Sunday, November 23, 2008

Superficial talks


Call it an Irony of being thrashed with the facts and figures that approximates a potential of delivering something substantial or Call it the mockery of the rudiment intelligence we vaguely try to become proud of.

The last time I was home, August 2007 – Roing was reeling under the age of blackouts, with constant powercuts for weeks and months altogether. This was the time when Roing people were busy protesting against the Dam projects.

Well, to this day... Roing is still in the Dark age, where Candles have become a necessity and electric generator – a luxury.  

The only reason that you get when you talk to the officials are – insufficient funds and ofcourse the torrential rains. But, this wasn’t the case 8-10years ago... Roing was affluent with its own aspects. And powercuts was a phenomenon in Summer which wouldn’t last more than a week.

But 10 years down the line, when most of the Arunachal seems to be happy and optimistic about developments touching their vicinity ... condition in Roing has worsened. I wonder, which kind of developments that we are talking about.

It’s winter now but Roing is still engulfed under the dark cloud of power shortages, which would be an Irony to the fact that Dibang Valley has the potential of becoming one of the largest hydropower houses.

So...I keep asking myself, if Roing or Dibang valley is better or worse than ever under the current regime of Arunachal Pradesh? And should the generation of 1000’s of megawatts for big companies or few 10’s of megawatts for the rightful owner of the land – be the concern of Arunachal Government?

Answer seems quite obvious... and our protests too - even if the whole of Arunachal Pradesh has different view on it.

So... we Protest.





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