Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Paradoxes and Self-actualisation!

Idu ,the tribe with a strong sense of keeping the Tradition and culture ahead of all the things.Being an Idu binds a person with so many unknowns faces to the so called string of Relatives(ANA). This Ana tradition has been followed since the times Idu community was brought up. But mind it! Everything has an Starting point and thats
where the rules of how things should go ahead in a society ,emerges. With all the strong reasons and the supposition of the implications that a specific Law could have on the entity of the Society in the near future ,these rules were brought to light and after a general
consensus these laws were implemented and then passed on. Its great and proud to acknowledge that though We don't have any drafted documents which could be preserved for the generations ahead to remind that We are social beings and social laws should be proportional to activity of ours ,Still these has passed from generations to next ,and has been looked upon with all the earnest efforts compromising the outcomes ,be it creative or ugly. I won't say this is a kind of orthodox community instead its much flexible compared to those there in Rest part of India. But I need to remind the present generation ,are'nt we much reasonable than those
who lived long time ago and drafted out the unending ,controversial(not exactly) and incorrigble Laws of "ANA-Ship" . I guess the readers can get what I intend to say with the Anaship problem
that has all been here in our society and has survived like an unassumed sequential thesis in our society and is really alarming at the present stage ,where we are at the brink of Saturation.
We are Social beings and its no doubt without representating ourselves as an related relative vector of time runned Social arena ,to the other entities of Society we can never say we have been Socialistic and our approach to imbibing the traits of our community has been a successfull. Relation is just the synonym
of a Social link we make through the entire process of life. Hence relating ourselves to the other entities of the community is basis from where we can start defining a Well Established Community.So with the earnest belief I feel we should be respecting the Relations that we share . But the point I want to make is that these relations should'nt be made the scapegoat of others doings.
We have a so laid rule that if a guy marries a woman who's related to him (after a hefty calculations of the generation branches)then the interconnected entities of the generating branches that was once generated by the fore runners of the family has an resultant output that their known relation are in Jeopardy due the unknown relatives who wishes to unite. This implies Today's related Sister of mine ,Tomorrow could be someone who's an unrelated entity of my family relation ,and what more;I could even ask for her hand !. Can I do that ? Will someone stop me if I said now she is an Achimi(non-relative) now and I have the whole right of doing that because am Idu and Idu rules allows to marry an Achimi. Well ! I would be the first one to stop myself from doing that since my conscience would never allow me that. So should'nt a Law and it's results, be applicable to the general conscience of any Idu.And mind it I would never go against two souls being united ,if it's something that can be compromised.
As I had highlighted that the our community had a starting point when these laws were framed for the good of the peoples involved,but at that time Our population was quite less and there might had been lack of connection between the various sections within our community ,each having a well defined Surname to tag with his usual name.
Hence to bridge these sections it became an important part to single channelise the whole to a common ground of so called Relative. And our history tells us there were constant fights among these sections (Village wars) and perhaps there could be no better solution than implementing this ANASHIP to end up the conflicts and harmonise
the society. So some wise Martinets must have thought of framing the Anaship and to prevent its future confrontations they ammended the biblical stringent laws . But let me be frank ,they had no idea of how it would saturate the whole community and frustrate the future generation. Some might say am disrespecting them but I know for sure with all my feelings that we present generations are full of reasons and these reasons are just the outcome of the stages , events and rules that we have been subjugated to,and its very natural that our future generations would be much more reasoning than us.Thats how Time factor works with its entities.
So should we sacrifice our reasons for the reasons that are of less weightage. I won't . your's decision
are solely yours. Do we need to bring changes? I will try hard,cause I should be reasonable to my future generation.
I said Try because I alone can't represent a society and initiatives need to be taken together with equitable peoples who wish to be answerable to the next generation of ours. We are the faces of tomorrow and its not a revolution that we seek ,it's just a reasonable compromising solution that we ask for the currently most besotted problem with some segments of Anaship.
Well I can't say am someone with the solution but am sure to say am here to contribute and this might look to someone am an another frustrated Idu guy but to be frank I can say am frustrated just not because of this so called thing pegs limitations to my freedom but it does more to the reasons we have.
INITIATIVES REQUIRED? a question upon which you could add up things , that's your views. Well I would really appreciate if any of the correspondents replies me back with the view and reasons if we really do need to take up the initiatives and HOW?
Well being an ''to be engineer" I could say we develop a Software Programming whereby we can add the whole Idu population name which existed and which does now, with the corresponding progenitors subtitles and branches. Maybe this could just bring our compatible counterpart in just a fingertip. Write down your name and whom You seek and "ENTER" , you get back the whole list of reasons why you two could be compatible or why U two aren't? (COMPATIBILITY CALCULATOR) (Engineers Wanted!!!)Haha!! well Jokes apart ... I would really appreciate if you could take up some precious time of yours and reply me back,with your views and thoughts. This contribution of yours could be the next step for the Fulcrum around which the rat race with the time could start. Well it's just a initiation of complacent effort that we seek to be in Sync with the purpose would take.
Pass it to every idu youths you know and please, I know someone who knows me well could say am Novice in this Traditional Talks ,well! would appreciate if you could take me in your Discussions.



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