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Where do we lack " Arunachal Perspective " ?

(This is just an summary of the discussion we'ad once in Arunachal community , themed "Strategies for development of AP". )

There's this fact that, infant industries have very less chance in the struggle for governmental encouragement than infant pigs have with the full grown swine , about a meal tub. But something has to be done and the consciously stated , though late... the time is now. It's an ironical situation prevailing right now. No denying , AP is figure-wise the largest among all other NE states but when comparative analysis of the industrial developments (or whtever) is taken into account , a plightful ratio of developmental aspects and natural resources can be witnessed. Most of the AP ppls who wish to reach the capital has to travel through Assam. We've become so much dependent on Assam . A day as bandh in Assam has the same calibre to cripple the businesses in AP. That's a parody , a state which has to boast so much about the natural resources it encompasses has to rely on a neighbouring state just to reach its capital.Maybe we can look out for the developments in AP at first stage by interlinking of every major towns in AP without touching any of the other states. Self-reliance is worth striving for. Ya, this would be a mammoth task when one considers the terrains of AP. But for the mammoth dreams we aspire for one has to start with something . If we start accounting over how much all Arunachali spends a day in Assam (travelling or staying) , i guess it would shamelessly equal the other counterpart . So , a revenue through a well connected roads within AP would surely help the mass.

But whom do we rely to provide us solutions to these kind of problems? Certainly not the present kind of govts we've or had , who are much interested in privatising all profits and nationalising all losses. But certainly its not we alone too. If we don't vote , we wont get a good govt to address our problems. And at the end of the day , when we do vote...we have always got a mediocre govt who makes so much noises for all wrong reasons and we on other hand accept injustice or denial of promises to the downtrodden as an irrevocable reality. And to be precise thats a CATCH-22 situation. Maybe the solution to these kind problems could be addressed by self-conscious peoples(like U'all) to be the witness to these problems and act more accordingly to bring out much alike minded peoples in power. And its never too late to understand that any need that gives momentary pleasure for price has to be subjugated to the longer collective needs of a society.

"Human resource ": Thats wht moulds the laws and dynamics of any place. Fight has to begin within the over convoluted conscious mind of eachone of us, which has become so much resilient to the ongoing events and is sure bound to harm the prospective aspirations we dream for. Complacency cant be a substitution for the compromises we make. A revolution at this stage is something hard to ask for and would substantially be called an crap. The attitudes of the peoples has to change first .And this isn't something that can be achieved overnite but if tried, this could eventually add up to encouragement and awareness of peoples around. So what could be done ? Am not a psychologist to give u few tips on wht could bring about changes. But , a suggestion which if you inculcate daily for a min atleast , could give you the answers. Do we ask daily ...am I witnessing the right thing at the right moment wrt AP , and if I can bring about a change within the accountable circumference of my social network?Am pretty sure... one would surely find the answers if he really wishes to, no matter hw many years it takes. Maybe , a year after that we can see a sea of change in AP . That's being a prudent optimist.And maybe our perspections of viewing events and oblivious reactions in a typical tribal attitude has to change. What concerns me the most , is the hot-headed attitude of most of the AP peoples. When certain things goes awry , any theorem of probability seems to support , a tribal guy thinking about being physical to the reactions he's supposed to produce. That's an uncanny thing , but a hard to deny fact within our so called self-demarcated ego obsessed world. This at the end, it makes us reluctant to go with the mind. It becomes a simple objective he feels to attain in a day, paving a way for "DIG IN 4 URSELF" propaganda. So from my point of view , I feel this kind of hot-tempered attitude chained with the tribalism is bound to deprive us of many good things ahead much in a collossal approximation.

"Dignity of labour " : Seems fighting a febble war against the expectations we and our social arena expects from us. Docs and engineering seems to be the prized capitalization of any worthful son/daughter , which infact would pave a much smooth passage to the doctrines of pre-supposition of everything in world and then creativity would cease to exist. We need to make the peoples aware of wide horizons of opportunities and creativities one can take up beside engineering. No wonder, we havent seen any engineer or doc from AP , developed or achieved great feats. This statement should not picturise a discouragement from the two above. But the prevailing situation in AP needs to be addressed fast . If a student fails to get a good engg coll , he/she is viewed as a failure , which infact is not. This kind of attitude has and would always be detrimental to any states growth. We need to shed this kind of attitude first. World's beyond building houses or operating living beings.

