Monday, April 21, 2008

Tibet - my two cents on it.

Tibetians protest around the world, coinciding with the China's ambitious plan to host Olympic and the torch relay across the continents, has been reviewed by people from all the corners.

Was the modus-operandi of the protest to disturb the torch relay a pre-planned action? Obviously this has to be, considering the concerted efforts of the Tibetians for their freedom since decades. Did anybody doubt that? If that had not been the case, we would have seen the reversal of the exodus that came to India from Tibet as refugee. But, this isn't happening and won't happen any sooner also, considering the efforts taken by the people around the world against the injustice meted out to Tibetians. Ya.. you guessed it right, the effort of being a mere spectator.

I don't get the idea of a nation state carved out by forceful annexation of some regional neighbors; exactly as the way China has done with Tibet, in parallel with the Taiwan. Why can't they live in peace and let the others live in peace as well ?
Some of the quagmires I find it hard to surmise upon.
Equally its true with the Indian context as well, we can't let kashmir be a free state or a pakistani state. Both of the options just seems to drill us of our feeble feelings we could keep for human beings. Resilient Indians or the Kashmiris ? Bombing of innocent kashmiris, by terrorist bombs or bullets from crossfirings between terrorists and Indian army, hardly bothers us.

So at one end you get killed by people who call themselves martyr(read militants), and on the other side you've military personnels who seems to have the license to kill anyone. Not anyone just the Kashmiri...!!!

Coming back to the China-Tibet events.

For Tibetians around the world, living each day with an uncertain hope and dream, and a question they would find flummoxing, which of their progenies would one day reside in a Free Tibet, is a hard thing one possibly can endure. Even at this age, where democracy seems to be the favorite chants around the world, the rightful people are still languishing and finding it hard to fight for their rightful place.

Hopes are just like a pendulum. It swings with its own mood and the favorable momentum. So does it go true for the sudden spurts and resonance of the Tibetians protests around the world.

They, deep down in their heart realize, the abject truth that the world knows but is fearing to back(though they do mentally)owing to China's position interms of supremacy in all the domains. They know, this is the right time and the only time to embarrass China, or else they would have to wait for years or decades when China would conduct an event of International involvement again.

They know, they can carry on their flame of fight for freedom along with the torch, all around the world.
The torch for them is a ray of hope, a hope that they are ready to keep alive even for decades, until the time, when Beijing hosts its next Olympics.

My progeny would update the struggle then.



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