Now, how does it relates to AP ?
A truth that...we have large segment of unskilled labours in AP should be helpful enough for the state govt to take initiatives and bring about the needed reforms.

Vocational courses for these unskilled labours should be one of the prime agenda of the state govt .
If at all we AP, want to contribute anything remarkable to the country's growth it could be through the Manufacturing and construction or otherwise the UNorganised sectors.
A software company being established in AP would be a distant dream.

And if we want to have our peoples contributing more to the organised sectors, we need to better our EDUCATION system.
Govt plans should add value to the existing system in a cumulative fashion.
There is a lack of long term perspective in most of our plans. The over emphasis in meeting the short term project goals of spending and implementation has trapped the our govt policies and its functionaires into a system of low efficiency equilibrium status where things appears to be Happening- keeping people busy and the money flowing- but do not add up to anything significant.

So with the improvement in basic education being meted out to peoples can bring a lot change about in the skilled resourceful labour pool that we can have in our near future.

My Conclusion here would be with .. we realise we are responsible for our plight... blame games seldoms bring any changes.

With the ending words by Marian edelman : " We must not, in trying to think how we can make big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make, which over time, add up to a big difference we often cannot foresee. "


Manideep 1:52 PM  

I agree with you when you say that we are responsible for our doom. As an Assamese belonging to a tribal community I can well relate to what you mean. We are very good in putting the blame on others, not very different from other mainstream paople! It is, I believe,due to the lack of political will at local level to solve problems and address larger issues of the society that we are witnessing complete break down of state machinery. I would say that centre is doing its work of channeling funds to the poor NE states but it is the responsibility of the state to see that the fund is being utilized in the right places effectively and not warming the individual pockets of a handful. Corruption is rampant all over NE and what is even more dangerous is that it is becoming the coolest trend! What I don't understand is that ultimately who is going to suffer or benefit? Afterall, everyone has to live there!

EmoreL 12:26 PM  

Ya.. manideep ... I agree with you.

lack of will ....thats a thing that has got most, to do here.
People are blind upon amassing money...

corruption is the root of all....
Lets see, what we've in store for us...



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