“Human mind is selfish” as slammed by Dockins ;everybody of us wud like to see our family members in decent positions in society,that’s not bad I guess, bt in order to achieve that feat encouraging the present way of getting things done ,in particular, the govt. sector in Ar (unfortunately till date only entrepreneur)is certainly not approvable .….Bribe the minister ,heads…that’s much more easier than actually acquiring the best qualities for a positon and get the job…. Unfortunately even the deserving candidates apprehensive of being eliminated tends to abide by the prevalent way, not to tak abt undeserved ones and the vicious cycle continues with a consequent detrimental mental impact built up that has continued to engulf the educated youth generation grotesquely…We need to break this viscious cycle……Bt how??.napotism is an instinct that we possess? To cap it all we hv imbibed this trait of being lazy n won’t like to compete wid others elsewhere…Is the govt. service sector the only source of livelihood in this world (seems true in Ar) ? coz u don’t HV TO WORK, get payment, job security and damned retirement pensions also…Dignity of labour if exist in the state, wud certainly encourage lots of unemployed youths to take up professions in other fields irrespective of status consideration or else to be competitive enough to fight for a right job anywhere instead of forming those uncountable associations and nag each other bitterly and later mingle with the prevalent chaotic socio-political condition.. Professional counselling has been another need of the hour.Do u think u and me enjoy or will enjoy the future expected profession? Seems docs and engineers r the only ones considered as profession in Ar…its very unlikely for such professionals to carry out their jobs sincerely in future also coz u need to enjoy the thing u do to execute work effectively.

Health care: Ya, this certainly is the backbone of any economy much in a latent way . Everyone's well acquainted with the plightful scenarios that most of the AP govt hospitals has in store for us , which infact also has the potential of becoming the breeding ground for an epidemic to start. The hospitals which should actually be an example of how to keep hygeinic surrounding , deviates the most in a real situation in AP. Who could be blamed ? Thats something an un-invansion-able territory of human being , loading off the blames to someone else. And a sheer truth...am one of it too. ;)Shall we've to blame Authorities who fails to keep up with jobs assigned to them. Certainly yes . But is there anybody else ....(thinking , whom to blame now)...other than them .... Ya , we got Politicians and its cabal of money laundering white collared bosses ...who are one among the prime reason of delay in paying salaries to most of the govt. workers. If I continue... i know i'll end up blaming myself and few of you .... who are the reason to have brought such kind of politicians to take care of our state . Double jeopardy ???? hmmm is tht?As , Tamo had stated .... promotion of privatisements of hospitals , this could help a lot . So u sow , so shall u reap. And private party exactly knows wht they are dealing with. But , there should be a governing body within the govt to mandate upon the uncalled activities of private parties which knows nothng but the profit. Which infact tantamounts to extortion of money from poor . So double jeopardy again. ;) .. but being optimist sure does help . So hail the private hospitals !!!

Power Sector :
Uninterrupted supply of electricity to all should be motto for each and every Arunachali. But are we getting it? The various stated power generation potentials of our state varies from 25,000 mega watt to 50,000 mega watt, but the per capita consumption of power in the NE region is only 106 KW per hour against the national average of 368 KW per hour. Why?
AP , which has so much to boast of its wild rivers and a pretty atmospheric conditions to provide torrent rainfalls to boost its much talked hydels , at end seems pyrrhic. A hydel plant in most of the AP towns are so vulnerable to a single heavy rain slash, even though its for an hour, and what we get after that is the hours of blackout-hours. Climatic conditions in AP has always favoured heavy rainy seasons , and when a hydel plant breaks down owing to heavy rain , I can't understand why we resolve on repairing something which will break again , instead of starting up a much better stronger plant which could withstand for few years atleast .
Less funds....?? Ahhh... thats the only reason to lament out.Again Govt ??
According to 2001 census, there are 212,615 households in the state with 54.7% of electricity. We don’t know whether the electricity provided is for twenty four hours or for two hours daily in these households and the remaining half of brothers are still in mercy of primitive days of kitchen fire or of oil lamps and candles. So do we need mega, micro hydro power projects in lieu of unknown cost of wealth in terms of lost of rich biodiversity found no where else in the country and the world, which is still yielding her secrets in discovery of new mammal and plant species.

Political affairs:
With low population and with quite educated mass still there is rampant corruption and petty politics are hampering our growth. Whom to blame; politicians? Or ourselves?First of all we have to accept the truth that corruption is way of human life, take any civilizations and society or culture there is always a form of corruption one way or other. Corruption is like a HIV virus, the virus itself does not kill the patients (our case society), just it reduces the immune system of body to fight back (our case you and me) .The ways of corruptions begins to show his ugly head only when it is beyond a limit. So, what is limit of corruption? And who determines it? Many men have gone and will go while trying to determine extend and ways to prevent the forms of corruptions. So, how we can at least retard the growth of this cancerous tumor; we have to first identify the roots of this tumors. What are the roots of corruption in our Arunachal society? Politicians? Baring few politicians like Daying Ering and Dera Natung, our states have not produced another dynamic and clean politician. But the root of corruption lays in us –the public. During the election season we hear politicians throwing lakhs of money, where that money goes, obviously to our pockets. Check this flow of money in to your pocket, a sustainable amount of corruption is checked. Make this little knowledge acknowledge by the majority of the public, you have a clean politician. A politician thus elected will think twice to amass money once elected when he has not wasted any. Even then there may be corruption (since it’s our way of life) but surely it will be in much smaller magnitude. But, what if, two or more equally corrupt individuals are contesting as candidates?There is way in our constitution in 49’O of Article 44 (eci.gov.in.)It says: "In a particular constituency, if a voter has dislike to all of thecandidates competing there, then he can show his dislike to all of them by registering for 49'O.Steps for doing this: 1. while registering the name by the time of voting, convey thebooth officials that "I want to go for 49'O".2. Register your signature in the 49'O form available there.Now, if the number of 49'O count is larger than that of the winningcandidates total vote count, then a re-election is called there.More than all, the shameful fact is, this 49'O is available ever since 1960, but it is in no way conveyed to the people. Neither the government communicates this, nor did the election commission. As long as the people are unaware of this one, the political parties are enjoying by winning the election and ditching our state/country. To stop this disaster to continue further, we don't need to take a sword and fight against the government.Just help every citizen to know that they have such a powerful weapon whichcan be used for ensuring their welfare.Communicate this information with all your family, friends, and neighbors and lets make sure that everyone speaks about this word "49'O" before next election.So that’s cover a major chunk of our tumor, so what about other smaller cancerous tumors-the Babus and Saabs. If, we have a somewhat clean politician these small fishes can be tackle a lot. But what about present situation when we have almost no clean politicians; I suggest form civil society groups like us (we orkutwallas), identify these crooks. Use Right to Information Act (its office lays opposite to Secretariat office) and file, if needed PIL against them. They will come in to line.

