Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Domain name hijacking

I don't know what term this specific thing that am going to describe, should be termed as. To me it simply sounds "Domain name hijacking" or Sabotaging of the same.

It was 2days ago that I'ad changed my blog's domain name from to a more specific name for the arunachal stuffs that I blog about, ie, Infact, over few months I'ad enjoyed good google ranking in the search listing for the keywords of " arunachal + blog, or blogging or blogs attached to arunachal pradesh".

But, the very next day( after changing the domain name) all I could find was that someone now owned my discarded domain name(rome-dec.blogspot).
The obvious reason being that, people looking for arunachal and the blog keywords, at least for next few weeks would be directed to his new blog not mine with the "arunachalblog.blogspot".

Well, this guy ( Derrick Pizur ) has numerous reasons stressing much upon " the benefits of using expired domain names" .
You can find his post here : Expired domain names

He certainly has made some valid points - you certainly can enjoy the popularity of some good expired domain names, at least using the same to create free blogs, and giving the links of your blog so as to direct the traffic to his/her main website. A sort of "mini website" as he(Derrick) puts it.
Well, I made of folly of myself of changing my domain name without keeping the older domain for some a free blog that would direct the traffic back to my blog.
Anyway, this has been a healthy learning... and I suppose I can learn a bit or two from it and in the course, give you folks the tit-bits of using gray matter, when it comes to changing your domain name.

Derrick, is also of the suggestion that you can use these expired domain names to sell it to someone for a better price, which in this case of mine, I feel he would find none... unless a person ( there are lot many of them I presume) with a name ROME, born in DECEMBER decides to have a blog with the domain name "rome-dec", and a usage of "-" making the probability a further obtruse figure. However, he certainly can reap the benefit of the google listing, from the people who are curious about the blogging community of Arunachal, which as of now is a domain of very few user.

My point isn't about using the expired domain name's popularity to get more traffic,being ethical or not. But, its certainly about the part of accountability of google to take care of the same.
My argument would be, when a new blog is created it takes time to get listed in the search engines. First the crawler has to spider the pages, upon someone making a search.

Shouldn't it be applicable to an entirely new blog, which somehow finds an old expired or discarded domain name?

If this isn't the case, then I don't get the essence of Google's blogspot giving its user an option to change the domain name, whenever required.

Anyway, all I can wish Mr.Derrick, is a happy blogging and hunting - of the expired domain names of course. And you bloggers to be aware of this.
I hope this Post of mine can fetch some Traffic to Derrick's site.


AG 10:44 AM  

Hi Rome,

I thought you were using the earlier url for posting technical stuff's and not in my wilderness had thought that you had abandoned the url for others to grab. Sorry to know now that it has been hijacked by someone else. Nevertheless I've made corrections in the link list which points to your new blog.



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