Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Arunachal politico syndrome !

Recent upheavals and upsurges in karnataka politics has really caught my mind and am forced upon to ask myself, if Arunachal govt or political scenario is far from being different or just reels around to mock ourselves that ; we've been this way,eversince AP people started voting or little bit of education system added more as an dossier to chronically corrupted mindset of policy makers of AP. Or would the bigger question tantamount to , Arunachal people are doesn't mind who cheats them or is it the other way round, Arunachal politicians doesn't mind cheating people.... anyway, the conclusion would sum up to the same.
Expectations and promises seldom intersects, when Political graph would be drawn.
But, I guess its time..... People start asking upon smallest of the small expectations, atleast for the better halves of our life that we could rejoice on.

Karnataka's recent drama over handing over CM's post to BJP from JD(S) just highlights, how few Indians have been anarchic about the power greedy and highly lobbied political system, which in other word exemplifies the worst part of our constitution already in the World Genius Record for being the lengthiest.
Are we making Fuss over the lengthy course of this biblical constitution which certainly paves in for Topsy-Turvy climaxes , very much at the distaste for the common public ?
A question seldom unanswered by the stalwarts of our constitution, or else there would be none to answer that if it takes place.
The Ironical part of this Lengthy democratic setup has seldom paid heed to the efficiency of this machinery and any Sensible Indian would certainly bogged by the compromises one gets to make all the way....maybe so as to pay homage to the truly lengthy constitution.
K'taka CM Kumaraswamy , inexplicably shows how power hungry is our whole political system( and all this way...we thought it happened only in AP, amusing ) , hence he decides not to resign and handover the post to equally power malnourished yediyurappa of JD(S), even though after having made a deal of 20-20months power share basis before the coalition govt was formed. Kumaraswamy certainly portrays, the good lad gone bad by not standing upon his words, and hence he takes this chance over betrayal avatar he would impress upon people's thought.

I was pondering.... Arunachal certainly can boast of more Kumaraswamys than K'taka.

One would get frustrated .... and certainly people all over are getting fed up with the politicians and their lackadaisical performances and also their instability factor . And this factor, which acts upon them as an external force to the CM wannabes (of AP) , provides certain amount of acceleration to the already (a)Massed body (loaded with haram ka paisas) ....
and EUREKA !!! what we've is an scientific expression to explain over the quagmires we've been amassed with ; F=M*A .
Maybe we atleast start working over this basics of physics, before the variables starts getting over.
Not a new truth revealed for any Arunachali , Throw in some crores to each MLAs and u're the new CM .
CM wannabes in Arunachal would certainly put one of our woes to shambles.
Who told ... Arunachal isn't a good field for Investments ? Ok, its not the FIIs that am talking about , but the Domestic investors , atleast.
NHPC certainly tops the lead , with NTPC and Reliance and other following the suit.

So, my question would be..... Is Arunachal , worth only for investing on Worth(ful or less?) CM wannabes, or could there be far better sectors or resources , that might attract money inflows ?

One of the question that should certainly answer ... why we lag most of the times.... and its not the vice versa of getting Time-lagged .

This is nothing short of , but to qualify as the most brazen truth , much for the distastes of AP people, that , we've always been surrounded and hounded by Greedy class of political breeds , to whom only power and money appetizes and hardly a room for people's woes and lamentations.

No wonder, Shopping plazas and bigger commercial complexes and apartments are popping up in and around the vicinity of our Capital 'Itanagar' only.
Ever since having attained the statehoodship , Development hasn't stopped around itanagar. Well, thats a good thing to reckon with , atleast we(non capital populace) can take pride of burgeoning infrastructures cropping up in our capital.
But, the Parody or else the ironical part of this would be, A systematic comparision of our Rich Capital with numerous tinsel towns , all across Arunachal Pradesh, which should make it a picture clear description of the apathy cornered , by our political classes settled with their kins in Capital and overdosed with the self indulgence , adding much to the peoples grievances .

Now a logical question .... Why Itanagar only ?
Does it has anything to do with the basic laws of economics, more spending power ....more business hence. Maybe to start with, this laws hold true .
But, why has this phenomenon of growing purchasing power or surging income , confined only to the dormitories of Itanagar ? Or is it just an unexplainable part to be assumed that all peoples in Itanagar are born Rich.
But, that would be contradict my experiences of having seen few poorest and still in their era of hunting and farming Nyishi people , around the Capital.

Well, that would set forth me to prop up another question , why this much difference in Earnings or say the living standard index, much to the dismay of majority of the population , becoming just a mere spectators of watching few people becoming crorepatis , be it the MLAs or the PDS contractors or the Engineers.

Its time we realize and accept this downtrodden fact , which is nothing but an irrevocable reality, that , we've one of the worst pathetic policy makers which certainly would impede the sanguine sights , that we set for Future Arunachal.
Political class, can seldom be trusted..... and it starts within our family.
Our politicians certainly enjoys the choice of amassing crores of ruppees over remaining loyal to their people , for which they can mortgage the later too.
Not too different from breeds of politicians quite ubiquitous all over India, but certainly the one and only of the breed that takes pride shamelessly each and every time they get elected.
With a pride that never counters its prejudices or conscience(they seem void of) or sensibilities any leaders by nature should have had.

My worst fear is, if this present generation of political breeds are just moulding the next generation of policy makers not much different from their compositions.
Answer to these , certainly lies within us and we seriously need to look for whats really worth living and standing up for.


dyutita 12:10 AM  

ur article is awesome dear, the thing I realize in our politics is nothing but greed for money and power. they never think about state and forget about country. The most important thing I realized is we are very good in mocking of our politicians but really patetic in thinking our role in such beauracratic model. How many times we bribe policemen and various government officals to fulfill our needs. So its very good in talking but telling u its very dangerous and pathethic in implementing such honest approach friend. Dont take it otherwise and think that I am cynical about ur post. Its really awesome but thats our tendancy so first we will have to change our ourself then we can change something else...

Rome Mele 10:53 AM  

Thanks dyutita.
I agree with you, we are always good and busy in mocking politicians but rather we should be serious about what minute differences we make to bring changes, be it in bureaucratic or social levels.

Ya, I also agree , Honesty at this age is an outdated concept to rely on. And it would be an instance of self mockery and amusement, to propagate such vehemently in the society we live of now. But, it isn't always pathetic to imbibe as you might think, or otherwise we wouldn't be trusting anyone by now...and am glad , I trust scores of people around. Ya, thats personal....its about being honest in personal domain. But, maybe this little domain can make a hell lot of influence over the other bigger domains that we venture on.

Nice thoughts though...hard in implementing. Roger that ! :)


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