Monday, June 16, 2008

Importance of Brand Building

Brands, today are the strongest representators of your company, be it a company providing services, products or anything within the purview of its applicability to the customers.

Branding has an Ubiquitous presence all over, right from the Watch that we wear to the cellphone network provider that we choose, to everything that we can think of.
Hence it has become a critical key to success in this enormously competitive market today. The Global market place has its byzantine forms, with every niche of it, ie the merchandise categories imposing their own levels of prioritizations. Based on these prioritizations people choose which brand to go for. Hence it becomes a thing of utmost importance to relate the customers with the brands that we want to create.

Branding is mostly about becoming the only viable choice on the customer's mental shopping list - and this subtle but important truth forms the epitome of everything that it takes to create your own brand. People ( customers) subconsciously starts building their own pyramids of brands, based on what they have heard, seen, experienced etc. These are the various aspects that go together in building up a brand.

So, if you are keen about creating your own brand - Design your Branding aspects for your customers - not the other way round of designing it for your Company. The whole idea behind building a brand is to build a long lasting impression over the section of people that you have targeted. The Branding, however takes time - but in the long run it pays, eventually and proportionately to what efforts you have put in.

Why Branding based on customers' thoughts is important?

Human beings have a natural tendency to relate or familiarize themselves with some sets of things they prefer to use - be it in their daily lives or occassionally. So while building a brand, keep this in mind that : " It is of least importance what your company's thoughts are about the branding strategy that you choose compared to branding based on customer's mentality of what they think of the same. "

Now - How do you go about building brands?

  • Know your Customers and relate yourself to them - after all they play the most significant role in branding your services/products.
  • Build a relationship with the customers - this aspect helps you in building an effective pool of profitable customer base.
  • Sustain the Quality - Your customers are certainly not bothered about your company's health, rather in your products/services. You lose in this part - then you will eventually lose with whatever you had done so far. Live up the Brand name everyday.
  • Provide a better value - People are always wary about where their hard earned money would be next spent. Provide them an exemplary reasons as to why they should spend upon your services/products rather than on others. Providing a cost effective pricings can do the magic here.
  • Differentiate your business from the competition - Become visible, play tough.
  • Choosing over the right associates/affiliates - Keeping this point right, would fetch you the right profitable customers , at least most of the times.
  • Developing an emotional position for yourself and your message through the brand - This lets people with similar sentimental thoughts as described through your brand, to identify themselves.

Having said these little talks - Lets walk the talk now.

Happy Branding to you All !



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