Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bing - check the next big thing!

A copy or an original, Bing - certainly has made an impact on me. It's a new search engine still in Beta stage launched on 3rd june by Microsoft to challenge the hegemony of Google in the search engine world. Simple and more or lesser, features like google ... 'bing' has gained a tremendous response all over the world, and not to wonder the massive campaigns that were live, all this while from microsofts end. And I hope this blog post will do a little bit into that.

So, try out the latest search engine "THE BING" .

Oh, honestly... I came to know about it today through a group mail from on of my mates. And yet another fascinating website he refered was the "SPEZIFY". A search engine but one of its kind.

Result upon keywords - 'rome mele' . :)

So bing and the spezify ... check it for urself!! :)



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