Friday, March 13, 2009

The L.K.Advani google ads attack!

I certainly do despise Indian politicians... there are innumerable reasons which this post itself wouldn't suffice. And that's a whole lot of reason that I wouldn't like my blog to advertise something I hate by myself. It was recently that I added few " Google image ads " to my blog. I thought google - like they boast of algorithm that detects the contents of the blog and feed ads accordingly to the code that you install through Adsense would make my job pretty easy. Ya, I would have definitely liked some ads of automotive or other products etc ( though i never wrote anything on the same in this blog ) but certainly not the Advani ads or as a matter of fact of any other politicians.

But, even the three google image ads posted wouldn't shy of showing-off the great L.K Advani's race to PM'ship. They wouldn't spare even one...for a different ads.

A snapshot ( which I took incase that image ads of advani disappears ) of the Advani ads... and you can find that to the right side of the blog as well.
[ Is it still there ? ... a question that I would ask unless I decide to completely remove those image ads. ] :)

Quite annoying ... atleast when you are trying to monetize through a blog that so far hasn't earned anything.

Then I did a google search on ' LK Advani google ads ' ... and there were scores of other websites talking about how the BJP has eventually laid webs of Ads all over the Internet ... as if we netizens know nothing about how India fared under BJP and too a little extent, it doesn't make much difference than the present regime as well.

I finally clicked the ads after a long thought ( it took me 3 days infact ) to figure out what's really behind that Ad.

Well... my personal assessment on that would be - Just the regular Politician's website trumpeting all over :

  • What we would do if you elect us, blah blah ( rather than what we achieved which other would have never )
  • Where Congress has failed ... ( quite preposterous looking other way round as well...where BJP have failed when they were in power )
  • Promises of empowering the youths of India, to build a stronger, more prosperous and more secure India. ( I wonder... what were they upto when they had the power ! )
  • Failures and Betrayals of UPA govt... increasing poverty and the usual etcs.. ( ya, India was really SHINING... the cliched n most dumbest assuring slogan they could think of to reassure the poorest of poor in India )

I felt I should leave the other such points for you to figure out... and think accordingly which PM would be the best for India. It's not over yet...going through the LKadvani site... I got a glimpse of this pic. And, I quite liked it... so here it is.
Maybe you ( Arunachalees ) can guess it out as to.. WHY !

Well... I wouldn't mind if you click on the google ads on the side bar as well ( if advani is still in there ).


AD 6:02 PM  

haha..he is still there in ur blog and enticing visitors of ur blog to vote for him. lol. :D


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