Monday, April 21, 2008

"Smoking" was injurious to health.

That is something I probably would be telling the rodents visiting my grave. And ya, most of my talks with those insects, rats etc would have been on this the theme ...
" Hey I would have probably met you 10 years later "
" I should have been doing this or that for another 10 years "
" Wait, where am I now ? , I could have had an internet connection inside my grave if I knew I would have died now, not 10 years later "
"You know the developments one can imagine, 10 years down the line "

The above statements or rather say the postulations cornered for the thesis on "Smokers around the world and their do it now, ASAP syndromes ", would indeed have just been a figment of my imagination if this had not been true.

A 50-year study of nearly 35,000 British doctors who smoke cigarettes has found that those who smoke their entire adult lives will die, on average, 10 years before those who never smoke of who stop smoking by age 30.

The study, which began tracking the doctors in 1951, is the first to quantity what scientists have long known--that cigarette smoking is deadly and becomes more so the longer someone smokes. At age 70, 88 percent of nonsmokers in the study were still alive, but only 71 percent of smokers. At age 80, 65 percent of nonsmokers were alive, but only 32 percent of smokers. Overall, about 6,000 of the doctors first studied in 1951 were still alive in 2001.

Just as the harm caused by cigarette smoking is dramatic, so, too, is the benefit of stopping smoking. According to the study, a person who quits smoking at age 60 will live, on average, three years longer than someone who continues smoking, while a 40-year-old who stops will live nine years longer. If a smoker quits by age 30, s/he can expect to live as long as someone who never smoked.

"Hey... but I could have had the power to talk to these rodents"

"I could also have had the power to torment the other that (grinnn..) they could come and meet me in my grave atleast 5 years ahead."

Am i so mean ??? Well, just wondering,

when i would be able to quit the smoke...
the smoke that knows no fire...
fire that burns no and nothing...
nothing that would my 10 years will be filled with...

"Quit smoking.... Smoking is, indeed injurious to health. (read it after 10 years plz).




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