Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Google is still the King

Why Google still rules the search engine world and will tend to do so for a good amount of years or decades, were some of the things that I'ad tried covering in one of my previous post:
search engine wars

But the most obvious of the reasons for undoubted supremacy of Google is it's " SIMPLICITY ", through which it tries to cater services to the users. Pictures below should make it clear.

Screenshot of Yahoo when you type the url " Yahoo "

( Yahoo's desperateness to show all the services that it can provide ? )

Ya, you do have the search engine option bar in yahoo homepage, which is networked with so many pictoral and text links.

Now, if you're thinking about the Yahoo search engine - a page dedicated just for the searches you might want to take, then you would need to take a little bit more of the hassle... " " that's the url that can take you to a search specific yahoo page ( very similar to Google's default home page ).

So, this is what Yahoo search engine looks like, which many of the net users are quite unaware of or reluctant to try reaching that even.

Now, on typing " google " in your url bar, this is what you get...

A simple Google's homepage dedicated to what most of the netizens look for - "searches".
So, the ruling seems quite obvious for us to comprehend why Google still is the leader.

What one can infer from here is that - Yahoo's marketing philosophy is more of
" Trying to sell what they have "
And Google's marketing philosophy seems to be - " Sell what consumer wants " .

Business as usual ! But, finally it's consumer that has the say.



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