Friday, July 11, 2008

Arunachal Pradesh and the Chinese Connection

Ya, the heading of this post is ambiguous by its nature. But, certainly not an ambiguous statement for the Indian media. Name it - be it the TOI, HINDU, or any other leading dialies or weeklies - they have plethora of things to write about, at least the nonsensical thing pertinent to Arunachal Pradesh.

One would notice, most of the news, I mean the supposedly highlighted and important news about Arunachal, remains to be about the unsubstantial territorial claims of China being made.

Tawang and some other parts of Arunachal Pradesh are claimed to be an integral part of China, thats what at least the beacon of our informational sources highlights. I don't get an iota of why such misinformations needs to be misinformed through the major media houses.

Now, when we talk from marketing point of view, I guess, everything that has a chinese tag these days sells. Same rhetoric could be applied for the Indian news that somehow wants to add a bit of chinese in them. World market is overwhelmed by flooding cheap chinese goods these days. Now, I don't understand why the same logic has to be applied here, ie, the Indian media bringing in chinese everytime, Arunachal needs to be mentioned.

Media and Central government apathy cornered for Arunachal Pradesh is not a new thing to be pondered upon.

Lately, I am having a tough time explaining lot of my friends ( from mainland India ) whenever they start asking me about the " Chinese claims " being trumpetted by media, again and again.

A double standard at its work - They ( media ) find it an important relevant fact to describe the chinese claims ( which is something we can do least about ) in their headlines, but never bothered about printing down, what Arunachali exactly wants.

Yes - We want to be heard. We want the whole nation to know that Arunachal still remains the most backward state with rampant corruptions everywhere and a zero level of civic sense that seems to find a popular call amidst the youth.

Arunachal would be really grateful to all of the media houses if they could use the columns and the sections of newspapers they waste in talking about the meaningless claims of China upon Arunachal, and talk about the Real term needs of the hapless people, who have nothing but to face every wraths of the politicians and their chamchas.

I am pretty sure there could be lot many other Arunachalis staying outside the state for studies, works etc and are facing the questions similar to what I face ... and a subsequent feeling and the stare that you start getting, with an innocuous presumptions of you having been a Chinese rather than an Indian all these years.

Please, my fervent request to all the preposterous self-acclaimed FREE Press houses of India, stop playing games.

But, who CARES?


Anonymous,  3:16 PM  

recently i saw a video of 1962 war. it was pathetic to see indian soldiers runnin away from chinese...

so pathetic was the indian soldiers that the chinese didnt even torture the them..instead they were treated like small kids...treated well..

and when i see any media extensively reporting on chinese claims ...i feel disgusting....

oh india is nothing compared to china....

Rome Mele 1:44 PM  

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for leaving back the comments...
1962 war is a sheer reminder of the weaknesses that we Indian had. But, I guess, the picture now is different. It's not about who is nothing compared to whom. We have certainly come up of that age.
1970s saw India winning against Pakistan, but I don't think India can enact the same easy victory now.

This is just the analogy of what China can't repeat with the India. India is certainly an emerging super power... but the idea of making each and every citizen of India a super power in itself is something that we are missing as of now.



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