Monday, November 24, 2008

Existence of God

Who's seen a God or the God or many of the Gods? Quite a difficult question to answer but on an equal scale - easier to put down. 

So Can you see the God?

I certainly do not. That's because to extent of what I think about God is that it can't be seen but definitely

 can be felt, shared and respected. 

I say, God can exist and it does exist. But not as a christ, muhammad, buddha, or other  forms of God.  I wake up every morning, but I forget to thank someone for having let me face it. Not for the troubles my routines could give me, but to experience the feeling of being alive. Being alive doesn't make

sense to many, and hence there are numerous suicides around daily. But what they forget to get the glimpse is of the other beautiful aspects of life because of which people toil hard every single day to make it to yet another day. Statistically, I might be correct here. People live, procreate and die... even today. Well, did we even ponder on why it does happen or can there be a significant another for the same ? 

There must be a reason that we live, not just because of the reason that we are unable to find its explanation - that we live are we are made to do so.

Science and God are correlated like the way God is related to other unbeknownst thing of the world. Without Science God's existence would have never been unfolded. And without God, Science would loose its sheen.  As I say, Science has helped us in finding a description about God, some might find it ambiguous to fit this statement here.  We talk about atoms and all the other particles and the aspects that makes us reason about things happening the way it ought to be not the other way round(Ya, it does seldom but even thats how it were meant to be). Next level of curiosity should draw us forth to what has led to this characterization of things being relative to one other. Consequences are interconnected. Some of them goes unseen, and doesn't draw our curiosity to make us further investigate upon it. However,there has to be a reason, why things exists ? 

My figments of imaginations and thoughts makes me believe that - God inside everything makes them exist. God isn't something that has to be holy, as sanctified descriptions our holy books would rather say.  God is about being yourself. 

God is about being kind enough to 

acknowledge the facts that God exists in others as well.  Its not our weakness that we try to seek for God, but rather its our step forward becoming more of a Godly entity.  God is in you, so its in

 others.  So does it realllly exist?


Anonymous,  4:38 PM  

hey pur more write ups...

Anonymous,  6:31 PM  

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Rome Mele 10:37 PM  

Hi Julissa,

Thanks for leaving back this lovely comment. And thanks for the appreciation as well.

russie 10:05 PM  

good topic."god exists in every body",way to go Rome,but i think thats misleading or may be it makes me think-why wud god despise god?....mmmmmmm.lets say u sud read Richard dawkins' god delusion and selfish gene..nd likes..b4 leaving i must say nice blog u have here.


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