Thursday, June 05, 2008

My first online money

I waited long for this to happen - Ya, someone paying me for my writings.

Yesterday, I got richer by 5$ ( haha ) - Ya its not that too much. But Its been my first and certainly won't be the last. I had lately thought of doing some Freelance works(article writings) besides my regular work. It required me to do some homeworks though. I had been regular with some of the freelance sites - there I bidded, but never won any. Ya - it was quite obvious, without any reviews its hard to get someone to pay you.
What Reviews? -- well, its a kind of feedback that you get(which anyone can see in your profile) from every Clients you deal with.

And yes - I have none. Reason: I have done nothing yet.

Days back I had landed with 4 articles writing project for 50$. I had some other work commitments. So couldn't take it, since that would have required a day leave from my work.

But however - now that I have one. Pay - not too high, but its great - atleast for the start that I needed.

Ya- I am blogging for someone else besides blogging for myself. It hardly takes me thirty minutes to write down an article of 200words - for which I get paid 3$.
That makes a value of 0.01+Dollar for every words.

Ya - two articles in day and many such projects in your bag - One can easily make anywhere from 15-20dollars. Which would make it an equivalent of slightly more than Rs800 in day.

If you are busy man(booked for one whole month)- 800x30 = Rs24000. Thats what you can fetch in month.

This is something that you could probably start off with. Once you learn the trade and get better projects you can possibly earn 50$ in a day or maybe more.

What would you need for that?

A little bit of research in the internet, a little bit of apt to write, and a little bit of patience.

My advice: Visit forums. There are lot many in fact. ( I shall talk about that in my next post).
Make contacts, market yourself. You can do this by participating in Forums and providing your links.

Links, what for?

You might have to show some of the samples of your work - Ya we know, none is interested in losing even a single penny, atleast in the Internet. It takes pennies to make dollars after all.

Satisfy your clients. Give them a little bit of more what you can give through your work. Your online reputation is something that you need to take care of, without which you certainly would find it tough marketing yourself.

Happy blogging and Earning.

My client's blog which I blog sometimes: BookmakerBandits


Kanno 10:44 AM  

Congratulation, friend for having made the first online buck. Sometimes it saddens me, though, to think how the western world exploits us. The minimum wage in US is $7-8 per hour!

Rome Mele 10:57 AM  

Ya Kanno you bet it...

There are numerous freelancers who demand a min of 75 to 80$ per hour.

Indians as we know are most of the times underpaid.

and the people working under Indian MNC further gets underpadded (read paid).

Freelancing during free hours is the best way.

I feel good there are so many people from Arunachal working in Call centers. Some are raking with good salaries - and some not.

Rs.10000/month - that would make it something like Rs300(+) in a day.

Ya - 5 to 6$ a day.

I feel sad - they don't visualize the potential they have or the potential which they can further strengthen. Work for yourself.

Freelancing - if you are ready to market yourself - can fetch you more than 40-50$ at the beginning. Once you get good hands on where to get the projects from. You eventually can rake more than 100 a day.

We need to think what can pay us more in a leisure way - all along the long run.

I shall definitely keep my freelancing work - wherever I go. And I shall suggest the same for people who want to do a little bit of decent big in Internet.

Happy interneting...

yasiyalow 1:15 PM  

Eh RM ! What shall I say. Ok let me put it this way, I am simply simply happy that you have drawn first blood.. however small the amount may be. It is the first break that is most trying. Once you climb over this forbidding fence things look clearer and smoother. Wishing and hoping streams of such projects flowing you way. Good luck!

Rome Mele 1:23 PM  

Thanks DS...
Your always are beautiful.

Thanks for the wishings... :)

Anonymous,  10:41 AM  

As a person who hires programmers, developers, writers, and such; I can only ask you this:

What do you want to write about?

I saw your posting in the SL forums, looked at your profile and was even considering hiring you to write a software manual. But in your profile , there is nothing that tells me what your strengths are, what you can help me write about, your area of expertise, your foundation of knowledge, nothing!

If you are going to a site that specializes in Scripts, Programming, and Website Developemnt looking for work, then you had better provide me a description of the above areas or I will never consider hiring you, regardless of your low bids or offers to work for free.

Secondly, and more importantly, is that the kind of writing you really want to do? This is the bigger question you have to ask yourself.

From looking at your writing style on the blog, it would appear that you are not a technical writer, you don't display a strength in sales copy, but more of a personal, warm, and touchy-feely style.

This style of writing is geared more towards lifestyle magazines, travel or leisure reviews and such.

You might want to look at creating some examples of that style of writing and submitting it to those venues for consideration.

The most important thing to remember is to write about:
What you are passionate about.
What you have knowledge in.
What you really care about.

The money will follow!

I hope you take all this as the constructive effort it was intended to be. Best of luck in your efforts.


Rome Mele 5:58 PM  

Hi Bestfit...

Thanks for those constructive lovely words. I really appreciate that. To tell you the fact I never really wrote anything about the technical websites/papers till date, though I had preety good times with the jargons that I got acquainted with during my graduation days.

Thanks a ton for these constructive suggestions.



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