Thursday, August 28, 2008

Imperfect Religion?

All the Religions in the world follow one or the other sets of doctrines, very unique to others but with the same objective at the end – Peaceful co-existence.

Religions are supposed to be the means for peaceful co-existence among the different races present in the world, but the perpetual existence of hatredness and jealousy among human beings, certainly should make us think if Religion can be perfected. Jealousy, Hatredness... Of course... One man's achievement is other man's cost of opportunity. But, where to draw the lines?

Why are religions imperfect? Perfection is a relative concept. A religion perfect to you could be imperfect for another. Not because that you can't answer his quagmires or doubts but for the reason that he/she can't relate the same with his/her.

If I expect a bike to give me a mileage of 40km/litre and if I really achieve it so... I would rate that machine as perfect. Now, on the other hand for the same machine which gives 40 or so, if someone else expects it to give 50km/litre or more – to him/her it would be an imperfect. This analogy goes true with the religion. Each one of us differs with what we expect from life, some a simple life and some a little bit more into it. The point is, we differ and so our needs and the ideas of how these needs are to be fulfilled. If end results were all which mattered, then we certainly would save a lot of troubles. But, means to achieve the same with rules to abide by makes the whole idea of reaching the end of the tunnel an obfuscating one. End result remains the same – the end of the tunnel.

When I think about the imperfection of any religion, the first thing that comes in my mind is that it has never served its purpose to unite the whole human race. Infact, it has become a medium to differentiate among us. Anyhow what matters is how we reach the end of the tunnel! But, Religion serves as an impediment to what we could have done without the religion or a uni-code of religion if we at all had any. However the fact remains the same, we don't(a single religion).

When we talk about Religion, we certainly need to account the existence of scores of other believers (of the religion) as well. And that's where lies the crux of maintaining a whole list of perfect religions. We certainly know a person firmly following Religion-A wouldn't follow Religion-B, simply for the fact that he believes his is the best for him. And so does it goes true for Religion-B followers. Why would they infact? Wouldn't you change for a perfect thing, if you knew that it existed?

So, there it goes... there's a room for improvement in each and every Religion of the world. Not because there are too many, but certainly because there are too many of us.

To end with :-

"Religion is a disgrace to human dignity. Without Religion Good people do good things and Bad people do bad things. But, for good people to do bad things there's Religion".

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