Developmental activities are rampant everywhere, but the Arunachal's pace toward it is just a laggard. Isn't our state govt bothered about that ? Or, is it just a lackadiasical apathy cornered by the Central Govt toward not so beneficial state in terms of revenues or contribution to national GDP ?
AP , which has been a sovereign state of India for the past 50+ years has not been bestowed , what the other counterparts of Indian states has had. Central government too busy , amusing the coalition parties and oppositions , has never had the time to address the grave issues of AP. On the other hand , the state govt of AP , caricaturises the bohemian way of self indulgence and always with an agenda of changing its party name so as to please the govt at the centre. And to lay out a brazen truth , the state govt in AP is always decided by the central govt ... which speaks much in the doldrums of AP ppls . There's no denying fact that if the state govt is much in coherence with the central , the state is always benefited interms of fund allocations. But , this leads to the complacent attitude that central govt has for us. I would say if central govt had the least of possible concern for AP peoples and the management of allocated funds , then we could have had a CBI and other organisations which could crackdown on the misuse of govt funds. But , despite the crystal clear fact that , corruption in AP has now become a pre-requisite to be in a tandem of self-procurement , there has never been any such organisations allowed to function independently. Why is that ? Till the state govt very well continues to please the dictums of central , who would like getting involved in making a fuss about the irrelevant issues which would cut-on their pockets.

And this wouldn't surprise us , we see the same compositioned party reclusively changing the State party name every time there's relative power shift in the centre. It's high time our government start addressing us for what exactly they have been elected for. The rest of the political spectrum is quite diverse, and I believe that its very plurality is a cause for corruption increasing. Anti-incumbent voting is rampant in both federal and state elections, causing many political parties to accelerate their collection of bribes rather than take a longer-term view. And for these reasons , we need to make our voices heard , and developmental aspects which could reach the masses ,as i feel doesnt come up without the role of government. It's our government and we certainly need to have the say. Maybe if we start using the Right to Information acts and scrutinize the corrupt officials , maybe we can see a sea of revolution much in its latent way. Then maybe we can hope to hear what our 2 MPs elected to parliament has done till date. Ya, i've never seen and not at all interested in listening to the brickbacks of Houses , but would be inspired to do so if i get to know that our MP's too are active there. It's no denying fact that , it's the people who start revolutions, be it in social domain or economic domain or IT domain. But , hard reality facts of life needs to be addressed first. Employment doesn't come cheap these days , self-employment professes the best option , but not everyone can self-employ itself and keep away from governments , which by very nature dictates a common man's life. And if a govt sensible towards these issues of self employment , come's up , then maybe we can see what swiss had seen in it's developing stage.

Objectives in brief :
1. Advocate "dignity of labour" amongs our ppl
2. Opening of border trades with China and Myanmar
3. Improve hydro power utilization in AP and bring the same to that stage where it wud be possible to provide electricity to all.
4. Finding ways to improve agricultural productions
5. Creating roads within AP that interlink all towns of AP directly instead of touching Assam.
6. Bringing positive thinking and self awareness amongs our ppl for improving the society and change our mentality that makes us believe bribery is the only way of becoming wealthy and that without bribery works cant be get done.
7. Encourage our ppl to take up small business, like clothing & fashion, also without fear of losing self respect.
8. Improve tourism infrastructure of AP to attract more tourists.
9. Devising ways to curb/stop corruption in the state.
10. Finding ways to improve Education department, like finding better teachers, building schools with modern infrastructure, etc.
11. Improve health care system in AP. Encourage private players to open health centres in AP.
12. Check illegal immigration into AP.
13. Teach ourselves of political affairs in the state. Encourage our ppl to utilize their "right to vote" judiciously to elect good, responsible and able leaders.
14. Finding ways to review and grade the performances of our political leaders.
15. Encourage use of RTI to curb corruption.
16. Take advantage of media power to fight against corruption.
17. Discourage and campaign against use of drugs amongs our ppl.
18. Forming a society that wud look after all the above.

God bless Arunachal !


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