Monday, November 24, 2008

Learning it short - the tall way

Standing tall ( short ) at 5.3ft height I'ad always been apprehensive about people commenting on my short stature. I don't know on how many ocassions I'ad to hate people for pointing at me by my height or calling me names. Even If those names were called with a good will or neutral point of view, I'ad a different reasonings or assumptions to make. 

Plagued by unsurmountable thirst for playing with logics, reasonings and assumptions... I would hate those who would call me by name, say " chotu " or whatever that would connote or depict me as a short heighted fella. I've this problem to this day, and maybe I need to really work out on this, since a stray incidence of such nature would eat up significant part of my time, which I think could have been used for something better or least to say...enjoy what others has to say. After all, its their say...not mine. I can only change or control myself not them. 

In my recent college trip to Panchagani for the "Initiatives of Change ( Moral re-armament ) " camp, I met the coordinator 'Siddarth( he co-owns the company "Paradigm unlimited"), who was cool by all regards - at least the thoughts he would put in his words made me think so. Whether he practises it or not is a different thing all together, but for me his words were real soothing. I met him one on one, and told him about the besotted problem that I've with the name callings. 

My reasonings for 'why I hated people calling me names' were:
First, they know my name and why they intend to use something else, which I seriously hate about. Second, my assumption was that... If you make names for others, your very intention is to ridicule them and I serious temparament on that. Third, at this age of 20plus I expect matured responses from people. 

After listening to my part of the story he asked " Are you happy with your Height ? "
I couldn't say anything more...cause deep down in my heart I'ad always hated being a short heighted person, which infact meant...I hated myself...and this should simplify that I had no reason to hate others. 

What I learnt that day was - Love yourself for what you are. Be the change you want to see and don't expect others to change or bring about the change. I couldn't agree more. 


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