Friday, April 25, 2008

Just for the sake of writing ~~

An excerpt ...

my colleague1 :" If I offer you my pen but you don't accept it, whose pen would it be now".

Colleague2: " obviously yours ! "

Collg1 : " exactly, and same goes true with whatever irrelevant statements you might make upon me, which I wouldn't accept, hence it has to be yours, isn't it ? "

Colleague2 ....(thinkin,thinkin ... )

Well, that was an interesting one. And more on the famous lines of mahatma buddha.
Still, I wasn't satisfied. So I asked my colleague1 to frame me the same qns.

Again the excerpts from talks....
Collg1: " whose pen, if i give but you don't accept ".

Me: " Obviously yours"

Collg1:" same goes true for the statements you would make on me, until and unless I accept it, those filthy words will be all yours ".

Me: " I have an explanation for this !!, what if, I accept the pen you gave me rather than rejecting it ? "

Collg1 : " It will be yours" .

Me:" Exactly... pen is with me now and not You. But what about the Ideas ".

" an irrelevant statements upon you, or be it relevant, just conjures from the ideas that I would come up with.
And my sharing of ideas with you wouldn't void me with the ideas I just had, isn't it ? "

" but that's not the case with pen, which has materialistic existence, so be it ideas or the thoughts, it doesn't necessitate every time that it can be correlated with other material things of the world".

I guess... I made some sense here !!!
Did I ???



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