Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An Idea, that couldn't take off!

If you can self-employ yourself ( what an oxymoron phrase ) and help others in doing so, you make a great deal out of the MBA degree that you earn by accumulating all the marketing jargons in 2 years course of mba certification. What? You don't believe it... ok... naysayers have their own thoughts. :)
Just trying to buy lame excuses so that I keep myself from never to stop dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur someday. The word sounds good - 'entrepreneur' , a good occupation for people who wouldn't like to take orders from people around and where you get your own options to choose; where you get your orders from!
This post is about an entrepreneur kinda stuff that I had in my mind, that never took off. It was 2008 ( somewhere February ), I was working in a small software firm, 'Vinove ( Delhi )', when I got this idea of coming up with my own social networking site. An independent domain name, with GBs of hosting space, an innovative name, a mass-media promotion for the same. Well, I'ad literally thought down about all the features this 'supposedly unique website' would come up with. Now, with thousands of social networking sites, along with the likes of Facebook, Myspace, Orkut etc, it would be the stupidest to think for a social networking site that would cater to, whatever these sites have to offer. Well, I wasn't thinking of that. So, this had to be something unique. It needed to have its own niche segment that it could target to.
"WWW.Lifewithoutthem.COM" - that was the name I'ad thought. ( haha... I was a jerk of having not been able to think of something better than that ). So, it's pretty implied what this site would have catered to. OK...You're still waiting for me to explain that! Then you fall in my league as well. Actually I did try a lot of names... rememberingyou, rememberingthem, lovedones, blah blah... but all were unavailable. :(

This website was about - giving virtual space to all of the people who are dead. You would need to register, then provide the photographs of the loved ones you would like to feature in this site. This was supposed to work out as some sort of 'Obituary space' for the netizens. I knew pooling around all the Dead people profiles from around the world would be a mammoth task, so just wanted to stick around with only Indians on my mind.
So once you're done with registration, the admin ( me ) would check out the validity(of course, I wouldn't be able to do that, unless I've access to the database of all the dead people or any of my cousin works in some central govt dept office with access to all of these). Then, put your request Live by next day. You can pen down testimonials, moments shared with him/her, some memorable photographs ( create an album for the deceased infact ), then invite your friends, who you think might know him/her to have a look and give their own shares. And...Voila... you've given him/her, a space that would live by ages ( unless the validity of the site expires and I am unable to pay for its renewal, ofcourse ), a space that would keep growing, a space that your kins, his/her kins, relatives would cherish.
So, a complete online journal for a beloved ones gets created....and you never miss to put a smile on your face, going though those beautiful moments you'ad to share.
Well.. thats it. I couldn't come up with it, despite even having thought to quit my job for this project. I'ad to grab my call for MBA. Now, there's never enough time to think of that sorts...and it was few months back ( somewhere April 2009 ), when I told the same to my friend, he introduced me to a website with similar features, name
Respectance ( click for the page ). After going through this...I don't know if I really should feel glad - that my thought never did took off".
Anyway, I hope people who wants to come up with such a kind of website, can better it, with more specific targets in mind.



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