Monday, March 16, 2009

Things that consoles me...

Had my 3 hours International Marketing lecture this evening...and probably the last lecture of the subject for this semester, though I bunked many of the same ( atleast among the highest few ). But, I had to strictly align my tendencies to bunk classes with the principle I am very passionate about, which is - " All gone well at the end is counted under GONE WELL".

Being the last class our lecturer took a time off to provide his feedback for all the presentations we had given...and the usual advices on how being consistent and being innovative weighs much more than the mere marks a class topper scores over another. WoW.. that was a yet another consolation to my ever falling grades though I manage to pass all the papers ( 14+ khichdi subjects in one single sem ) on a single cue that I keep giving myself every morning - Ya, am a good dreamer which probably could be, because I am a good sleeper too. That's an uncanny habit which probably by now has become a part of my gene and my kids in future too would inherit the same - and am quite confident about that. Have tried real hard to get rid of this...but why would one get rid of something every human beings treasure and care about the most, thats an impromptu question that strikes my mind. And ya, am a very mindful guy as well...apart from a good dreamer... so I dream, for which I sleep - even if it meant compensating the balance sleep hours in the class.

OK. That was deviating ! :)
Lets deviate again...

Have you ever wondered where the best brains of the world go for their higher degrees, atleast in the management perspective? It's the likes of Harvard, Oxford, London school of economics, Standfords, and the best in India to IIMs.
Now, did you ever wonder where the BESTEST of these mangerial brains opt to work for ( which sector, in precise )?
Investment Banking sectors ( likes of Mckinsey...and erstwhile Lehman bros & DSP Meryll Lynch ).
Now, did you ever wonder the failure in proper management of which sector has led to one of the biggest financial crunch that world has ever witnessed?
No... prizes for guessing.



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