Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Mom

I was born in Roing, had a great childhood and still remember few of the first friends I'ad in my life .
My mom Supti Ekru, is something I would miss for whole of my Life. I've seen the Hardship she has had in her Life. My Life story if I was to tell you would circulate back to the days I'ad with my Mom.
My dad, the most gentle creature I've ever come across is something am really proud to say, is my own. I still remember, those childhood days, when I was as naughty and short tempered one could be(though i'm not now).
Believe me, even at the age of 5-6 I used to have fights with my Parents, on petty things that, I need 100 bucks so that I can go and hang around with my friends,watch movie or any other stuff. I would burst down on any other member of the family if there was nothing at home that i could serve to my friends.
And in many occassions, i remember having ran away from home be it morning dusk or late night, just because i got scolded from my Mom or Dad.
Till date, i can remember , it was only once that I got a slap(not that forceful) from my Dad in whole of my Life, even after having, given him some serious troubles. It was my Mom that I remember, who would discipline me up, with some serious beatings if I did anything wrong and wouldn't listen to them. I wished, if I had had someone to do the same now.... beat me... love me... and be real closer to me....
One incident I recall foremost is about, Ya, when I was in ..hmmm... 2nd standard. I asked for some 100bucks from my Dad and he was reluctant in giving that, then like as usual I started yelling and throwing all the stuffs near me , around. It was my Mom who came to my Dad's rescue.
What next... a nice beating from my Mom then like as usual....I ran away from my home, just to return back with hungry stomach.
It was my Mom who beat me up, but when I returned silently, I confronted her first and said "Nani(mom in my language), lets leave this house " ...... hahaha.... In normal cases, I should have confronted my Dad for that. But..... I loved my Mom above all....
I still remember my Mom crying, when I would Leave for my Hostel at the end of vacation.
I was in a residendential school in Itanagar at that time.
I miss those days... when I would curl down my Hands around her during night and feel the warmest of everything.

I left DPVB Itanagar for VKV Roing and this was if am correct my 5th school and I was getting enrolled in class 5 now.
I was in my Hometown, but still was made to Live in a hostel despite my numerous fiasco escapades from Hostel.
VKV as its known for the kind of Malnourished and Never Tasty food they serve, was to be my School for another 4 years. Outside foods, biscuits or any other eatables were not allowed inside the hostel. Incase, anybody brings it, then He would have to share with all other guys in the hostel.
Well I was kind of expert in concealing those stuffs. My Mom, she used to visit me every weekend with biscuits unlike any other parents in the whole schools. She was always punctual with the routine she had framed to meet me everyweekend with Biscuits.
I'ad heard lots of comments from my mates owing to that. But, I was proud ... I had a Mom who would walk down more than a km and never fail to provide me the biscuits.
Then my demands started changing as I went to higher standard. Now, it was about cooked chicken from Home..... and I was covered with that too.

Month:october , Year : 1997

I remember the Last visit my Mom, gave me during the VKV Roing days. It was Diwali and we had no classes ...and I really wanted to go to my Home, even if its for few hours. I called her up and She was there as usual for me. I told my desire about visiting Home, she told , she would Talk to Mr.K.P.Rao(our principal) for it.
I still remember she heading all the way through a road near our football field to the Principal's office. She returned just to tell me that Principal didn't allow her to take me home.
I was sobbing and asked her again to go back to the principal's office and make a more fervent request . She went again to the Office...and returned with the same reply of being not allowed.
I So much felt, inside me to go home and sleep beside my Mom that Day.
She promised to send me some crackers through someone else by evening and Left.
I got my Crackers by evening as promised.
That was the Last visit she gave me in VKV Roing.

November came.... it was the windiest month i can recall till date.
I got ill , I was suffering from Dysentry . For past two-three days I was being sent to Hospital for check up....but my condition was still the same. I was happy inside. I thought, this might atleast make the Teachers to call my Parents and ask them to take me Home. I was waiting for that moment anxiously.
It was Nov 16 , time :after 5pm . We were having prayers in our Hostel. I didn't attend the prayer that evening, since I was still weak due to my illness. There was no Power in the Hostel, I was sleeping Tucked inside the folded Bedding . Everyone was in the prayer Hall.
All of sudden I heard some voices , and could see the beam of the torch light too , walking toward me. I saw my Cousin elder brother 'Tama ' with the Principal. I could hear the prayer still going on in the adjacent Hostel. I was so much delighted to see him, and thought they might have called him since I was sick... so ..that I could go home.
Rao sir, told me there was some urgent work in my Home and my presence was required there. I sensed something fishy, suddenly a Cat crossed my way , I got afraid.
I went toward the gate with my brother, sat on his bike and started for Home.
In the whole journey of 5mins from school to my House, he didn't utter a single word. I felt the greatest fear of my Life. I reached home, just to see an ambulance parked outside the house and many other Known relatives outside my room. I still remember the "white Hospital stretcher " kept near the Door to my room. My Dad, came near me and holded me tightly with red tearful eyes.... i couldn't take it. I was looking for my Mom now. Where is she , why isn't she outside .... I ran inside the House ..... and saw my Mom lying Silent in her Death bed.
That was the Last time.... I saw my close.
And I infact still miss her daily.
Wished she were here or I was there above with her.


Tyler 3:13 AM  

:~( *no words to say, Romey*

Chandrakant Mohanty 4:00 PM  

Dear Rome,

I am chandrakant mohanty. I can understand ur feelings and felt truly sorry. Dear everbody come in this world to go. so as any dearest. We all are with u to share ur sorrows and happiness. Please dont feel alone. smile smile and smile :)


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