Monday, April 07, 2008

Ephemeral of All !

Time, a relevant scale that tries to draw out uniformity among the varied different(in-different as well)inhabitants of this supposed to be lonely earth, encompasses a lot many enigmas that still draws curiosity of intellects around.

(did i just made myself one among that ... haha... sorry I did that infact )

Well, coming back to the topic " Ephemeral of all" , it's just a self claimed postulate of a question which am so fond of asking... " Which event or process is the ephemeral of all" , in other word which event, action, reaction or process has the least period or existence ?
I had come upon a long list of people, all with their own ideas of ephemerality .
One came up with an option of 'life span of fly' ...

Which fly ??

Any fly.... dragon fly, mosquito(fly), fly that flies, well so many of them.
OK. I had to take take a note on all of those, even when we are so much aware of technologies that talks about executing processes in micro secs...well nano or much smaller brethren of these ranges.

How could he think of the flies ?
Why did he feel that killing a mosquito was just few seconds work, of course, it happening naturally ?
Workers and engineers in ALL-OUT, GOOD KNIGHT,etc companies... and of course not to forget our "KACHUA JALAW MACHAR BHAGAO" Company would soon have lost its job.

Or maybe he never had tough time like I did, like most of us did... you know.. to wait patiently, unmoved in a still posture, holding deep breath, and all concentrated to land a slap to ourselves, just to kill one of those blood quenching brats aka mosquitoes.
Well... he certainly never had it for sure and I wished his answer was the right one.
But sadly we know it isn't ! :(
The other answers that I got for this question was, a little bit more refined one, than I previously narrated.

Some said, time duration of nuclear processes... ya nuclear fusion, fission. A much better answers though. Some came up with the processors that are supposed to execute millions of arithmetic operations in fractions of micro or nano seconds.
I just pondered, how much time they would infact take for one single arithmetic operation then, well that would be way beyond we could have imagined of.

So the more confused or relatively harder for us to visualize period, options seemed to satisfy me. But, where's the conclusive answer that am seeking ?
Will intersection of my confusions bring me a conclusive answer? just heard it... confusions can be conclusive. Further refinement.

My introspections with my quest to find an answer seemed to me like a feeble confusticated confusions (wow...that certainly is) that was just drawing me far away from the ephemeral thing that I was trying to seek.
I felt, our inability to draw up a clear cut distinction between two instances of one could help me.
Thats where I thought, Time which can be further fragmented to three more divisions of namely, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE could take me one step closer to my question.

I was just in the past, but am writing in the present..
...oops i just landed in the future....
WHAT ? .... am back in past ? at PRESENT... hence am writing.... Hmmm... back in future ?

Did I make the Time Travel so easy ? Should I shout "EUREKA ?" or should i cry about my envisaged confusions ? So which part of the three named zones of time am I living in, right now, right away ?

Can you answer me this question, in person, and in PRESENT ?
If you can... please try it on your friends or please write down the methodology in my COMMENTs space.
For me, it just signifies the extension of Theory of Relativity of time. you believe that ? :)
Well, my conclusion to this would be, our state of being in PRESENT is the ephemeral of all !

***views and counter views will be highly appreciated***


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