Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blogspot vs Wordpress dilemma

I am ( or was )quite frequent with my blogspot blog ... but haven't quite updated this wordpress blog " ". I was quite apprehensive about the visibility of my blog for arunachal and the blog keywords...and felt it quite often that maybe google which owns the blogspot might give preferential ranking to the blog in the blogspot domain rather than the wordpress blog. I felt it too hard to compromise the search visibility that I could get through the blogspot blog than the features that you get in the wordpress blog.

It's quite understood that the wordpress blog comes along with more customizable features than the blogspot blog but one needs to have comparatively better know-how of the htmls. And the themes of wordpress are also much professional in look and it comes along with lots of add-ons and plug-ins when you compare it to blogspot's themes which looks more like you've been fed with some limitations. Of course, a free of cost blog has to come along with some impaired features, features that you can't simply go about changing at your will.

But, now that my blogspot blog is 2 years old and there is no way I can import it from blogspot to wordpress without sacrificing my search visibility...I guess I will have to work on the same for maybe a year or two until I get a self-hosted domain of my own.

Well...if you're new to blogging and want to own one... my suggestion would be start it from wordpress. It's very easy to use blogspot blogs and so is the case with wordpress. But, down the years...your blogging perspective atleast with the technicality purview would certainly improve if you start it with wordpress at the first hand. The same might take a little bit more in blogger, as things are right fed to you but with no option to decide unless you're quite good with the coding.

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Hope you all take a good decision! :)


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Rome Mele 12:47 AM  

Hi Jaya, will definitely peek into yours. :)


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