Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Arunachal defends its stand on NEWRA

Arunachal Pradesh Home Minister Jarpom Gamlin today said the situation in Arunachal has compelled the State Government to oppose the setting up of the proposed North East Water Resources Authority (NEWRA).
Talking to newsmen, Gamlin said: “Asom Government or the Centre blaming us won’t help solve the problem, because we have to see the interest of our State. The Brahmaputra Board or the NEDFi were formed with the aim of developing all the north-eastern States, but the people of Arunachal
Pradesh have seen over the years that most of the plans and activities of these two Central agencies are Asom-centric. From this experience, we have an apprehension that if the NEWRA is floated, it will also be Asom-centric and do little for the interest of other States of the Northeast.”
Gamlin said that the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly had already discussed the issue of NEWRA and adopted a resolution to oppose it. “The Brahmaputra also passes through Arunachal Pradesh, and there is a basic difference between Asom and Arunachal Pradesh in the ownership of rivers. Unlike Asom where the royalty from rivers goes to the State exchequer, rivers in Arunachal Pradesh are owned by various communities who get the river royalty,” Gamlin said.

This statement from the Arunachal Pradesh Home Minister came a day after Asom Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi claiming before the media that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh was taking initiative to constitute the NEWRA. Now how the Prime Minister overcomes the Arunachal roadblock
in the formation of the proposed NEWRA remains to be seen.
On the Asom Government’s opposition to the setting up of mega dams in
Arunachal Pradesh, Gamlin said:
Instead of blaming us, the Asom
Government should move the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) that
gives permission for setting up of big dams. We have set up big dams
with due permission from the CEA
(courtesy: indiaenvironmentportal )

I wonder, Mr Gamlin has the due permission from CEA but not the people of Arunachal Pradesh, and if there is something that had to be considered otherway round.
The concept of regulated development ( which had been elusive all this way ), growth of self-sufficiency, speed of social and economic activity, with a politicalised tinge of long term prospects - Few of the consumer durables for Arunachali consumers, I suppose.



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