Sunday, July 06, 2008

Second Hand Smoke

I choose smoking over drinking, but that's something people warn me about all the time. Reason - you need an occasion to drink and there are times to do the same. But smoke - you can do it anytime of the day you want. And smoking can be a lot many times harmful than the alcohol...

I don't get the essence of choosing the mode of killing yourself. " Different forms of suicidal acts " - I would rather say. I come up with this question every other time, why should it sound so attractive or rather say, so glorious about the immaculate act of killing yourself - by either hanging yourself or jumping from the roof of the tenth floor building. The idea remains the same - You kill yourself.

Smoking, as people would put up - helps you ease tension. This again flummoxes me! How can smoking ease my tension, when I know for the fact that - I get tensed when I don't smoke. So there is a vicious cycle that engulfs the self-made hypothesis of smoking for good. Good thing being - that you're freed from tensions of the world. To be honest with you - I start my day with a different kind of tension. A kind of tension, which has its root culminating to the biological aspects of my rudimentary and bowel canals. Ya - getting the adequate pressure for the potty without a cigarette is near to impossible thing. I knew the scientific reason for that, which was something I had studied during my school days. Good thing is - I don't remember it now. So the obfuscating part of getting further embroiled with complicated aspects of the toxicities involved with my dear cigarettes and the aphrodisiacs fragrance of its smoke.

However, my very intention of writing this post was to write about why Passive smoking is harmful... and this has certainly deviated a way long - Ya, finally, me taking the side of cigarette.

But, however this shouldn't be a thing of concern for the rest of the folks, non-smokers alike, which becomes a victim of my incessant effusions of Secondhand Smoke(SHS), which is also known as Environmental Tobacco Smoke(ETS).

Before I further research or google down on the various aspects of why Passive smoking is actually more harmful than the actual smoking( as most of the people tells me ), I want to highlight what is that I had always thought about the same.

OK ---> I have been telling this to a lot many people upon being asked or questioned over the supposedly myth of " Passive smoking being more harmful than actual smoking ".
My answer, suffixed with some rhetorical scientific explanation would revolve around the Chemistry lessons that we had during our school days.

" See, the smoke that a smoker inhales consists mostly of CO2, and upon puffing out the smoke, some sorts of oxidation process occurs ( was it because of abundance of O2 outside ) due to which CO2 gets converted to simply CO ( carbon mono-oxide),which is regarded to be much more dangerous than its CO2 counterparts.

Well, thats what I have held it all these times. And I am certainly not sure if its how it works.

I shall get back to details with more scientific convulsions and confusions pertinent to the context of Smoking, in my next post.

This much for today ....


popisarmi,  8:29 PM  

"Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times"
-Mark Twain


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