Friday, June 06, 2008

Forums to start your online money ventures

One of the good strategy to improve you Google page ranking is to mark your backlinks to whichever popular sites, forums you visit. Backlinks are the links that are clickable - which can bring the visitor to your site if they click that link.

However, its important to keep in mind if the same(sites,forums)uses the "nofollow" attribute. Well if they do - then your backlinkings there, wouldn't add much to the Page rank of your site. More the backlinks, more PR weightage to your website. This takes time though! - Certainly not an overnight task. But in the long run - it pays.
These are some of the forums that I would prescribe you all - if you're looking out for some real hard cash - subtle reckoning of your existence in the Internet world.

They are:

  • Digitalpoint forums: I missed this all these long. I should have been here before. Well thats what I felt when I realised the potential and the knowledge this forum could provide me. Excellent members - tell them your queries and you get the best of the responses, which you would have never expected of - atleast from people who you never knew existed.

  • Scriplance forums: Good place to be in if you're looking to market yourself for a cheaper rate. Thats something every beginner, no matter how good at writing, has to start with. You can talk about anything from Web designing aspects to search engine optimization/marketing, copywriting, everything. You can ask people about their strategy and things that you think would help you.
  • Absolutewriters Forums: Even this one is similar to the one I had said before.

And there are lot many others ... For starting you can choose from here.

Well, the idea behind joining these many forums is about marking your presence. Customize your signature, and provide a link to your blog/site.

Now every comments of yours will carry this signature in all the forums and the threads started within. Every comments would minutely add to the Google page rank of yours. This is negligible for the start ( i mean the weightage of the links) , but however over a long time - it adds up to a good back links and little bit more weightage this time , finally getting added to your page rank.

Page rank is different thing here... the best part of providing such backlinks is that - you get traffic. More people will visit your site, more you give your links... thats quite obvious.

I know the beginners here might be curious, how much a person can earn in day through such. 30$ a day for the first two-three months atleast ( provided you market yourself effectively). Later, you will certainly find a lot many.

This is my second day since my first part time earning trial - and Story so far -

$25 + $15 worth small works that I landed with yesterday.

OK.. This question is obvious ... How do they Pay?

Create a paypal account ( paypal[.]com ), most of the buyers they pay through this. Create your account for free. You will be charged some % of each transaction that occurs. If you want - you can try escrow as well. You can get your paypal account connected with your bank account (SBI etc). And whenever you transfer some amount to your bank account, paypal again deducts some %. You can also easily connect your Credit card with the same.

So, whats holding you now?

Use your leisure time to earn - at least a 15-20 thousand rupees every month.


yasiyalow 12:50 PM  

hi rm ! how is your free lancing work going on.

I changed my blog url to this

Rome Mele 4:04 PM  

Hi DS,

Nothing with the freelancing as of now. Very much occupied with my course curriculum.
I tried checking the url that you have given above - it doesn't work it seems.


tanyaa 3:48 PM  

Forums to start your online money ventures
* Update Your Profile
* Update your signature
* Network and post around intelligently
* Do not spam and always try to help!
* Give and you shall received!
* Networking with wise people and Form a group and start making money as team


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