Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Freelance Writing?

The very idea of converting my thoughts into words, finally paying me back fascinates me. A Dollar for every 10words in the online world is something that I set my sight for. Intriguing, captivating money paying thoughts isn’t the complete essence that transpires within me or the least inspires me to self motivate myself to keep writing and crawl the every inches I can to help myself earn – at least a decent amount of money for having thought, which I do it incessantly, even to the extent of keeping myself busy, all alone.
Yes, I keep thinking, the whole day. Not an unusual thing for any human being to process through their grey matter. But there certainly lies a clear demarcation of making things objective rather than a mere subjective. Why Objective – because keeping this cravings (read writing) within the subjective paraphernalia wipes up completely the beautiful essence we derive of thinking something, which subconsciously relates or reflects us.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, my desire to stand out of the crowd, get myself identified – at least as a mere reckoning of being able to sustain myself is something that pushes me forth to find avenues where I can earn for myself. Yes, at the age of 23, if you’re unable to earn something decent – you could be termed as a social outcast. Very true with the money obligatory, that the world and its social radar, has turned into.

What better could be than the Internet? The Web world – owned by no one and accessible to everyone, best fits the world where I would like to be. A passion of writing and a source of Income – all at your disposal is certainly the best option.

Why Online Freelancing? I get to choose my work place – My room is certainly the cosiest and I bet you would find it true for yours as well. Working full time as a Content writer or as a matter of fact, most of the profession in India is a rudimentary fact that you get paid low. “Underpaid” - that suffices the description of writing for an Indian company.
Yes, I worked for one, for a brief duration of 6 months. No matter how earnestly you write the whole day long – 9 hours straight in fact. What you get paid is 7 to 8 dollars in a day. That makes it a 1.25 dollar for every 500 words articles that you write.

Some of the prominent reasons that you get back are:•

  • Cost of living in India is less: Then I seriously do not understand the reason why an Indian company would charge 30-40$ to their Clients for every article that they make me to write. The company’s cost of living in India is devoid of the fact that it includes employees who by no choices left, are living in India.
  • Problem and Solution of Plenty: With a billion of population, the Idea of finding cheap labours goes in tandem with the idea of Indian companies going global.

It’s in the business – that’s how they put it!

The freedom to express and my desire to get valued for my works in the right manner and in the right value – are something that I see, the freelance world can offer. Boundaries that defines the vague Cost of living, ceases to exist in the Online world.And it’s only the quality of the work that speaks forth.

Yes, I live in the Online world and I want to earn a living here!



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