Thursday, April 03, 2008

Questions and answers to Life ?

I keep pondering, which course of Life is actually the hardest or the easiest ?

Or does it really make any difference if toughness or its opposite would make any drastic change, well I don't rule out the possibility of minute changes though.

A new born baby, unable to walk, nor choose or wear its clothes and neither feed itself. Does these inabilities exactly define the Hardship of life in its real terms?
Or are we to go ahead and set ourselves with further refinements in defining the abject ridden life?
Or is it always hard all the time?

My confusion is in relation with every actions we take in a day's or minute's life. How significant are, each and every minutely detailed actions responsible to the further comings we would face ahead ? Can we really correlate all the decisions and consequences ? Can we really decide on the consequences? Now if we can to the later question just laid, how good would it suffice to the consequences?

Can there be really any consequences if we have upper hand on deciding its out comings?
OK... outcomes and consequences does sound one... quite synonymous. But are they really same?

Does it bother if I ask you so many questions or I do the same to myself?

Now isn't it hard .... I guess, I just made my life harder.

So play simple. Play safe. Life ain't just walk the cake.

" Shall try to come up with more.... :) "



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